RPG Superstar™ 2009 General Discussion

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Clark, Please Give Me Feedback On My Item!

Sean is putting out fires...

Including background story with wonderous item

Is There Going To Be an RPG Superstar 2010?

Almost Also-ran entries

Looking forward to the next RPG Superstar!

Attending Gen Con

RPG Superstar

Hail to the 2009 SUPERSTAR

Attention: Matthew Stinson and Kevin Carter

A little bit of second round fun in the spirit of 'Almost Also Rans'

Reflexions of a (un)popular Superstar contestant

Gag Villains!

Villain Artwork

Still feelin' the writing bug? There's still time...

Is Golarion Becoming "too much"?

The Unofficial Top 32 Guildhall

The Last Exit Poll '09

To Clark

RPG ministars?

Neil Spicer you better....

Unofficial Villain Lair: The Dark House on Lantern Street

Good luck, finalists!

Hey Matthew...

Gag Items


A little advice for the finalists...

Longest / Shortest Ten Days :)

Round 5 rules question

American Idol just had to copy Paizo...

While you're waiting to see the Round 5 Entries

Next Year Requests....

If you gotta go.. go with a smile!

13:49 or Confessions of an (un)repentant Superstar

Happy Birthday, James F.D. Graham!

Exit Poll - Round 4

Sean K Reynolds' Vampiric Aberration!

Interested in other contests?

Original Lairs?

Monte Cook's Feedback, only 1 out of 10

Clark Peterson, can I quote you on this for my new website?

Next Round Wishes

Thank You, Chris West

Do NOT assume that the adventure features the villain

A Brief Word From a Guest Judge

Making an appearance...

Villain vs. Villain

About my big mistake.

Catching people flat footed . . .

Exit polls- Round 3

Round four rules: locations

Round 4 rules clarification.

Congratulations to the year's Top 8

Are We Free To Comment On Our Villains Yet?

"Voting Ends... Tuesday the 16th..."

Villain Names

General Thoughts ...

Pathfinder Rules question

Well, I've probably just made myself unpopular :)

Cheers for Jason!

Okay, so what do people feel are the "overused" villain concepts?

Channel that Disappointment... Into my Thread!!!!

Meet the Judges

Quick stat block clarifiaction.

What I'm looking for in Round 3

Question about post-villain thread concerns.

Pathfinder RPG - Easier NPC Gear Selection

Round 3 Question - Is a Special Ability a new rule?


Round 3 Rules - What do you think?

Voters, what do you want to see?

Exit polls - Round 2

Actual Vote Count

Villain question - Crafting feats

3rd Round

Is voting the best way to pick a RPG Superstar?

Pathfinder Writing Club: Solace for the Non-32

Round 3 Villains: Stat Generation?

Villainy Theory

Disappointed With The Villains

Round 3: villain stat blocks AND new rules!

Villain voting

Overall Villain Submission Thoughts

On Reading the Critiques

Implied game mechanics and your voting

While we're waiting...

OT: Each vote counts

Do the judges select 12, 4, or 0 to go on?

REALLY enjoying reading the judges' comments!

Villains in PRPG just don't go for prestige classes

Padding the Villains?


Post Channeling Items Here


The villains that didn't make the cut.

Petition for "Honorary Superstar" tag for Nerrat Dei

Excited for the Villain Voting!

UberGonzo Munchkin

Who's critique is it anyway?

Favorite Villains From Past Campaigns

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