converting 2E to 1E pathfinder?


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Has anyone found a way/sheet/etc to assist taking new content/info from Pathfinder 2E and converting it to Pathfinder 1E yet? if so , anyone point me in right direction, thanks

I would flag, but that part of forum software isn't working at the moment, I think this is wrong forum as it's not really about Paizo "Generally" but about specific game system rules. I would say it relates to 1E rules since that is the rules you are ultimately wanting to determine.

FWIW, the flag worked for me.

I agree though. I think technically, this sort of thing should go here:

The PF1 conversions subforum

This is the PF1 subforum I think it could well be fruitful to ask there as well.

They're completely different and barely related games; the only way to "convert" would be to just homebrew up things thematically similar.

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There's plenty of advice for converting 1e to 2e, I feel like it wouldn't be hard to reverse engineer that any more than 1e to D&D 5e or vice versa. That said, there's no 1 to 1 conversion, so you will have to get your hands dirty.

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