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I recently got the opportunity to play 3-18 The God's Market Gamble. The build is here

The first part of the mod was an tedious iterigaton of witnesses. In this stage the warpriest was actually fun to play due the fair charisma and ranks in both intimidate and diplomacy. There was the expected GM reluctance to let intimidate do anything at all, but that was eventually overcome and hardly the warpriests fault. I as a player do not love this sort of gameplay though I feel as though I was able to confribute.

In the next stage of the mod we use chase mechanics to try and catch as suspect. In this area I did supprisingly well due to a bit of luck and carefully avoiding the line with required a nigh impossible climb check or complexity impossible disable device check. Overall our dice were however not hot and the GMs were so the villain escaped.

Next we fight some and my warpriest performed well enough. Dispite the annoying tactics of hit and run casters using vanish - thanks to a plume-kin aasimar we actually stood a chance.

In the final combat however we got to face down a high level ranger-archer with supremely advantageous terrain. I was hoping I might be able to bring my weapons to bear using the lesser Magic Blessing but no luck. Her ability to hit overcome both my AC and entropic shield. I lacked the skills to even try and climb up the tower she was in to engage her so was reduced to a cure light wands bot. This was not fun.

Eventually I steeped out from cover to stabilize another PC and got critted to death in the face for my effort. I never once had the time to activate my Copycat blessing as the fight started far far away. I told my companions at the table to save the gold for a raise dead - I was done with warpriests.

Well to be fair the BG's tactical setup and mode of attack makes ANY melee based PC next to useless...a Ftr, Pal, Bbn w/o ranged attacks or decent climb would been as helpless so this is not a fair indication of the utility of the Warpriest class

I suspect the fighter or barbarian would have made the cimb checks.

It's pure speculation though, so don't mind me.

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