What happened to the Paizo / Roll20 Partnership?

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I was at Dragon Con in 2017 (or was it 2018?) when Paizo announced its new partnership with Roll20. I was expecting to see a boatload of content coming out, and nearly 3 years later it seems there's only a handful of releases.

What happened? I was looking for pre-made modules to run with my friends and everything seems to be on Fantasy Grounds, including some very recent releases. Did the partnership just not pan out? Is there plans to get more content on roll20 or should I just throw in the towel and switch to FG which seems to be the primary supported VTT platform for Paizo products?

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Roll20 determines the speed at which they release things, but they spent a good part of the summer prepping the Pathfinder 2E rules set for release in August, along with the Fall of Plaguestone adventure, and the Bestiary just came out a month ago. They've also released the first 2 volumes of Return of the Runelords for 1E this year.

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