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Stephen Radney-MacFarland wrote:
Kryzbyn wrote:
Hmmmm. Warlock has a lot of baggage in the history of RPGs and the history of this word that this guy really does not fit. I'm not sure this is a good name for this fellow. I'm happy to hear more opinions on the matter, though.

i actually quite like warlock here, especially if you play up the idea that the bloodrages are caused by the innate magic. also i am 99% certain you guys will never put out a warlock that is close to the standard rpg idea and the name is just too good not to get used.

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I have to second bloodrager being a bad name. Both parts of the name, "blood" and "rager" invoke a berserker and neither part invokes magic. If you're just going to put together two words, then at least have the other one describe the sorcerer aspect, like spellrager. Sucks just as much, but at least it describes the class better, instead of bloodrager which makes you think it's just a barbarian class instead of a bbn/sor class.

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Warlock is not bad, though I would prefer a closer to magus route with medium BAB and similar abilities if it is going to be named warlock.

The flavor of the warlock name could be sort of a wildmage (also a good name) that has sorcerer blood but cannot fully control it and it means that invoking their magical heritage causes them to lose control of themselves and enter a spellfrenzy (also a good name). Makes sense to me.

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I'm closing this thread, as we already have a general thread on the class names here. If the class name discussion interests you, please follow up in that thread. Thanks!

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