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Did they pay off? If it is not telling too much. That is, did they make it to the next round? Did they make it to the final four? Did they at least provide some memorable moments and add some fun to the contest?

Another question of the contest I have is how the voting went? I assume 853+ voted for round two, but did the numbers hold up for the entire contest? Did we lose people somewhere, or did we bring more people in at some dramatic moment? just curious.

Well, quickly looking Wolfgang wanted to reject Christine's Arcane Anvil...And Clark was somewhat lukewarm towards Rob's Coin Belt.

I would like to hear at least the total amount of votes in each round too.

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I think it might be fun to see which entry got the most votes in each round. Obviously that would be Christine in round 6, but for 2-5 it might be fun. I suppose we have the 'who did you vote for' threads for that, but I wonder if they 'picked the winner' accurately in each round.

As far as number of votes, I think Gary Teter mentioned that voting increased by like 10% or so between rounds 2 and 3 but I'm not sure we ever heard more on that subject. The boards certainly grew quieter as the contest went along; not surprising, since there was less to discuss - higher stakes for each entry, but fewer entries overall.

I don't know if Christine ended up Golden Ticketed, but it was close. Also, Russell Taylor got to the final 6 after being the FIFTH alternate in round 1. Not bad, eh?

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