RPG Superstar™ 2009

General Discussion
Open Call: Design a wondrous item
Round 2: Create a villain concept
Round 3: Create a villain stat block
Round 4: Design a villain's lair
Round 5: Submit an adventure proposal

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"Voting Ends... Tuesday the 16th..."

3rd Round

13:49 or Confessions of an (un)repentant Superstar

26 Paper Street

200 Word Monster ;p

About my big mistake.

Abyssal Spurs

Actual Vote Count

Aelfric Dream-Slayer

Aelfric Dream-Slayer

Almost Also-ran entries

American Idol just had to copy Paizo...

Ancestral Reliquary

And you are too late!

Another costing question

Archibald Graveleaf

Are We Free To Comment On Our Villains Yet?

Attending Gen Con

Attention: Matthew Stinson and Kevin Carter

Blightlady's Bread

Boemundo, Brenno's Shadow Protector

Boemundo, Unliving Oblivion

Bouncing off the Walls on Tuesday :)

Boundary Chalk

Bracelet of Shields

Bracht Darkhouse, The Flesh Peddler

Bracht Darkhouse, The Flesh Peddler

Bricius, The Wrath of the Forest

A Brief Word From a Guest Judge

Burnt Apple Haven

But I want to write MY way, not Paizo's restricting way!

Calculations Help Requested

Can we comment on our items now?

Catching people flat footed . . .

Cermyk the Widower

Channel that Disappointment... Into my Thread!!!!

Cheers for Jason!

Cirroc's Marvelous Crossing

Clark Peterson, can I quote you on this for my new website?

Clark, Please Give Me Feedback On My Item!




Congrats to the top 32!

Congratulations to the year's Top 8

Count Falconbridge, Fate's Adversary

Count Falconbridge, Fate's Adversary

Countdown To Entry Time.

Dalatai Shontrick, the Coinshark


Denying the Boiling Beast

Derinogen, Aristocratic Mage

Derinogen, Aristocratic Mage

Desna's Triptych of Threefold Wisdom

Developer Notes

Did my submission go through?

Disappointed With The Villains

Do NOT assume that the adventure features the villain

Do the judges select 12, 4, or 0 to go on?

Dragonrest Isle

Drum roll, please

Dust of Weighty Burdens

Ethereal Tether

Excited for the Villain Voting!

Exit Poll - Round 4

Exit polls - Round 2

Exit polls- Round 3

Fashym Goldmane, gnoll orator

Father Avon, immortal aspirant of peace.

Favorite Villains From Past Campaigns

Gag Items

Gag Villains!


General Thoughts ...

Gibnem, aka Elric the Miller

Good Job, Everyone!

Good Luck Everyone!

Good luck, finalists!

Guide to Design

Gulga Cench, Scion of Cyth-V’sug

GULGA CENCH, Scion of Cyth-V’sug

Hail to the 2009 SUPERSTAR

Haldon Valmaur, the Jade Shadow

Hammer's Bane Torc

Happy Birthday, James F.D. Graham!

Haunted Shoes

Have I done something?

Heart of Oblivion

Hecataeus, Master of Constructs

Hecataeus, Master of Constructs

Hecataeus: Sanctum of the Colossus

Helm of the Golem Master

Helmet Slot?

Help with entry!

Hey Matthew...

Horn of the Dark Hunt

How *NOT* to design a magic item...

How Much is Too Much?

A little advice for the finalists...

A little bit of second round fun in the spirit of 'Almost Also Rans'

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