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The Top 32

After reviewing more than 850 wondrous items, the judges have selected the 32 RPG Superstar finalists! They are:

Alex Handley—Talisman of Whispering Souls
Alexander MacLeod—Malleus Maleficarum
Andrew Black—Goblin Strand of Ears
Chad Patterson—Greaves of the Monkey
Chris Nichols—Deadstring Shears
Christine Schneider—Arcane Anvil
Clinton Boomer—Crown of the Breaching Legion
Daniele Nanni—Gloves of Adaptive Combat
Erik Anderson—Charts of the Shadow Voyage
Hal Maclean—Nausea Pill
James MacKenzie—Leash of the Shadowhound
Jason Nelson—Phial of Ebon Flame
Jeb Boyt—Figurine of Shielding
Joe Outzen—Torch of Solidity
Joel Flank—Bodyguard's Vest
Joseph Yerger—Elemental Quiver
Laurens de Haan—Orb of the Ocean
Mauricio Quintana—Paper-Folding Instructions of Master Mo
Michael Kogan—Tinnil's Stirring Rod
Michael Raper—Elemental Glyphstone
Neil McClean—Shroud of Old Souls
Rennie Saunders—Beacon of Hope
Rob McCreary—Coin Belt of Beguiling
Robert McRae—Thieves Cowl
Robert Nichols—Gloves of Legerdemain
Ross Byers—Seer's Tea
Russell Taylor—Gloves of Force Shaping
Samuel Kisko—Migrus Locker
Silas McDermott—Lantern of Selective Perception
Walter Pullen—Blindspot Orb
William Cronk—Chiurgeon's Chest
William McNulty—Mask of the Elemental Guardian

Daniele Nanni, Hobert Lanham, Michael Kogan, Mirza Jasarevic, Robert Nichols and Russell Taylor were originally selected as alternates. (Names listed in alphabetical order.)

Viktor Svindland, a Top 32 contestant, elected to drop out of the competition, and two original Top 32 contestants were disqualified, allowing Daniele Nanni, Michael Kogan and Robert Nichols to advance from alternate to the Top 32.

Dwayne Monroe did not submit a country, and neither did Mirza Jasarevic, the next alternate in line, so Russell Taylor has advanced to the Top 32. Hobert Lanham is now the sole remaining alternate.

The messageboards on paizo.com are renowned for a friendly environment with knowledgeable and passionate members. We encourage anybody who posts to give the community their thoughts on each entry, but to do so in a constructive and non-inflammatory manner. Critique the submissions, but not the designer—personal attacks on the contestants will not be tolerated.

Open Call: Design a wondrous item

Migrus Locker

Elemental Quiver

Torch of Solidity

Arcane Anvil

Charts of the Shadow Voyage

Goblin Strand of Ears

Phial of Ebon Flame

Gloves of Legerdemain

Paper-Folding Instructions of Master Mo

Nausea Pill

Gloves of Force Shaping

Thieves Cowl

Crown of the Breaching Legion

Bodyguard's Vest

Malleus Maleficarum

Coin Belt of Beguiling

The Chiurgeon’s Chest

Diviner’s Trepanation Drill

Mask of the Elemental Guardian

Lantern of Selective Perception

Orb of the Ocean

Seer's Tea

Blindspot Orb

Figurine of Shielding

Elemental Glyphstone

Gloves of Adaptive Combat

Talisman of Whispering Souls

The Cloak of Rian’s Mercy

The Shroud of Old Souls

Greaves of the Monkey

Tinnil's Stirring Rod

Deadstring Shears

Beacon of Hope

Leash of the Shadowhound

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