RPG Superstar™ 2008

General Discussion
Open Call: Design a wondrous item
Round 2: Design a country
Round 3: Design a villain
Round 4: Design thematically linked monsters
Round 5: Design an encounter
Round 6: Submit an adventure proposal

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Migrus Locker

Elemental Quiver

Losing items

What the heck is an elan?

Torch of Solidity

Twilight of the Phoenix

Ghost Hound Kinships of the Rolling Plains

The Darkblight

Different Tasks for RPG Superstar v2.0?

Henrietta "Hetty" Miller, Murderous Midwife

Paizo Blog: RPG Superstar 2010 has a winner!

RPG Superstar 2010 has a winner!

Paizo Blog: Round Two: Vote for your favorite monsters!

Land of the Stained Peaks

Arcane Anvil

Charts of the Shadow Voyage

Tomb of the Titan

Is it too late to enter? Damn.

Bad Item Stereotypes

I am leaving here forever, you bastards!

Next RPG Superstar suggestion: 4E Setting!

Avinash, Master of the Catspaw Marauders

Goblin Strand of Ears

Phial of Ebon Flame

Gloves of Legerdemain

Link to Migrus Locker busted

Your Favorite Superstar Moments

New Superstar?

What's the worst villain you've run?

What'd you do with your entries after Superstar was over?

Feature story on Superstar finalist Clinton J. Boomer

Clash of the Kingslayers

Summer Adventure Design Contest

Congrats to Christine Schneider!

How Does One Enter the Business of Professional RPG Design?

Monkey Goblins Attack!

Foot in the RPG Door

Create some Loot, or Design a monster and win $100 and other cool stuff too.

Seeking Superstar Contestant Contact Info

Suggestion for future contest

RPG writer / artist community

Pathfinder Superstar?

Campaign World Idea

Wow, what do you know?

Paper-Folding Instructions of Master Mo

Anyone interested in helping design a setting?

Chase on Charred Ground

Nausea Pill

Golden tickets ponderance

So back to the "what about this content" question...


New RPG Superstar

....All Over But the Crying

Round 2 Wannabes – A Writing Exercise

The Cliffs of Shattered Glass

Adventure Levels

Something interesting ...

Paizo and The Judges - Thank You!

Arrrggg!!!! This Suspense is Killing Me!

Clark's Confession--I COULD NOT HAVE WON THIS

My Review Process


Waiting for Round 5? Post a joke.

The Voting Booth: Round 6 - Top 4: Submit a full adventure proposal

Round 5 thoughts

Something funny while we wait for Round 5 entries to go live . . .

That Boomer . . . he keeps making movies!

Impartial Tribunal

The Best of the Rest

A Prayer for the Fallen

Final round votes?

Anonymous Voting for Next Superstar?

An unusual request for the final round

Superstars are Out of Character

Congratulations to the Top 4!!

Vale of Rohthang's Rest

A Precarious Shrine

What, no "Round 6 Rules Discussion -- Your Input Needed"?

Round 5: Vote Poll

Personal Favourites to be the Ultimate RPG Superstar

RPG Superstar: The Collection?

Round 5 Rules - I Like 'em!

Round 4 Wannabes – A Writing Exercise

The Voting Booth: Round 5 - Top 6: Design an Encounter

Round 5 Voter Task: Playtest the submissions!

Kakuen-Taka, The Hunger that Moves

Round 5 Delay

The Ooze Imperium

Born of Lightning

In the bleak midwinter

Mind the Machine

RPG Super-judges

Onuyaka, the All-Seeing Eye

Round 4: Who Got Your 3 Votes?

"Get to know us" RPG Superstar Contenders?

A pleasure to work with Paizo

Round 5 Rules -- Your input needed

Scared to Undeath

Superstars Posting in their own threads


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