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Paizo General Discussion

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Ranked Classes

Odd Gaming

Paizo Blog: Paizo Publishing's 10th Anniversary Retrospective--Year 8 (2010)

Binder for adventure path

RPG Superstar Lovers: Valhalla is Calling You

Ancient d20 found

Fighters with Grit.

Whatever happened to Mike McArtor?

Pages missing from Ultimate Equipment

[Worldbuilding] Semi-advanced Math question about geometry of spheres and stuff.

Is the Dancing Dervish Bard archetype overpowered?

We're playing Pathfinder 2nd edition right now.

Other Pathfinder Nations?

AD&D reprinted books, same as S&W?

How to make custom char sheet PDFs?

Community Use question re: adventure maps

What does weapon familiarity mean?

"Evil-Guy" Campaign

Black Friday Sale

Thanks Paizo!

Paizo Blog: Paizo Publishing’s 10th Anniversary Retrospective--Year 2 (2004)--The Worst of Times

Paizo Blog: Paizo Publishing's 10th Anniversary Retrospective--Year 9 (2011)

How do I use the CRB's shop tables with the Ultimate Equipment's tables?

Thank you Paizo for this amazing game!

Get into the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Playtest!

Paizo Blog: From the Publisher: Changes Are Coming!

Low Player Count Solution: Gestalt or Multiple Characters?

Racial Evolution?

Useful Situation Items

Pathfinder ... lite? Good idea I think.

Way of the Wicked Thorn Manor + Surroundings


Recommendation for Novel featuring a Paladin

Gaming Podcast, Nerd Poker

Community Use Images Question, Map Symbols?

Alchemist's Explosive Missle

2012 Christmas Card...

Ruling regarding the spell: Timely Inspiration.

Fate subdomain question

Paizo PDFs + iPad mini = ?

Fan made modules and campaigns.

We need a Burnt Offerings film with the PC parts filled entirely by Dwarf Actors


Dual wielding Magus

Shattered Star Miniatures Previews... or lack thereof

D&D campaign settings


Amazon Release dates

Thornkeep - PFS - Factions

So, what did I miss?

Community Use: Images of the character sheet?

What's next?

Get the Word Out on the Pathfinder MMO

advice on finding a group

Did I correctly understand that Emerald Spire will be published?

Gunslingers and Their Touch AC mechanic, Need some help.

The Paladin and his Alignment

Thornkeep for Charity!

Comics in PDF form

A Belated 2012 Thank You

Paizo Books by Publication Date?

Enchantment of unlimited wealth

New Paizo Product Catalog?

Ktfish7 has had a stroke

Blog: I Triple Dog Dare You!

Paizo has guilds on World of Warcraft

Please make the Pathfinder novels available on

Item creation in Pathfinder Society

We Be Goblins Too (Free RPG Day 2013)

Help a newbie learn all the lore

A chronological list of the PF novels and short stories

Pathfinder Modern?

Pathfinder in New Zealand?

Another character builder project

A big THANK YOU to Customer Service!

Paizo Blog: TSR reunion at the Paizo booth

Community Use Policy: Kingmaker logo

Legality-copyright question about maps

Untapped market - Background soundtrack albums

High seas adventure help

Pathfinder Collector's Product Checklist???

Working with Adventure Path PDFs

Ultimate Campaign archetype / classes

Map Folios locked...

Puppies of the Runelord

Paizo ever offer electronic discount?

Kid-Friendly Modules

Where should I go for a custom mini?


Item Delays

Product Synergy? Pawn Bases, GM Screen

Consuming Pathfinder content while avoiding spoilers

Shipping the Pathfinder Comic


I need an ominous sounding prophecy.

And the magic eightball says...

Golarion cultures and real world counterparts

I have a Request for Paizo - Monster Sheet

Realm Works is coming in JULY, But...

Dungeon Map Creation tools / program? Know of one?

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