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Round 1: Magus
Round 2: Words of Power Playtest
Round 2: Words of Power Discussion
Round 3: Revised Magus Playtest
Round 3: Revised Magus Discussion

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Just what, exactly, is the magus supposed to do?

Magus Playtest

Balance matters

A Fundamental Problem

Magus Arcana Ideas

Full casting, 3 / 4 BAB: awesome. 3 / 4 casting, full BAB: BROKEN

Magus fails at all the things it is supposed to do

Penalised for Using a class ability?

Magus Archetype Feedback


Please Eliminate The Arcane Pool

Knowledge pool to get spells to write in spellbook...

Improving the Playtest, Part 2

Idea: How to make both groups happy (3 / 4 bab vs full)

Anyone know when Round 2 is?

Why can't the magus have full base attack bonus like the duskblade?

Variant Class Ideas / Requests

Magus vs Eldritch Knight--A Comparison, Or The Clash of Seltyiels

Quick question: what does a Magus do when he's not in a brawl?

What makes my hand "free" for the purposes of Spell Combat?

Arcana pool

Dispelling a Myth: Magus Concentration Checks

True Magus - First Part Pointless?

Words of Power Playtest Note

Spells You Would Like To See In Ultimate Magic

Pigeonholing the Magus into one handed weapons

Let's Talk About Spells!

The real problem with the Magus

Words of Power Discussion

Let's make some spells

Is Seltyiel getting a rewrite?

Standardised Playtest Feedback for Magus in Actual Play

JASON: Could you explain why you think that full BAB is too powerful for the magus?

My thoughts on the revised Magus

Flurry of miscasts, or, being bad at two things is not as good as being good at one

The problem, and the solution is all in our heads

Optimal weapon for a Magus

Corner Case: Shocking Grasp w / Spell Combat

Magus Build Thread

Welcome to the Ultimate Magic Playtest

Round 2 ETA and Words of Power

Is backwards compatability the way to go at this point?

Trying to build a lvl 1 magus, frustrated with lack of....

An Unobjective Magus Assessment

Arcane Pool + Arcane Strike

I Want To Like The Magus...

Overall Impressions?

On Magi and the Universaility of Wizardric Magic

Spell Combat, Wand Wielder, Metamagic rods?

Comparing the Magus to other 3 / 4 Melee classes

Magus over powered?

Wand of True Strike + Spell combat

Optimal magus Tactics

Prestige Classing the Magus

Magus Spell List

WoP should = Greater creativity, less number crunching

Know Directions Magus Amendments

Magus compared with Fighter

Paizo Blog: Ultimate Magic Playtest

Word Families

Two-handing with Spell Combat

Knowledge Pool - Dangerous!

Easing MAD

My Eidolon Can Beat Up Your Magus

Give the magus Combat Casting as a bonus feat.

Silent / Still / Quicken / Maximize / Empower Spell Arcana

A Little Flavour Suggestion: Words Of Power Be, In Fact, Words

What's with the damn Spontaneous casting?

Ray and Touch Spells Get Saving Throws?

Spell Combat / Spellstrike + Chill Touch

Neoncon early playtest?

Greater Pool Spell - I don't like it

Spellstrike and Scrolls

Spell Combat + Spellstrike: clarification please

What happened to the playtests?

My Test (very low levels)

Level 1 Playtest - Player Would Re-roll

Magus Reflection Arcana - Overpowered?

Lvl 1 Magus Playtest

Flavor of the Magus?

Ftr, Brb, are more than full BAB

ProfPotts' Playtest

Spells That should be on the Magus list.

The magus in depth overview (warning: long)

Combat Casting

To Hit Bonus, TW, and Magus

You're Calling What a Magus?

Intensified Spell + Shocking Grasp

Spell Combat

Is Magus second or fourth declension?

Spell combat -- idea

Magus / Duelist

Level 12 Magus in the Arena of Further and Additional Doom

Will Alchemists get in on the power words?

[UM] Whip Magus

Magus and the Eldritch Knight

Some Thoughts on Words of Power (And Obviously This is Just My Take)

Magus character sheet

Playtesting the Magus in "Rise of the Runelords"

Lvl 3 Magus Playtest

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