Thornkeep level 1 PFS Reprot [spoilers]

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Scarab Sages

Warpiests everywhere.

We ran in with a Shaman, Arcanist, Investigator, and three Warpriests. I ran my Asmodian and was joined by warpriests of Gorm and Abadar.

A link to my character sheet is below if you would like to see my build:

The module is a fairly straight forward dungeon crawl. Myself and the Goromite had fun smashing things with a high strength and watching them explode. Like anyone with 18+ str and a two handed weapon does at low level. In short we drove our enemies before us. The only challenging encouter featured a wight, though our anarchist had necromantic focus so his Chill Touch DC was reasonably high and it fled while we cut it down. The investigator seemed to do very little and his player was obviously frustrated by it.

Personally I found myself shepherding my blessing uses like they we precious. I think adding the wisdom modifier to number of blessing per day would not be amiss and would have let me activate copycat a couple of times when I didn't necessarily need it.

In short a warpriest brings little to the table at level 2 that a fighter 1 / cleric 1 does.

I do want to give a quick shout out to our GM Mr. June Soler ran a fun game and it was a privilege to sit at his (virtual) table.

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