GM Fuzzfoot's Emerald Spire Core

Game Master PJP

Notes and maps

For those that know me, my games are not typically the fastest, and for the other APs I am running, I don't expect to change that. But for this, I would want it to click at a much faster pace. Because of that, I will likely run a few things more streamlined - such as DM rolled perception, knowledge, init, and search/trap detection. It's a dungeon crawl, so I would probably also simply document and move through any "nothing of interest" rooms rather than waiting of players to tell me what they look at only to find nothing. Role-playing is still highly encouraged, but let's face it - this will be largely combat and trap solving.

I believe this is not sanctioned for "campaign mode", but that is fine - I think I would rather just go with standard PFS core rules anyway, meaning you will be playing the characters that earn your chronicles. As such, the basic rules will be - anything you find on a level is fair game to use for that level. As you complete each level and receive your chronicle, you will need to re-balance your character equipment (meaning you can decide to purchase your items to keep permanently within the PFS rules). This does allow for some multiple copies of certain items that are clearly only found once. We will just not worry about that.

If characters die, this could be a problem. If you have a replacement core character of an appropriate enough level, we can swap in. Otherwise, you might be stuck with a pre-gen.

I think we are best starting with fresh Level 1 characters, but if you have a level 1 or 2 you prefer to bring, that is ok. You might have to play a few levels on slow-track to stay within sub-tier range, although even fresh characters will likely need to do that once we hit level 9.

This is a pretty ambitious slog, although I recognized all the players that had shown interest, so I think everyone knows the score.

So make an interest post here along with your intended character (short description is fine if you haven't built it yet), and we can coordinate getting started.

I am shooting for 5 players, and therefore a fairly balanced team. So I am probably not going to take just the first 5 (assuming we get that much interest), so if you have more than one character you want to put forth, just list them in order of your preference (not what you think I want to see, because I prefer players to be most motivated in their choice). But if everyone puts a bard first, we will need to balance some way.

Feel free to ask questions and post suggestions.

I have played this in normal. A few events stand out but it has been a long time since I played it so most details will remain a mystery.

I have played a lot of CORE. Hard to beat the default party. (Fighter, Wizard, Cleric, Rogue, and Bard for a 5th) But most tables that last the first 5 levels or so can make it to the final one. So no need to sweat perfect party composition.

For this I was thinking of building one of the following.

Wizard focused on Conjuration spells. I already have a character like this in core but haven't played it in awhile and miss it.

Druid. No Narrow Frame in Core but it should be fine unless we have lots of front liners.

Fighter Reach/Trip.

Ranger Archery

I'll pick once others have decided on the class they want to play.

Note that a module gives you about 70% of what you would earn by playing 3 scenarios so doing a lot of modules will leave us a bit poor in overall character wealth.

Scarab Sages

Corbrae Illyniel, Bard 1 Core, worshipping Abadar

She just had 1 adventure, so 1 Xp and some gold (561 GP), nothing too extravagant.

I did play Emerald Spire a few years ago (in normal, non PFS mode), and even GMed it partially (the first two-three levels), but will keep my eventual memories shut if selected

Grand Lodge

Likewise Viridian is a 1xp core PC and available and interested. I have not played this AP in either mode.

The Exchange

I think this Core PC has enough GM credits to make him Ftr1/Rog1; will check. Otherwise I am always happy to play a straight Core Rogue.

So far I'm leaning towards Fighter. Either Archery or Reach/Trip depending on other party members.

I’d be happy to pick up any unfilled role as the 5th character. Looks like there is a bard, Druid, rogue and fighter.

I’d be more than happy to run a mage or sorcerer, if I get selected. I prefer the arcane role anyway.

I'm currently playing in standard but would love to play also in core. Would play a new sorcerer. I have a couple of core characters at various levels if this one dies.

Deluge-Core (Druid 7)
Tusk Two-Blade (Fighter 4)
Silgil (Wiz 7)

Grand Lodge

I think I'll try a build I've never done before and it is viable in CORE. A Fighter using Shield Bash.

I should have it built by tonight and the profile ready by tomorrow night.

I'd like to play! I have a fun idea for a druid I want to bring.

Grand Lodge

Here is Gerald’s wizard. I think everything is ready for consideration.

Thanks for running this for whomever gets in, GM.

Sovereign Court

I would love to join this Core game with a fresh 1st level cleric (either Cayden Cailean or Desna, with the Travel domain)

Would stay cleric all the way (no multiclassing); let me know if there's a spot and if so, I'll make the new PFS character.


The Exchange

Yep! Galandir has 3 XP, so is Level 2. Ftr1/Rog1 it is. He was just a GM credit blob, I will now make him a character sheet.

I have done Level 11 and 12 in Core, so if I am selected I could take over running if and when we get to those. Alternatively, I do have some replay credits and boons, though I'm not sure they can be used for modules.

Grand Lodge

I have just created this fighter, axe and shield dwarf. I have never GM'd or played any of the this superdungeon. If acceptable, I believe Kimlo is ready to go.

I like party balance and build characters quickly so if Kimlo and I end up at the same table I have no problem switching to archer or some other needed role.

I'd like to throw down a paladin or a barbarian.

I checked in last night, and was surprised by the number of people interested! I don't think I can take everyone, though, so I will need to find a way to pick. Maybe we let the characters all fight it out?

Let's start this way. Here is what I think we have for submissions. Please let me know if any are incorrect or if I missed anyone. Once we have a clearer picture, we can decide how to best proceed.

Aarvid - Viridian Torr, half-elf druid (1 XP)
Aldizog - Galadri, lvl 2 elf Ftr/Rog.
Bigguyinblack - Joseph 'Cheese Slicer" Hanlon, human shield fighter
Escharid Blackrose - Corbrae Illyniel, Bard (1 XP)
Gerald - Malon Xilcan, elf wizard
miteke - unnamed sorcerer
Purple Dragon Knight - cleric
SodiumTelluride - unnamed druid
TriShadow - Unnamed paladin or barbarian
Wydroe - Kimlo Grimmerkin, dwarf axe & shield fighter

With 10, I have to exclude someone even if I allow 7, but seven is a big group and I think the target here is really 4-5. Therefore, I am thinking to run two groups of 5, and if we need to balance later due to attrition losses, we probably can.

If everyone is onboard with that, let's start by closing recruitment now (I think I see everyone that I was expecting except maybe 1).

My initial thought would be to split this way:

Group A -
Aldizog - Galadri, lvl 2 elf Ftr/Rog.
Gerald - Malon Xilcan, elf wizard
SodiumTelluride - unnamed druid
TriShadow - Unnamed paladin or barbarian
Wydroe - Kimlo Grimmerkin, dwarf axe & shield fighter

Group B -
Aarvid - Viridian Torr, half-elf druid (1 XP)
Bigguyinblack - Joseph 'Cheese Slicer" Hanlon, human shield fighter
Escharid Blackrose - Corbrae Illyniel, Bard (1 XP)
miteke - unnamed sorcerer
Purple Dragon Knight - cleric

This looks to spread the coverage a bit, but I am open to comments - PM me if you prefer.

If everyone is happy, then I will setup a second thread and let you all dot in so we can get the characters still not created setup.

Grand Lodge

That would be super of you, GM!

Grand Lodge

Sounds great. Thank you GM Fuzzfoot.

Group A will struggle with healing and group B will struggle with traps. But there is only 1 rouge and only 1 cleric so not much can be done about that.

I will remind everyone involved of a few things.

This is 13? modules in a row. Every table is as fast as it's slowest player but even at a good pace this is a commitment of well over a year. Probably closer to 2.

If a table drops below 4 players for any reason you either have to find someone with a CORE character within range and willing to jump in as a replacement or you are done with Emerald Spire. (Or possibly the tables can merge if there are losses at both.) Of course you'll still be able to play other CORE scenarios with the character.

So be sure you are ready to stick it out. And let's have fun.

The Exchange

I learned that GM credits from higher-level modules cannot be applied to a level 1 PC; it's not like when you play a pregen.

So Galandir remains at 1st level and is therefore a straight Core Rogue 1. He will get more XP later when he gets in range of his various chronicles (level 3 for Wardstone Patrol, level 5 for Valley of Veiled Flame, and level 7 for Lost at the Bitter End).

I have 30 gp left over, so could buy a scroll of CLW at least to help out with our limited healing. Does anyone in our table have 2 PP for a wand?

If Aarvid is comfortable being our primary front line I can switch to Rogue with the plan being 2 levels of Rogue and the rest as Fighter focused on Archery.

Probably Fighter first.

If TriShadow goes paladin, he and I can both use healing wands. It’s not ideal, but hopefully enough. Also, my plan is to be a support caster with a melee animal companion.

For group B- Aarvid/Viridian does appear to be melee focused, so that seems like it would work. We should let them weigh in for themselves, though.

For group A, I think 2 capable of using CLW should be fine.

Because we are playing this in PFS mode, you are basically going to level each level you complete (unless you slow track), and so because of "downtime" you will also start each level fresh.

And because of how the module progression work, you will HAVE to do slow progression at certain points if you want to have the same character play all the levels.

So do we have a discussion thread yet?

Time to make a new character.

Viridian and his wolf can front line and provide minor healing. At least at low levels. He bought a wand with his first 2 PP.

Definitely appreciate running for both sets, GM! Thanks!!!

Scarab Sages

THat's great.

GM: If needed, for group 2, I do have a Core rogue level 2

The Exchange

@GM, one thing I should probably ask before committing to this - what is your stance on Take 10?
The "threatened or distracted" clause is subject to a lot of table variation, and it is a big deal for rogues.

Assuming we are not in combat, can Take 10 be used for Perception? Disable Device? Climb? Diplomacy, Bluff, and Sense Motive?

Or does the risk of failure constitute "threatened or distracted"?

Liberty's Edge

(qstor) I have a level 1 barbarian.

My interpretation of take 10 is that you can always choose it. Take 20 specifically means you are basically taking 20 rounds to make sure you succeed (but also carries the consequences of ensuring a 1). While they sound similar they are very different.

@ Corbrae Illynel If you want to play the Rogue (I think you'll have to slow track at least twice) go ahead. But 2 levels of Rogue for my fighter archer plan should cover us pretty well.

Build looks sort of like this.

Level 1 Half-Elf Fighter.
Str 14, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 7
Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Skill Focus (Perception)
Skills Climb, Perception, Swim

Level 2 Fighter again taking Rapid Shot. Will also upgrade to a composite longbow +2 Str

Level 3 Rogue. Will have max ranks in perception and Disable Device.
Feat Skill Focus Disable Device. And can disable magical traps.

So +12 to Perception +1 to detect traps, +13 to Disable Device +2 from masterwork tool +1 for traps.

Level 4 I'll take another level of Rogue and get Trapspotter.

Having evasion with my archer is no bad thing. And I'll be pretty good at spotting and disabling traps. More so if buffed with say Heroism :)

Liberty's Edge

Galandir wrote:
I learned that GM credits from higher-level modules cannot be applied to a level 1 PC; it's not like when you play a pregen.

You can:

"You can apply credit from a higher-tier adventure to a
1st-level Roleplaying Guild character. When doing so,
reduce the gp reward to 500 gp if the adventure grants
1 XP or 1,398 gp if it grants 3 XP. You do not benefit
from any boons until your Roleplaying Guild character
reaches the minimum level listed on the Chronicle
sheet, unless otherwise noted"

Season of the Ten Guild Guide p.7


SORRY Looks like you're full. Good luck!

OK, second thread is up. I tried to make a single discussion tab, but failed. Feel free to still discuss here, but I think we can start splitting up to finalize each party.

Group A
Group B

@QStor - I am afraid we are full, but if anyone decides to drop out, I'll let you know.

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