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Round 3: Revised Magus Discussion

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Custom Spells and expanded list

Yet another Broad Study question...

Magus enhancement on weapons

Lvl 2 Magus Playtest

Somatic Weaponry

Paizo Blog: Ultimate Magus Feedback

Please Eliminate The Arcane Pool

Saving the Eldritch Knight in Ultimate Magic

TWF Magus worth a try?

second day playing magus

Wand of True Strike + Spell combat

Magus + Arcane trickster

Magus Spell Combat question

What makes my hand "free" for the purposes of Spell Combat?

Is Seltyiel getting a rewrite?

Greater Pool Spell Questions

Concerning interactions with Prestige Classes

How does WoP stack up to True Sorcery?

Magus with a Familiar - kosher?

Word Families

Link to Magus Round 1 PDF?

Arch-magus prestige

Magus Double-Double and Triple-Double

Channel Energy and Evil Clerics

ProfPotts' Playtest

Jason a request

Is Words of Power realy needed?

Is Words of Power realy needed?

Ray Spells and Attacks of Opportunity question

Guesses on Magus specific Feats?

1st level party vs. a goblin magus

So many failed rolls...

Playtest: Magus [Council of Thieves][limited spoilers]

Spell Combat

Spell Combat + Haste / Hasted Assault = Not compatible?

Concentrate Arcane

Magus vs. Magus / Eldritch Knight Comparisons

Magus vs. Magus / Eldritch Knight Comparisons

Magus Spell Progression

Anyone had fun playing a Magus?

Repost: playtest

Spellstrike and Spell Combat Niches, and more.

Corner Case: Shocking Grasp w / Spell Combat

WoM Point Costs

Playtest: Magus [Council of Thieves][limited spoilers]

10th-level Magus VS CR 11 monsters, Arena Style

Magus / Spell Synthesis

Cold Iron weapons interacting with Arcane Pool

Pool Spell = Free metamagic?

Spellstrike - Concentration

Spellstrike + Close Range arcana + Arcane Blast feat = possible ?

Intensified Spell + Shocking Grasp

Spellstrike and critical hits

The High End of Things

Arcane Strike feat and the Arcane Pool ablity Question

Stupid pool spell questions

Knowledge Pool - Dangerous!

My Test (very low levels)

Spell Combat + Spellstrike: clarification please

Limit Spell Strike to standard castings

Spring attack

Large party vs. Lvl 11 Magus bad guy and friends

Knowledge pool to get spells to write in spellbook...

08-Dec-2010 Revised Magus Playtest

Just Noticed Something About Pool Strike

Question: Spells known?

Spell Combat - Questions

Bring back weapon bond / weapon call

Level 12 Magus in the Arena of Further and Additional Doom

Improved Reincarnation

Spell Shield Arcana

Human Draconic Wordcster Sorcerer playtest

CR6 Magus BBEG

Magus Arcana, Close Range, I'm a little confused

Magus rules with stun lock

Overall Impressions?

Arcane Spell Failure

Two-handing with Spell Combat

Feat: Extra Magus Arcana

Using Arcana Pool on ammunition?

Scrolls and Spell Combat

Magus Favored Class Ideas?


For the Sake of Proofreading Only

Mixing touch spells simultaneously

Making Words of Power Playable

Yay! Dip-friendly!

Please Eliminate The Arcane Pool

Dual-wielding with Spell Combat is possible

Do you still accept new arcana suggestions ?

Counterstrike question

Something I Just Thought Of

Spell Combat and Missed Touch Attacks

What spells can be used with spellstrike?

Magus Touch Spells

Why doesn't Spellstrike grant an extra attack?

Spell Combat, Wand Wielder, Metamagic rods?

Prestige Classing the Magus

Pool Strike usable with Spellcombat?

Short (and hopefully on going) Playtest

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