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Round 3: Revised Magus Discussion

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Spell Blending, Picks?

Magus makes an awesome switch hitter

Lvl 8 Magus in the Arena of Doom

Spell Combat and 5' steps

Can someone clarify spell combat?

Starting Wealth?

A few Q's about Arcane Pool duration between first level and fifth level

Silent / Still / Quicken / Maximize / Empower Spell Arcana

Words of Power Playtest: 12 / 9 / 2010

Power Attacking with two hands and still benefiting from Spell Combat

Magus makes an awesome switch hitter

Can a Magus double up on his Arcane Pool?

Magus -> Arcane Trickster?

Scorching Ray and Combat Magic


Two-Weapon Fighting Magus still viable

Does spell pool let you add metamagic to prepared spells?

Twilight knife a must have?

Wand Wielder bypasses Spell Combat restirctions?

Off-List Casting and Familiar

Suggestion: Arcana Limited 1 / Day Also Get a Point Cost for Additional Uses

I approve

Broad Study should be better...

Monk + Magus: Can I enhance my fist?

You do realize

11th level party Magus Playtest

Thoughts on spell combat, arcane pool, and the new magus

Using Spell Focus with Spellstrike

To Hit Bonus, TW, and Magus

Spell Blending

Arcane Pool Vs Magic Weapon spells

Arcane Pool + Arcane Strike

The Pool Powers: Naming gone wrong

Greater Pool Spell - I don't like it

Question about saving throws on damage-dealing WoP spells

Medium and Heavy Armor + ASF%

Still Confused, Re: Broad Study

[Fix Proposal, Clarification] Spellstrike

Supernatural Abilities & the Magus

Broad Study still unclear

Spell Combat at Higher Levels

Wand Mastery

Maneuver Mastery Arcana

Dispelling Strike Arcana

Spellstrike: Melee Attacks and free attacks

Critical Strike / Close Range / Spell Strike

Ultimate Magic Playtest - magus

Spell list

Elven Bladesinger (Magus 5)

Pool Spell Clarification

Saving the Unversalist

Spellstrike wording still confusing

Concentration Checks

Wand Mastery Clarification

Close Range Arcana

Multiple Targets and multiple effects?

New Magus: List of Changes I Spotted and Initial Thoughts

Good Job on The Magus

Playing "catch up"...

Kudos in general


More categories than Effect, Target

Paizo Blog: Magus Revisited

Board closed

End of the Magus Playtest

You're Calling What a Magus?


A Playtest

Possible alternate uses for Words of Power system

Flame Jet / Spark disparity

Spells That should be on the Magus list.

Burst, Spread, Emanation

Suggestion: Level Limits for WoP (and a few notes)

Spontaneous Substitution

What is the point of personal range?

A Little Flavour Suggestion: Words Of Power Be, In Fact, Words

Spell storing, runes, etc.

Will Alchemists get in on the power words?

Word of Power and the Magus

Playtest with Pair of Sorcerers and Summoning Wizard

Magus Arcana Ideas

[UM] Whip Magus

Proposal to fix target word issues

Words of Power family: Power

Human Wordcaster Sorcerers and their favored class bonus (extra spells)

WoP : GM Tool?

Is backwards compatability the way to go at this point?

Spellstrike and Spell Trigger Items such as wands and staffs

True freeform is it even possible ?

Question on the summoning words

ZoKathRa so what are these words ?

Request for clarification regarding duration of multiple effect spells.

Request for clarification regarding duration of multiple effect spells.

Have there been any "official" suggestions?

Suggestion: More than one target word

Feedback and questions regarding barriers

Feedback and questions regarding barriers

Let's make some spells

Spellstrike and Scrolls

Words Of Power Playtest - Homebrew Campaign

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