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When you realized the Paizo Man logo was also a PI symbol?

I was today years old.

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Me too! It's so easy to see, once pointed out. lol

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I just took a look at it and...realized I forget what the symbol for pi looks like. :X

On the flip-side... I saw the pi symbol for years before I learned it's a golem.

I've got an eye trained to ignore most marketing/advertisement/logos, so I only ever saw a big purple pi, then read about "the Paizo golem", and had to go back to notice there are hands, and eyes, and... a random starburst.

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I realized it was "supposed to" be a pi symbol as soon as I saw it, but to me, only the lower case pi is a real pi symbol, and one of the key identifying features of that is a squiggle rather than a line as the top.

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I believe technically it's a shield guardian, which is why it has the "random starburst" -- it's its control doodad.

I think I noticed in my late 30s.

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It doesn't look like a pi symbol to me.

I hadn't noticed till you pointed it out but honestly it still doesn't quite look like it to me.

I never noticed it or thought about it but now that it's been mentioned I can see it, kinda. Seems like it makes sense though, given the name of the company (unless there's an actual story behind 'Paizo' that I'm not familiar with).

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If you are curious what other logos we considered, check out this picture from one of my old Auntie Lisa blogs showing some of the other concepts artist Kyle Hunter came up with. We ultimately chose the golem because I liked the way that it looked like he was creating something out of nothing, kind of like making game products.


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I like the one on the bottom right, with the 'eyes' spaced a bit apart. But the bottom second, with the 'upside down rainbow' eyes is cool, too.


EDIT: Funny: I just compared the one I chose as my favorite (from the list of eight Lisa provided), to the one Paizo actually uses -- they're the same. ....Now I'll always wonder if I chose the one from those eight because I really like it best, or because I've been looking at it for the past eleven years and subconsciously chose it.

we gona start to play eating pie!

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