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Madcutta wrote:
Madcutta kan't talk about ‘dat. NDAs an' drow deth kurses.

yeesh...remind me never to take a job for a drow anyway hope you stick around big guy. Would like your autograph if we catch each other in the lunch room.

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) 4/5 5/55/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Cookeville

701- Lavinte: She is an Envoy and loves to travel, see new species or meet new people, and do trades (Merchant). She on the side, she likes to collect new and exotic species and sapient species for her personal collection....

702- Brolie: He is a heavily armed solider Bolida who goes around trying to find the best tasting metal to eat. So he does a lot of (General Contacting) for payment, and takes some of the tastier metal as a snack.

703- Garnet Stonedoor: She is a dwarf from Salvation's End who was blessed by Desna to go through the stars. She also likes to be a (Miner) but for crypto-currency instead of a traditional miner.

More will come out, and one will be a Skittermander Witchwyrd who likes to keep a Zoo... Of polymorphed enemies.


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701 - (Digital Idol) - Leans very hard into her profession, singing her technomancer spells into existence.
702 - (Sommelier) - My foppish and acerbic operative. He'll select you a wine that's to die for... as a courtesy prior to killing you.
703 - (Private Eye) - Grizzled shirren investigator, chasin' perps on behalf of the Emerald Dame (Starfinder Society's Guidance).
704 - None


701 - Elijah "Lije" Root - Envoy/Ace Pilot - Cabbie (charter pilot). He's native to Absalom Station, knows his way around, is a good talker, and loves to explore.

Sovereign Court 4/5 5/55/5 **

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Xenocrat wrote:
Arutema wrote:
Xenocrat wrote:
James Anderson wrote:

2) Hand of Oras is a doctor (strangely, not a listed profession)
That's because Medicine and Life Science exist. For the same reason you won't find profession (software designer) or profession (electrical engineer).
And yet, there are no rules for earning a living using medicine, computers, or engineering.

Outside of PFS there are.

Earn a Living, pg 146, core rulebook wrote:
At the GM’s discretion, you can use other skills (such as Computers or Engineering) to earn a living following the same guidelines.

But we ARE discussing Starfinder Society. So that does not matter.

As to the other point, I can see not allowing ELectrician (almost all checks would be covered by engineering), and Herbalist (As almost all checks would be covered by Life Science or Medicine). And BOTH of those are listed as allowable skills, yet Doctor, Nurse, Surgeon, Veterinarian, Pilot, and Computer Programmer are not.

Either skills that disallow certain professions need to be opened up for day jobs, or Profession rules need to be relaxed.

5/5 5/55/55/5

Generally how I see it work is either the profession rolls are at a lower DC, or profession rolls have an inherent +4 bonus from the 20 credit profession tool kit.

Dataphiles 4/5 5/55/5 *

As far as I can tell there are no limitations on what you can have as a profession. I think that the overarching point of profession is that it is a separate skill that represents your vocation (and that earns you credits). I think it'd be well within the bounds to be a doctor, nurse, surgeon, veterinarian, pilot, computer programmer, electrician, or herbalist. Just key it to a reasonable mental stat.

Silver Crusade 3/5 5/55/5 *** Venture-Agent, New Zealand—Auckland

701 Patrick Messier (human male technomancer) is a professional astronomer and also has a degree in quantum physics. He's trying to unify magic and physics

702 Dr Gaelin Conway (human male mystic(healer)) he's a professional doctor

703 Katrina Scintilla (human female operative) is an aquatic dancer and professional mermaid.

704 Lunatricsia Raia aka The Great and Powerful Tricsie (lashunta female technomancer) is a stage magician/illusionist

705 Luce 'Stella' Lumen (lashunta female mystic(star shamen)/solarian) studies the Drift and also studies Solarian Mysticism

706 Solis Caelitum (human female solarian) is a stellar physicist

707 Rani Silvermist (halfling female operative) works for Cirque d'Absalom as a performer and also is a skilled escape artist.

708 Kyra IO (android female mystic(healer)/biohacker) is a counsellor

709 Selene Scintilla (witchwarper) is a dream interpreter

710 Scottamander Tracy (skittermander male envoy) is a First Responder to disaster scenes and wishes to form a Pact Wide International Rescue

711 Hal-418 (android male operative) is a computer hacker

712 Theseius (copaxi mechanic) is a diplomat, the Starfinder representative to Tabrid Minor.

Dataphiles 5/55/55/5 Venture-Agent, Netherlands

Keith Smith wrote:

709 Selene Scintilla (witchwarper) is a dream interpreter

710 Scottamander Tracy (skittermander male envoy) is a First Responder to disaster scenes and wishes to form a Pact Wide International Rescue

710 is genius haha! Nice :D

Also I assume your 709 is from the playtest?

1/5 5/5

701 Soryn Th'sharona (ace pilot human male technomancer) is a corporate pilot for Life Innovations, hauling cargo across the Pact Worlds in either starships or trucks (corporate professional). Faction association is Dataphiles.

702 Madcutta (icon half orc male bombard soldier) is a blood sport athlete from Apostae (gladiator). As a quarterback of the Warboyz, he possess a good throwing arm in Murderball games. Faction association is Exoguard.

703 Associate Bob (corporate agent male ysoki drone mechanic) is a promoter of taco-related meat products for a Akiton food franchise company (corporate professional). Faction association is Wayfinders.

705 Popcorn Nebula (priest of Sarenrae male vesk guard soldier) is a instructor of combat performance from the Immortal Suzerainty of Ning (dancer). He blends dance and martial sword fighting. Faction association is Acquisitions.

Silver Crusade 3/5 5/55/5 *** Venture-Agent, New Zealand—Auckland

James Hargrave wrote:
Keith Smith wrote:

709 Selene Scintilla (witchwarper) is a dream interpreter

710 Scottamander Tracy (skittermander male envoy) is a First Responder to disaster scenes and wishes to form a Pact Wide International Rescue

710 is genius haha! Nice :D

Also I assume your 709 is from the playtest?

Yes. I'm now waiting for the book to come out. In the meantime she's had GM credits tossed at her. She's also a Scoured Stars Survivour. Kyra is also going Biohacker once the book is out.

3/5 5/55/5

701- Overwatch, Lab Technician. He works in the Anacite forges on Aballon running debug and diagnostics, making sure everything is running smoothly.

702- T'cheknkai "Teach", Lab Technician. She interns at the labs at Qabarat University doing Xenobiology research whilst getting an education.

703- Darwyn Ironhide, Miner. Works for a Dwarven mining company in the Diaspora harvesting minerals.

704- David Caine, Maintenance Worker. Employed at Absalom Station as a repairman. Due to the mysterious nature of Absalom station and the dangers hidden within, is a bit of an unofficial "bomb squad" with his drone PT-690.

705- Vance Dreadmaine, Bounty Hunter. Basically collects bounties on criminals to help pay for his augments.

The Exchange 5/5 5/5 Venture-Captain, Iceland

Keith Smith wrote:

710 Scottamander Tracy (skittermander male envoy) is a First Responder to disaster scenes and wishes to form a Pact Wide International Rescue

Perhaps Tracy would be interested in working with my 704, Ceo of the Tears of the Sun foundation. Focused on providing medical care both within and without the pact worlds to area´s in need , free of charge.

701 Jackson Xander aka Jaxx. ( Ysoki Soldier/Envoy Priest of Desna ) Shepherds new starfinders between missions.
702 Lucas Kane ( Android Biohacker ) pharmaceutical engineer aka mad scientist
703 Aldara Deverin ( Halfling detective operative ) Private investigator to the stars.
704 Dr Nixx. ( Shirren Star Shaman Mystic ) Ceo of the Tears of the Sun foundation.
705 ( lv 1 Kasatha Solarion , needs a job )
706 Gm blob
707 Gm blob

Sovereign Court 2/5 5/5

Got a character who has Profession (Funeral Clown), a very underappreciated art, but pays well.


Petros Petrosian- Human Ex-Steward turned Mercenary
Zu "The Friendly"- Shirren Retired Assassin
Nate-17- Android Steward Agent
Regina Gauge- Human Ex-Professional Athlete and Corporate Security Officer
Martin the Brokentooth- Ysoki Salvage Agent
Acid Burn- Human Hacktivist
Sir Robert Roland "The Just"- Knight Errant of Golarion
Millionaire- Human Industrial Thief
Tsozok- Vesk Retired Knight of Golarion and Soldier
Rhiannon-79- Augmented Human Astronavigator
He Who is A Seeker- Kasatha Priest of Ibra, Astronomer
Daria Breen- Lashunta Pilot and Part time Shotalashu Breeder
Sara "Queen of Thorns" Gable- Human Bounty Hunter
Riley "Diamond" Reardon- Human Bounty Hunter
Gwendoline Doomfinger- Half Elf Hellknight
Angus "Stonehands" Marbleheart- Dwarf Asteroid Mining Scout
Thog Crowkiller- Half-Orc Mercenary
Simar of the Simar Collective- Human Scientist
Lady Nanith- Elf Heiress and Social Activist
Benson Sackville- Halfling rights activist, locksmith
Harry Hotspur- Fence and Smuggler
Ellyria "Hand of Phrasma"- Human Priestess of Pharasma
Percival the Stag- Human Knight Errant of the Knights of Golarion
Atalanta Attica Attila- Hykli-Human Akitonian Gladiator
The Vaultkeeper- Human Bounty Hunter and priest of Abadar
Hastur's Voice- Half-Elf Priest of the Outer Gods
Penny the Dreadful- Human Gladiator
Captain Stanley Evans- Human Absalom Station Security Officer
The Seventh Sister- Shirren Priestess of Hylax
Jenna Snuggles- Human Disgraced Tv Host, celebrity
Belinda "CrazyB"- Human Cosplayer Artist
Garrison Stark- Half Elf Armor Designer
Larceny Larsdottir- Human Pirate
Arvin Breen- Lashunta Pilot
The Empty Shadow- Human Vigilante
Erasmus Fern- Half-Elf Technomancy Student

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