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Hey all,

I'm not looking for help, but I wanted to post this and FAQ it.

The incutilis in Bestiary 4 has some issues. It has a Reach of 0-ft., which is appropriate for its size. The Puppetmaster Special Ability however, states it can use its tentacle attacks independently of a its zombie puppet. Except it can't, because of the reach. Even if the zombie were to grapple an enemy, the incutilis would have to occupy the same space, which the zombie host cannot do. Which means it would have to disengage from the puppet and move into the opponent's square, which would end up taking a whole round and pretty clearly is not what the Special Ability was intended to do (at least the way I read it, if you take a literal interpretation it becomes a pretty lame-o creature). And it would get killed before it ever actually executed that stunt.

A quick fix is to adjust the Special Ability so that it has 5-ft. reach while mounted on a host.

Also, zombies are staggered. Might make sense that an incutilis zombie is not, since it has an active brain driving that nervous system.


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