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Grand Lodge

Recruiting here for PFS 1e #6-22: Out of Anarchy.

Please post character details here as follows:

Player name
Character name
PFS number
Progression speed
Day job roll

Ideally, I’d like a group of vets + newcomers. Roleplay chops also count.

I'll pick a party as soon as it looks like there's a coherent group in the same tier (this is tier 1-5, standard mode)

Dark Archive

Player: OG3
Character: Conig
PFS: 175185-12
Faction: Grand Lodge
Progression: Normal
Day Job: craft alchemy: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (19) + 10 = 29

I have several options for either tier.

The Exchange

Speaking as a veteran, Out of Anarchy is criminally under-appreciated.

Full disclosure: I have run this one once in the past.

Only the GM should peek at the above link--it's there to serve as my RP bona fides, though the scenario is sandboxy enough that it probably won't resemble this game at all. And while I own the module, I hereby swear that I have not looked at it since the end of the above linked game nor will I look at it during this game.

I have a lot of characters spaced throughout the tier so this might change based upon final group composition, but if I were to pick two, who are available to go right now, I would like to play either Agirran (fighter (viking) 2/water wizard 2) here for high-tier because he fits the semi-nautical/wretched hive theme, and Zarah (fighter (cad) 1) for similar reasons in a low-tier game. She's 1 XP away from next level. Both have some level of anti-Chelish sentiment, and tend to break a lot of wooden furniture, and fixtures.

Tentative Character Sign-in
Player name Great Green God
Character name Agirran the Fury
PFS number 139009-17
Faction The Exchange
Progression speed Normal
Day job roll Profession (sailor, Expanding Trade Network): 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (20) + 9 = 29 WOOT! I am filthy and rich!

Always ready to play at one of your tables, GM! I’ve got options for either tier (characters in bold would be preferred for faction reasons):
- Reckum, Gnome Barbarian 2
- Sieglinde, Human Archer Paladin 2
- Paltair, Half-Orc Warpriest 2
- Angry Magic Tree, Leshy Bloodrager 3
- Brakkik, Ratfolk Alchemist 3
- Orzworth, Oread Unchained Monk 3
- Torku, Tiefling Battle Host Occultist 4
- Lucky Luli, Dual-Cursed Oracle 4
- Angoldir, Elf Familiar-Bonded Investigator 4
- Reginald Gerbin III, Human Wizard Witch 5

So my preference would be high tier, but happy to play low if needed.

Level 1 Elven Wizard
Level 2 Nagaji Bloodrager
Level 2 Ulfen Cleric (Channeler of the Unknown)
Level 2 Ifrit Oracle (Fire)
Level 3 Half-orc Paladin
Level 4 Wayang Aerokinetisist
Level 4 Mawangian Shaman

Okay playing up with the paly if we need a tank.

Silver Crusade

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Wow, I’ve both played and run this, but I would happily burn a replay to do so at this table—both in terms of players and GM—and in a pbp with plenty of time, if the GM will allow it

I have either a level 5 vigilante(magical child) or level 3 bard/oracle. The latter is liberty’s edge but the former is the daughter of the character who I played it with the first time. Also vigilante in an urban intrigue scenario sounds delightful.

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I’ve got a couple different options as well:

Level 3 Inquisitor
Level three Warpriest
Level 2 rondelero swashbuckler
Level three sensei monk
Level four Arcanist.

I’d be happy to play any of them as the group needed.

I have a few options for low-tier. I will post this afternoon after work.

toss my hat in the ring, with several possible characters

Drusilla, Human fighter L4

Eredur Smagg, Dwarf mage L3

Lars Ulrich, Skald/Bloodrager L1/L1

Erhun Gabarris, Bloodrager L3

Grand Lodge

Player name: Warah
Character name: Kala, daughter of Krokum
PFS number: 289224-3
Faction: Grand Lodge
Progression speed: normal
Day job roll: Profession: Trapper: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (5) + 8 = 13

Kala (Hunter 3) is an oversized Kellid woman with self-confidence issues in social situations. She often uses her aptly named wolverine, Stinky, as an emotional support animal, bending down to give him some loving scratches so as to hide her face and avoid dealing with people. She is deeply suspicious of arcane magic, and will give a the silent treatment to anyone who uses it. She even has misgivings about her own magic, so she prefers not to use it (unless she's healing Stinky or herself).

Once a fight breaks out, however, she and Stinky are a well-oiled fighting machine, flanking their opponents hammer-and-anvil style.

Grand Lodge

I'll come if Kala comes. And if there's food. Hey, Kala! I'm hungry. You got any meat for me? In your pocket, maybe? It always smells like meat. Can I check? Please?

Grand Lodge

Player name excoman
Character name onu the furious
PFS number 275948-13
Faction grand lodge
Progression speed normal
Day job roll craft (weaponry): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

Dark Archive

Player name: fromthedepths
Character name: Gint Soddlong
PFS number: # 2358532-11
Faction: Dark archive
Progression speed: normal
Day job roll: none

Grand Lodge

Recruitment closed.

Thanks for your interest everyone. If you missed out this time, I’m sorry. I don’t have the capacity to run another table at the moment.

I prioritised newer folk who are ready to go on a First Come basis, and vets that have run games for me in the past.

Party selected is:
Great Green God

I want to get the game underway ASAP, so please check into Discussion where we can sort out sub-tier and which PC you’re bringing.

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