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Magus Prestige Classes

[Playtest] Low / Mid / High Level Magus PCs

I Want To Like The Magus...

Alternate Spell Combat (and a few other ideas)

Which build should I play tomorrow? Two are presented

Viability, usefulness, and what the Magus can and cannot do

Ideas to help current magus class work

Magus compared with Fighter

9-21-2010 Playtest (Several Magus builds, run through at several levels)

Comparing the Magus to other 3 / 4 Melee classes

An idea about touch vs regular attacks to deliver spells

Magus Reflection Arcana - Overpowered?


Spellstrike + Vital Strike?

My Eidolon Can Beat Up Your Magus

Should we really call it "Magus"?

An Unobjective Magus Assessment

Magus - Low Level and Feats

Yet Another Magus Variant / Suggestions to improve Magus class

Magus and School Specialization

Why limit the Magus to only One-Handed weapons?

I want my Chill Touch

Playtested the Magus tonight...

Penalised for Using a class ability?

German Playtest - Feedback from the german gaming community

The Variations of the Magus

My version of Magus

Magus -- why?

The Magus spell list

Roleplaying the Magus - A Possible Issue

Spellstrike with ranged touch spells?

Two weapon fighting question

True Magus - First Part Pointless?

Magus idea that isn't really here yet

Viable low-level Magus builds

Magus and Fighter / Wizard playtest, level 6 to 7. Some suggestions also.

"But where's [Spell X]?!?"

Changes I would like to see to the Magus

Magus for EK entry?


Can you Vital Strike with Spell Combat

Am I missing the boat?

Stupid Question

Dancing Arcane Weapon and wielding for spellcasting

Boggard magus

Bloodline-esque sets of abilities for the Magus??

Level 2 playtest vs. wolves

Things I feel people are missing about the Magus

Favoured Class Bonuses for the Magus

Are these ideas Broken?

Various suggestions

Constitution to concentration?

At the risk of being unpopular...

What is the role of the Magus?

Odd spells on the Magus List

Magus Arcana - Metamagic

Possible Spell Combat fix

Magus Design shift, turn Optional into Mandatory

Aggressive Letter Writing and You

Min Maxed Whip Magus

The rate of failure for the Magus

Magus monster question

Honest initial thoughts and comments about the Magus, Pathfinder's "Duskblade," sort of

Spellstrike and double weapon chargeup

Magus Build from 1 to 20 Thread

Spellstrike + Spell Combat Clarification

Weapon Bond, Throwable Teleport?

Spell Combat

Rather than Spell Combat, why not auto-defensive casting?

Concern re: Spell Combat

Spell Shield (magus arcana)

Combat Casting

Arcane Weapon

Spell combat

What about the band?

Throwing and Returning for Arcane Weapon!

Need a 0-level touch attack spell

Arcane Might

Should Magus get Scribe Scroll at 1st level?

Paizo Blog: Ultimate Magic Playtest

Change wording for multi-armed characters?

My Impressions

A Request

Mithral Buckler and Magus

Flavor discussion for the Magus

Magus TWF

Magus archetypes and variety

Spell Combat and spell trigger items

Early thoughts on the Magus and spellcasting just based on character building

Rules Q : Spellstrike with Ranged Touch Attacks?

The proverbial stick in the mud

Fighter Training (Ex)

Improved unarmed strike and spell combat?

Magus Playtest (NPC villains)

Spell list

Spellstrike Crits

Metamagic Arcana

Shield + free hand magus?

Magus vs Battle Cleric / Oracle

Broad Study

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