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Hope this doesn't qualify as spam. It's relevant to the superstar topic and it's free (there are minimal google ads on the site).

I just got introduced to a site called www.atryen.com (all the role-playing you'll ever need). It's an online RPG magazine that has user submitted art, articles, and fiction. Anything submitted is voted on and critiqued by users. The winners are published (online) in the final (ONLINE) magazine format. They just started so the community is kind of small but hopefully constantly growing.

Mods: If I'm breaking any rules I apologize. Please delete this or let me know where (if anywhere) it's appropriate to post this kind of thing.

I would have thought that this thread would more belong in the off-topic area.

For those interested I have just taken a look at the site and post some information that they give about how they operate below:

Atryen wrote:

How do I submit?

ATRYEN does NOT take submissions via e-mail or paper mail. All submissions sent in this format will be promptly deleted or thrown away, respectively. ATRYEN is a publication that focuses on roleplaying, so any submissions should have its main focus on roleplaying. ATRYEN only takes submissions via our community message board under the appropriate submissions board. ATRYEN only takes completed submissions in these boards. Any partial submissions posted in the official submissions boards will be promptly deleted without being read/reviewed. All submissions must follow proper guidelines set out within each submissions board by that section's editor. Each submission, once finished and submitted properly will be reviewed by the community. When it recieves a minimum number of votes and scores a minimum average ranking, it will be sent to the pool of qualified submissions that the editors review. Each editor has the right to reject any submission, reglardless of meeting community approval.
Any tips on submission?
Here's a few basic guidelines that if followed will greatly increase your chances of success:
Use proper American English spelling.
Use proper American English grammar.
Do not post copyrighted material. If you do, your account will be banned.
For fiction submissions, read this article from the blog Write To Done, as well as the entire blog.
Avoid cliches. It's a very obvious one, but something so hard to do.
How much do you pay?
We don't pay for submissions. At least, not yet. You see, this is a free magazine, so we don't have any money quite yet. Hopefully the ads on our site will eventually allow us to pay our contributors. Until then, just getting your name out there as being published in a real online magazine will have to be good enough. But if you've submitted that incredible fiction to every magazine and none will take it (for whatever reason), then you've got nothing to lose by sending it to us.
Contact Information
For legal: jonathanlevitan at gmail dot com
For anything else: atryen1 at gmail dot com (SUBMISSIONS SENT HERE WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT BEING READ)

Having glanced at the résumés they publish on the site, I will comment that some of the main members of Atryen seem to me to be long-term friends, and/or graduates of Oklahoma Christian University, so it seems to me that they are likely to know one another fairly well.

Charles Evans 25 wrote:


I would have thought that this thread would more belong in the off-topic area.

For those interested I have just taken a look at the site and post some information that they give about how they operate below:

I thought that at first, but then I thought many of the people on and watching Superstar unfold were at least wannabe writers and game designers, so I thought these would be the people most interested in it.

I'm a little lost as to where you're going with your other comments. The guys that put the site together contributed the articles for the first magazine to get things moving. And yes I believe they are all friends that got together and decided to work on the project. But I'm not sure significance that has (if any)?

I don't know any of them personally but I do like the idea of the site and I thought that many of the people that didn't make it past the first round might enjoy having someplace to post their stuff.

Being in the UK, I was unused to seeing 'Christian' in the titles of higher education academic institutions, and had a feeling of unease that it might be a hotbed of fanatics/extremists- I thought it necessary to mention this connection as it featured on the résumés of several of the Atryen leading figures, and was very much 'biting my tongue' on other opinions I could have put in type! Having actually checked up on links to Oklahoma Christian University, I am now less concerned by the academic thread common to several of them (America, different culture, safer for mainstream religious organisations to sponsor academic institutions) and would not phrase my original comment in quite such a guarded manner.
That they seem to be a group of school/university friends marks them as being more likely independent of bigger institutions in the publishing industry, etc, I would hope.

That said, I will point out that it may be difficult for non-American writers to successfully apply to the site, given the cited preference for rigorous US spelling & grammar rules.

Sorry if this has been very vague seeming comment; I think it may be because I'm not feeling very strongly 'pro' or 'anti' the enterprise at present.

Boards ate my post. In short. I completely understand, noticed the Christian thing myself, was a little curious but there's no charge for the site so I wasn't that worried. It does seem silly to limit it to "US English" not sure why they're doing that.

These things are very popular in small internet communities. Me, I'm submitting more proposals to Kobold Quarterly....

Oh yea, definitely. I think this is more of a, "If you're sick of getting rejected then develop your rejected stuff here, then finish it and if it gets enough votes they'll "publish" it.

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