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Liberty's Edge

Hey all.

The dndarchive is having a competition to create a spellcasting or psionic NPC using the 3.5 ruleset. There are prizes being offered.

Check out the details

The prize is listed as an gift certificate. As a judge for the competition, I wanted to make it a Paizo gift certificate, but that doesn't work officially yet. Since I've been a frequent customer of Paizo, I know how accomodating the customer service is, so if you'd prefer your prize in Paizo credit, I'm sure that they can help make it happen.

We hope to see you there.

Heya. I personally have no time to enter your competition, but I think I recall your name and Fixxxer's names from the Wizards' boards where you ran the Master DM competitions, right?

Is there any chance you have all those files archived? I was trying to find them on the Wizards site and had a bit of trouble (since Wizards seems to have purged its databases.)

Those were certainly good memories. :)


Liberty's Edge

I do have all of those competitions archived. That's the same Fixxxer and I'm the same deadDMwalking. If you're interested in those, please start a thread over there. I see everything in time. I'd be happy to do some research and see what I can pull for you. I may not have it on my harddrive and may have to go digging for a CD somewhere.

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