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Round 3: Revised Magus Discussion

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Magus Non-Arcana Ideas

An idea about touch vs regular attacks to deliver spells

Magus - Low Level and Feats

Magus and School Specialization

German Playtest - Feedback from the german gaming community

My version of Magus

Magus for EK entry?

Magus Arcana - Metamagic

Magus Design shift, turn Optional into Mandatory

Spell Shield (magus arcana)

Spell combat

Arcane Might

Change wording for multi-armed characters?

Rules Q : Spellstrike with Ranged Touch Attacks?

Improved unarmed strike and spell combat?

Metamagic Arcana

Arcane Weapon

Questions / Comments

barbarian stats for serpants skull home campaign

Witch Witch of Irrisen Archtype for the Witch Class?

General player consensus G.P.C

Effect words requiring touch attacks with single target

Learning new words

Bard and words of power?

Spell combat and long lasting spells, thier effects last a long time

Character sheets for Words of Power

Mounted Casting Clarification

Improved Reincarnation

Feat: Extra Magus Arcana

Using Arcana Pool on ammunition?

Words of Power Playtest: 12 / 9 / 2010

I approve

Thoughts on spell combat, arcane pool, and the new magus

Broad Study still unclear

Wand Mastery

Maneuver Mastery Arcana

Dispelling Strike Arcana

Critical Strike / Close Range / Spell Strike

Elven Bladesinger (Magus 5)

Pool Spell Clarification

Good Job on The Magus

Suggestion: Level Limits for WoP (and a few notes)

Spontaneous Substitution

Spell storing, runes, etc.

Playtest with Pair of Sorcerers and Summoning Wizard

Suggestion: More than one target word

Feedback and questions regarding barriers

IMHO there need to be 3 words in a spell

Skinsaw Murders Playtest--Boreal Sorcerer (spoilers hidden)

How does WoP stack up to True Sorcery?

Can't talk any of our casters into trying it

Questions about magic item / feat interactions

Word Ratings

Limit on adding Wording Burning ´points´ (?) to Spell Slots?

Duration Query

Power Words in Words of Power

A thought on the Magus

My proposed changes to Magus class progression

Question about Magus Spell List

Types of Magus Arcana I think there should be

Concentration Checks

Magus and Tactical Spell Casting

4th Level Feedback

Playtest round lengths

Playtest Report: Level 4 Magus Villain

Salvaging a 3 / 4 BAB progression Arcane Martial class

Magi need to stop burning spells

My Magus Playtest

Spell strike question

Multiclass options of the magus

17th Level Playtest through The Witchwar Legacy [SPOILERS]

Would it be so bad...

Magus arcana: why don't they scale?

Solving the Restrictive Spell List

Preparing spells into the weapon

Tweaks can make the world go round

Magus Prestige Classes


Yet Another Magus Variant / Suggestions to improve Magus class

Magus idea that isn't really here yet

Dancing Arcane Weapon and wielding for spellcasting

Bloodline-esque sets of abilities for the Magus??

Min Maxed Whip Magus

Honest initial thoughts and comments about the Magus, Pathfinder's "Duskblade," sort of

Spellstrike + Spell Combat Clarification

Rather than Spell Combat, why not auto-defensive casting?

What about the band?

Magus archetypes and variety

Magus Playtest (NPC villains)

Magus vs Battle Cleric / Oracle

Magus Encounters

Spell-Trigger + Spell Combat

Magus for PCGen

Potions are just not enough

Is Words of Power realy needed?

Ray Spells and Attacks of Opportunity question

Magus vs. Magus / Eldritch Knight Comparisons

Anyone had fun playing a Magus?

Playtest: Magus [Council of Thieves][limited spoilers]

Please Eliminate The Arcane Pool

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