Round 1: Magus

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End of the Magus Playtest

Magus Arcana Ideas

Magus Playtest

Board closed

You're Calling What a Magus?

Spells That should be on the Magus list.

Spell storing, runes, etc.

[UM] Whip Magus

Spellstrike and Spell Trigger Items such as wands and staffs

Have there been any "official" suggestions?

Spellstrike and Scrolls

Magus and Words of Power Sadness

Touch Spells?

Lvl 8 Magus in the Arena of Doom [Loooong]

Magus and Broad Study

Jason Bulmahn talks about how to change the Magus in the podcast Know Direction

Magus and Skills

This fumbling Magus [late playtest]

Magus and TWF

Just what, exactly, is the magus supposed to do?

Magus Rebuild

Capstone ability idea

Flavor of the Magus?

The real problem with the Magus

Know Directions Magus Amendments

A thought on the Magus

Criticals and Spellstrike


Dispelling a Myth: Magus Concentration Checks

Playtest: Magus & Thugs vs Party

Touching for magus

Pigeonholing the Magus into one handed weapons

New Magus Variant with Arcane Pool and some modified abilities

Easing MAD

Better late than never? Some thoughts.

My proposed changes to Magus class progression

Flurry of miscasts, or, being bad at two things is not as good as being good at one

This playtest has finally convinced me to play D&D Essentials.

Flavor of the Magus?

Standardised Playtest Feedback for Magus in Actual Play

Levels 2 and 3 playtest data

Epic Meepo's Magus Playtest

Give the magus Combat Casting as a bonus feat.

Spell Storing -- Possibility for a Magus 3+Int / day ability...

Question about Magus Spell List

Improving Magus Versatility

High level Magus vs. equal level 4 character group

Idea: How to make both groups happy (3 / 4 bab vs full)

Level 1 test run in a test advent

Stalwart to the Magus?

Types of Magus Arcana I think there should be

My suggestions for the magus

The problem, and the solution is all in our heads

Concentration Checks

Eldritch Knight in APG

Magus and Tactical Spell Casting

The (Arcane) Mark of Zorro

My Test (very low levels)

Prestige, Multiclass, and other build discussions

Magus Playtested

Clarification Needed on Spellstrike, Spell Combat and Broad Study

Special Magus Spells to Solve BAB Issues

Idea: Reducing the Magus' Need to Burn Through Their Spells

On Magi and the Universaility of Wizardric Magic

Quick question: what does a Magus do when he's not in a brawl?

Magus vs Eldritch Knight--A Comparison, Or The Clash of Seltyiels

4th Level Feedback

Magus Playtest Data Level 6

What's with the damn Spontaneous casting?

Full casting, 3 / 4 BAB: awesome. 3 / 4 casting, full BAB: BROKEN

A note to Jason Bulmahn, and quite a few Magus Suggestions. Looking for feedback from the general community as well.

My proposed changes to the Magus (complete class write up)

Playtest round lengths

Regarding the Current State of the Magus

Can a Magus TWF w / throwing weapon AND use Spell Combat?

Magus Lacks resources

JASON: Could you explain why you think that full BAB is too powerful for the magus?

Need advice for Magus NPC

So how come there are only 2 touch spells on the Magus spell list?

What spells should the magus learn?

Good things about the Magus

Arcana pool

Magus and the Eldritch Knight

Spellstrike - Can someone explain the mechanics of this ability?

Magus fighting styles?

Magus Favored Class Bonuses?

Ftr, Brb, are more than full BAB


Spell combat -- idea

Magus Arcana-Why the 1 / day?

Magus Counterspelling

Magus fails at all the things it is supposed to do

Archetype of the magus?

Suggestion: Spell-Like abilities in place of Spell Combat

What if the Magus didn't lose a spell when failing to cast defensively?

Infusing Variety into the Magus

xxxTheBeastxxx 's variant Magus

Spell Strike + Deadly Stroke

Ultimate Magic Playtest Round 1 Dataset for PCGen released

Balance matters

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