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Welcome to Paizo!

Weekly, Semi-Monthly or Monthly Community Topic Q&A Request

Discussing COVID-19 on

Intolerance is NOT welcome here

Paizo Blog: Announcing Pathfinder and Starfinder Infinite

Paizo Blog: Kingmaker 10th Anniversary Campaign Begins!

How do Runelords control Rune Giants and more generaly how do new Runelords get accepted by their predecessors artifacts

Orders and subscriptions to EU / Belgium: IOSS and custom taxes

Paizo Blog: Available Now! September Releases

Modules and Interactive Maps

Order 23793365 stuck as pending

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Infinite: August in Review

Paizo Blog: What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

Support Ticket 166048 / Order 36961624

Spotted a possible bot in the reviews

Player entry problems

Kingmaker shipping support order #37016925

How do I cancel an order now? ( order no 36958769 )

PDF markup Suggestions?

Paizo Blog: The Whole Kit and Kaboomle

Order 37008264 Does Paizo really want us to become subscribers?

Books frame

Print / PDF purchase?

Paizo Blog: Meet the Infinite Masters: Part 3

Cannot Place Order

Paizo Blog: Gen Con Contact Tracing

Paizo Blog: Meet the Infinite Masters: Part 2

Paizo Order #36963138 help

No response from customer service

Something coming August 18?

Support Ticket Issues?

D&D One

Ticket responses?

Paizo Blog: Celebrating Pathfinder and Starfinder Infinite

Where is Paizo Support? Email support has stopped responding and forum is gone?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Infinite: July in Review

competition to name the 20 exoplanets that NASA's

Modern pawns

Paizo Blog: Announcing New Infinite Masters

Paizo Blog: We'll See You Tomorrow At Gen Con 2022

Tracking Information in Order Link

Strength of Thousand Pawns

Remove items from sidecart

Paizo Blog: Available Now: Archives, Rallies, Feasts, and Flowers!

Pricing of books

Pending Order

Dark Archive Special Edition subscription order not yet shipped? CS not answering

Shop broken?

Product release time?

Gen Con Seminars?

Paizo Blog: Join Us At Gen Con 2022!

Paizo Blog: Exciting New Releases On Pathfinder Infinite

Picture of Intellect Devourer on D&D movie poster

Gen Con pickup?

English rules but what about the rest

Paizo Blog: Prepare for Free RPG Day 2022!

ticket ID 159662 - Order 36742303

Support Ticket 161741

Upcoming rulebook - Dark Archive not listed in my subscription.

Question / suggestion on moderation of spam posts

Paizo Blog: A Midsummner Night’s Market Meeting

Upcoming shipment not showing in my subscriptions. Is this normal?

Greetings Paizo! Got a little problem.

I don't get t Achievement Points and GM Credits

Farewell, Ron Lundeen

Paizo Blog: Now Available: Spells, Smoke, Storms, and so many Aliens.

Paizo Blog: Community Creators Pride Blog

Paizo Blog: Starfinder Bug-Buster Bundle

Paizo Blog: Jim Butler Named Paizo President

Paizo Blog: Tabletop Gaymers at PaizoCon 2022

General Inquiry about the positions listed in Paizo's career tab

Customer Service Forums?

"Place Your Order" button does not work

Charged but no goods recieved

Customer Service - Ticket ID 158909 14th June (Overcharged Problem)

Secrets of Magic

Seven Swords of Sin Source List

Paizo Blog: Paizo Welcomes Rai Kong and Maggie Gallagher to Leadership Team

Customer Service Response Time - Thread and Communcation

Vendor availability in Europe

To Customer Service

Paizo welcomes Rai Kong and Maggie Gallagher to the Executive Leadership Team

Customer Service - Tickets [154119],[154826],[158347] - no email infos

Customer Service [149692]

Paizo Blog: Creator Spotlight: Dan Thompson

Visiting Seattle, is there a way to visit Paizo hq or a visitors center or store front

Can't Post to Gameplay


Customer service Order 36894631

Hi! I sent a mail a some days ago!

Any New Pathfinder / Starfinder Battles Minis Coming Out?

Paizo Blog: Now Available: Crashes, Invasions, and Knights

Paizo Blog: Therapy Through Gaming

How di you skip a book release (for subscribers)


Paizo Blog: Creator Spotlight: Vanessa Hoskins

Paizo Blog: Paizo at UK Games Expo

Where is Customer Service?

Paizo at White House!

I'm done.

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