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It's lonely on the Tier 4 game. :(

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Tyler: On the signup sheet you should probably take the example row out of the formula for total number of players.

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Haha thanks! Fixed. We have 56 players.

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Alright everyone, we are at 70!!! players! That said there are a few tables that are still mostly empty, so I'm going to start consolidating those tables that have fewer than 4 players signed up over this coming weekend. If you want to sign up for a game or two more, now's the time to do it.

We only have one table that's set up for higher than tier 1, and that table currently has only a single player, so if you want to play at tier 4, sign up in the next day please, otherwise we'll have to nix that table!

Sign up sheet

For what it's worth, one of the Herald tables only shows 2 players in the "# players" column, but it actually has 3 players signed up. Minor bug in the spreadsheet, I guess.

wkover wrote:
For what it's worth, one of the Herald tables only shows 2 players in the "# players" column, but it actually has 3 players signed up. Minor bug in the spreadsheet, I guess.

Not a spreadsheet bug, per se. The important info is that a player has placed something in the "PFS ID" tab, and one player hasn't filled in that information yet.

Literally as I type this, though, it seems Cartmanbeck/Tyler has already put in a dummy value there so the spreadsheet counts correctly. :)

If it helps, also note that CAG (starting July 9) now has a signup deadline of July 6. The link:


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Linkified that for you

I set up the thread for my tier 1 game of the Season of Faction's Favor for dinketry, k012957, Eslibedesh, and Glmry. If any of those people are watching this thread, you can go here to check in.

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My two threads for Season of the Shackles are up:
Table 1
Table 2

My thread for Season of the Righteous is up here. Yewstance has already checked in, but I'm still waiting on Void_Eagle and Greenclaw :)

I'm also recruiting for Adventure 2 of Season of the Shackles here and Adventure 4 of Seasons of Plundered Tombs here for Gameday VII Session 1 (it starts after Cards Against Gnomanity is over and before Assault on Absalom begins in Session 2). If you're interested, please post in the respective recruitment thread :)

I've set up my Season of Plundered Tombs table. Currently waiting on check-in by khazkhaz, AAUGHWHY, Abraham Z. and GM Andrew.

Seems appropriate to post it here, despite it being on the signup sheet as well.

Here's my Table for Season of Factions Favor .

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I'll jump in the promotion wagon to let my players know our table is set up.

Akaitora's Season of the Righteous Table

Still waiting for Maelwys0 and DavidC to dot over there.

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Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh...

cartmanbeck, Elinnea, David C, and Jen D come on down! You're the next contestants on the Sail is Yellow!!!!

Come Sail Away Come Sail Away Come Sail Away with Me!

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We're already several turns into Season of the Runelords, but my players khazkhaz, Hawkmoon269, Nathan Davis, and Schelter should feel just as heralded!

Hey all, So I realize we've had a few mentions of Assault of Absalom here, but for anyone who may have missed it in the forums:

Assault of Absalom is a multi-table, cross-campaign special that will be played during the second half of PBP Gameday VII . Skizzers put it pretty well when they said:

skizzerz wrote:

As a difference from normal adventures, the specials have cross-table interactions. How well (or poorly) you do can affect the other ACG tables and even the RPG tables. And things they do can impact your table. It’s a very unique experience.

As a result of this, they are typically only available at conventions; they are not available for general purchase and chances are your local store will never get enough simultaneous tables running to become eligible for running it.

The Special will run from the following dates: Oct 1 - Nov 12.

To sign up: (Go to the "PFS 9-00, Session 2" tab and then scroll to the right, there is a series of columns for tier 2 and tier 4 games of the "Adventure Card Guild". That's the ACG tables)

Please read the full thread I linked above, but just to highlight some critical info:
1. There's a limit of signing up for one-table so you cannot sign up for multiples.
2. Tables are limited to 4 players each.
3. We have tables designed for tiers 2 and 5, which will be able to accommodate any tier player (tiers 1-3 play in the tier 2, and tiers 4-6 play in the tier 5 game).

As of writing this, there are 4 slots open. If there is sufficient interest then I am willing to run a second game or two in order to give everyone a chance to play. Please sign up for the existing games first and if the games fill up and you're interested please comment here or in the thread I linked above.


Correction to the above: if the remaining slots get filled, there is a waitlist section on the same page of the sign up spreadsheet. Put your info into that waitlist section of the signup sheet so it will be easier to get you into a game if one opens up. Thanks!

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I'm looking for 1-3 players to fill out my Season of the Runelords table for GameDay VII. This is currently a Cards Against Gnomanity table, with our last CAG scenario likely to finish during the upcoming week. The party (Balazar, Salim, Ezren) is currently halfway through Adventure 2.

Note that this is a fairly active table, with each player usually posting at least 2-3 times/day, including over weekends. The players would like to maintain this pace, so please check the gameplay thread for their typical posting rates, in order to ensure that it would be a good fit.

If interested, indicate either in the recruitment thread or by sending me a Private Message.

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