Trying to remember a book's Title.


I read a book a long time ago and I would very much like to re-read but I cannot remember the title.

The protagonist was male elf or half-elf druid who's adventure begins when he spots a skeleton with a glowing red gem in it's ribcage he attacks it and it uses the power of the gem to summon a Tendriculos who almost kills him. He is saved by a female mage and together they chase after the skeleton who escaped.

In a nearby town the primary villain a vampire like undead with a long whip like tongue that he can use to pierced a man skulls and crush his brain from like 20 feet away while he is casting fireballs has awoken from an underground crypt and is wreacking havoc. The gem is his and the skeleton (one of several) was one of many heading towards him.

That's about all I can remember.

It was a forgotten realms or pathfinder novel I read it about 10 years ago at my college library.

If you know what novel this is please let me know.

Seems I posted this in the wrong area, my bad.

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"The Jewel of Turmish" by Mel Odom.

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Moved to Entertainment: Books. Hopefully you already got the answer though!

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