Clark, Please Give Me Feedback On My Item!

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Hi Clark First at all thanks for the time to post feedback I really needed. Please check this out and "hit me". I will appreciate it.

Phoenix Stone
Aura strong conjuration (healing) and faint evocation (good); CL 13th
Slot ---; Price 48,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.
You can see a phoenix-like figure inside this amber stone. The possessor of this stone is the center of a continuous consecrated area as the spell. But the real power of the stone is activated once the possessor dies if good aligned: the phoenix stone turns to powder and grants the possessor resurrection spell effect.
A week later a new phoenix stone is created within 2 miles in a random direction of the last possessor’s death.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, consecrate, resurrection,
the creator must be a good aligned cleric; Cost 24,000 gp

Thanks again and good luck

Legendary Games, Necromancer Games

If this is from 09, too late :) I dont know that even I am stupid enough to go back with a new year of also-ran items to comment on. If this is from 2010, there is a different thread for these and I dont want to start them yet. I want to let the top 32 winners have their moment in the sun.

OK fair enough I read about the post for "give feedback..." and the part to wait until the 20 or 21 to start it but then I misplace the post or something.

Even when I was trying to reply I think "mmm only a day or two and already a lot of replays and feed-backs" lol

Sorry my mistake.

Last year miss this post and really need some feedback on my items.

Hope this year can have some

Thanks again for the time and good luck

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