Request for a custom prestige class by 3rd or 4th fighter lv


Hello all, I am looking for someone to help build a prestige class. The prestige class is modeled off of the cherubim in the bible know as the 4 living creature in Ezekiel.

The cherubim has 4 faces,4 arms, wings, hooves. It also has a wheel that follows it around. Both the wheel and the cherubim are covered with eyes.

The four faces are a man, a lion, a bull, and an eagle. I was thinking the faces could each do something different and could rotate into the main face position. Such as bull - gore, lion-bite, eagle - sight, and no gift for man.

-For this prestige class I would like it to be a cherubim knight. -No magic. -The armor which looks like a cherub is actually like Iron man armor housing the wearer.
-I would like the suit to run off of alchemical solutions as an energy source which powers it. -I would like it to branch off of fighter.

Thank you for all your help in this. I look forward to your expertise.

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Honestly, look at the class vigilante. Avenger specialization. Take agathiel, faceless enforcer, or chun ye enforcer (just change fluff)
Take steel soldier and steel skin talents

You could also check out the Hellknight prestige class if that at all fits your needs

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