Magus Revisited

Monday, December 6, 2010

Today begins the third round of the Ultimate Magic playtest, with another look at the new magus base class. This is a class that many of you have already been playing with since the first playtest round a few months ago. We took a great deal of your feedback and heavily revised a number of elements of this class. While it is not yet perfect, it is a huge step in the right direction.

The magus blends the powers of both a fighter and a wizard, and the revised version cleaves a little closer to that theme, focusing on the ability to make melee attacks and cast spells at the same time. The biggest change comes in the addition of an arcane pool that fuels many of the classes iconic abilities. You can find this revised class as a free PDF at this link. Once you have downloaded the class and updated it in your game, check out the messageboards, where you will find a new board dedicated to this round of the playtest.

This playtest cycle will last two weeks, until Monday, December 20th, and this version will be the last version released until the book itself comes out in April.

So update the magus in your game today. I look forward to seeing your comments and ideas concerning these changes. See you on the boards.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer

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Anyone already mention that the file available for download is just the cover page?

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Yeah I posted it on the board closed thread...

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Yeah. There should be more there. Give us a few minutes while we fix it.

Sovereign Court

Reminds me of my uni assignment two days ago- managed to hand in the Assignment Brief .pdf rather than my actual submission...

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Scarab Sages

First post!

Hang on; where did you lot come from?

An arcane pool, eh?

Thanks for keeping an ear to the boards; this was a suggestion that cropped up a lot.

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This is how Paizo gets revenge on us for all the drama that surrounded the last version of the magus....just kidding ;)

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Okay, folks, if you download it again, you should get the whole file this time.

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Got it thanks Ross!
It looks very nice so far!

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I've read it over, and I really like the changes. The ability to let the magus learn spells from the full wizard list was also a nice touch.

I'm going to have to see if I can convince one of my players to try the class out :D

This looks good, the changes are almost perfect. Nice timing too; the magus will be surprising my players today.

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Just a note to anyone playing a magus in Pathfinder Society:

As of today, you must update your character to include the current version of the magus.

That is all.

Read it through. Wonderful.

I can't think of anything I find wrong with it at the moment.

Liberty's Edge

This is really good. Much better. This is exciting stuff! Thanks, Jason et. al.!

This is certainly a huge improvement. I still have a couple questions and concerns, but overall I'm very pleased with this. Thanks, and good work.

this is just my PO

but dang alot of the abilities are just SUPER complicated.

Not enough to where I cant follow, just enough to were its kinda messy to me.

There is half spell levels, spell levels, enhancement bonuses (now I have to find the base price modifier for any weapon enhancement), intelligence bonus, 1/2 level plus intelligence bonus...

just yuck.

I really like the idea of the class (combining magic and martial) but unless they are trying to make it a class that is complicated to be (could be because they are combining things that dont mix) but to me that is the only class in pathfinder that is THAT complicated.

Inquisitor during playtest was like that, until they made the judgements how they are now.

Summoner's are pretty complicated but that class gets disputed as being complicated alot and therefor "broken" because its tough to keep track of all the rules.

I love pathfinder classes for a majority of the simplicity they possess (YMMV) and I feel the magus is kinda on the heavy side of complicated.

I was going to make an NPC pirate Magus for a Air Race in a campaign I am running... I decided to change to the inquisitor due to the amount of abilities numbers I would have to keep track of (it slows things down when I have to look a bunch of stuff up, such as enhancement bonus weapon abilities)

A suggestion I would offer for the weapon goodies (flaming, vorpal, ect) is make them available as level based. Put the basica ones at level 5, then level 10 throw in the better ones, level 15 the better ones, and level 20 throw in the big ones.

After all they can get vorpal really really early, and I have no control over what kind of magic weapons they have (which can be a total pain as the DM because suddenly all my dragons are taking double damage from that enhancement with a succesful Knowledge arcana)

Choosing your magic enhancement is HUGE. It screams abuse to me. Again though PO.

As for the Magus arcanas, I felt with round 2 they were much simpler.

I like the manuever training one, the shield, the arcane accuracy and a few others but some of them are just for very high levels, aren't very flavorful (in my opinion obviously) and are used to just gain power in combat.

Lastly i want this class to be amazingly cool and usable which is why I am critiquing.

Medium and Heavy armor I would have liked to see go to a Arcana, as some people dont want to play a hulking guy in full plate while being a caster, I love that the APG offers ways for a Fighter to now avoid that...

Making more of the Arcana the magus gets dependent upon the arcane pool I think would be Ki(terrible pun) to making them better. The arcane pool represents there magic tapping, making most of the abilities it gets based on its major ability awesome. Now it can be versatile, while still possessing his own limitations because spending the points here means you cant spend them later.

Just my thoughts and I wish you the best of luck on the Ultimate Magic.

Is there going to be a round 3 sub-forum?

Kibeth wrote:
Is there going to be a round 3 sub-forum?

Jason said this was pretty much it, that round 3 was pretty close to the final and that paying attention to the forums was not going to be a huge priority right now so there is a good chance that is a no but I hope so.

Bleah. The new magus is broken.
...just kidding eh eh eh.

Excuse me I mispoke earlier on my accusations of weapon over power ability!

it turns out it is already limited.

With that said I would still like The Magus to be somewhat cleaner (a more uniform base for ability numbers and maybe a little side table for the Weapon Ability bonuses for lazy people please :) lol)

other than that the arcanas are cool but I am looking forward to seeing more in the future :)

great job Paizo!

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