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My vote is combat first!

Hello! I'm playing Raz on another table, currently Tier 1, we're hoping to get leveled up a bit, if not actually tiered up before the special.

Raz is fun, she specializes in mounts and can even use them to take combat for characters at other locations (They evade, then Raz encounters the monster). I try to put all relevant info in my update posts to accommodate other players using Raz's cards and abilities on their turn.

Raz focuses on Combat, Diplomacy, and a little Divine, and can do the paladin thing of discarding the top of her deck to add 1d6 to any check.

I live in central time, and often post in the morning, between 8 and 10, periodically throughout the work day, or at night, typically 8-10 pm.

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Those are separate decks. Official rule is you can use any Ultimate deck with any non-Ultimate deck, and your character has to share a class with one of the characters from one of the two decks you are using (modulo having unlocked a reward to play a particular character with a particular other class deck).

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In general, no.

However! The recent Ultimate decks are made to be combined! In OP, you can add the cards from any one Ultimate deck into your class deck (or vice-versa if playing one of the ult. deck characters).

For Organized Play, you are restricted to a deck corresponding to your character's class, as well as one ultimate deck. There are some upgrades that let you play a certain deck with a certain character, but this rule still generally applies.

For non-Organized Play, sure! Do what you want! Add a character deck into the base set. Go crazy!

I've never had a teammate die in OP before. Do Grazzle's cards go into the upgrade pool?

I'm confused. Aric apparently used my bot Samurai on their turn, but I used it on my turn as well, as I thought their turn was nullified. If they went after me, the could have used the botg that I drew instead.

Sorry, I still haven't recovered from the turn mix up, not to mention poor Grazzle.

I am planning on using Raz during the special, and am (at least for now) willing to come back to this campaign afterwards.

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Josef Ferguson wrote:
Is there somewhere we can see a breakdown of all upcoming changes? Or better yet, if there was a presentation at PaizoCon, did someone tape it and is the video available online?

Hawkmoon has been keeping track of the major announcements here.

Looks like Qualzar went to the brickworks and encountered the same cards as Raz. Should have started with card 4 which was examined: Skeletal Jackal.

Should Qualzar re-take their turn?

Ultimate Combat with Raz is really great. The extra mounts aside, these armors that add to diplomacy checks really synergize well with her "use Diplomacy for acquisitions" power.

3 diplomacy checks this turn, all successes!

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Closing Henchmen. If this does what it seems it does, that will solve so much confusion.

Raz: 134467-1004. Paladin + Ult. Combat. New for this table.

Reward?: 1d20 ⇒ 12 No reward.

I'm Eddiephlash on Discord. And basically everywhere. I'll try to take my turn soon!

Raz drew a mount again, so she can murder something for somebody, but if not, then she'll have an extra explore on her turn, so maybe only give her a whistle if in dire need.

I messaged him on Discord. Should we set up a google chat room for the group? That has worked well for other tables I've played at.

2-1E boon: 1d20 ⇒ 11 Nope!


Decent first turn. Spell acquired, barrier defeated, another barrier revealed as the top card.

Team, please note, I have a Banner in hand.

When any character encounters a monster, display this card. While displayed, add 1 to all combat checks. If any character fails a check to defeat a bane, bury this card; if proficient with heavy armors, recharge this card instead of burying it.

The next player to encounter a monster should assume I am displaying the card, and I will update my hand when I can.

4-3C reward?: 1d20 ⇒ 8

With two out, I think it makes more sense to pause for a weekend off. Enjoy your respective times away!

Masaru, your deck handler looks amazing! Mind if I make a copy for myself?

Do we still get to roll for boons?

Boon check 2-1D: 1d20 ⇒ 15 Nada

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Plant boons allow you to temporarily increase your hand size.

turn order: 1d1000 ⇒ 295

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Ult. Wilderness has a bunch of alchemical cards that the Alchemist characters might enjoy.

Boon?: 1d20 ⇒ 9 No boon

Also, I'm typically available off and on 9am to 5pm, and then again 8:30 pm to 10 pm central time. Varies on the weekends.

This will be my first time playing Raz, and I haven't got her a starting deck yet, but one of her powers is to take combat for other characters. That along with Grazzles healing should help the team to be bold in exploring and examining.

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I'd be interested in playing the Paladin Raz with the upcoming ultimate wilderness pack (assuming it has some fun new mounts).

Boon!: 1d20 ⇒ 3

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I'm currently playing Athnul in an OP campaign over here

I actually enjoy characters that don't use certain types of boons. It allows you to focus the character build. There's some really cool cards in the monk deck and I am still going back and forth on which ultimate deck to use with her.

As for ult deck characters using the monk deck, Reiko from Ultimate Equipment would love all the Acrobatics weapons.

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Oracle with combat potential? How has nobody mentioned Alahazra?


Very excited about the rewards! Since Athnul is my first PFSACG OP character I've actually played, does she qualify for Society Initiate? Or is that only for characters started for the CaG event?

I've been playing a monk in a different PSACG game, so I don't qualify for the first thing.

Scenario Reward: 1d20 ⇒ 3

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Yes it's particular locations. Put him at the academy and it's rare it will take more than a turn. In later adventures, after there are more magic weapons and items available, his best locations open up.

Anyways, elcoderdude, do you have a preferred arcane caster to suggest for OP?

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Is really personal preference. Senoni is a bit fragile at the beginning, but her auto recharge ability is amazing. Once she gets a few more spells added to her deck, she is a powerhouse. Plus her ability to turn any card into a fireball dress up her deck for more utility spells.

Ezren is unique, being one of the only characters without blessings. However, with his explore power, he can clear locations like crazy. With so many spell slots, he often has room for some of the weirder or special case spells.

They are both fun, and both have lots of potential either as independent beasts or support characters.

I'm up for Google Hangouts. It works really well in my other campaign.

Pathfinder Adventure Experience: Played through the entire RotR adventure path IRL with a group of 6. One of the most fun tabletop experiences I've ever had. I've played just about every character in the original game to some extent. Lots of time also spent on the app version. I recently picked up MM box set and have been enjoying that a bunch!

PFSACG Experience: Check out my other game, started during OutPost, and ongoing: http://paizo.com/campaigns/ACGOutPostIHawkmoon269sSeasonOfFactionsFavorAdve nture1ChasingYellowSailsTable1/gameplay&page=last
I play Athnul, the martial expert Monk, on a very diverse team consisting of a goblin, a lizardman, a ratman, and a couple of us weird humans. We are about half way through the season of faction's favor.

Sounds good! Very excited to try Reiko and to see the other characters in action!

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My copy just arrived yesterday, and I am very excited to get Reiko to the table. Any thoughts on good class decks to use with him? Something with a lot of poison cards maybe?

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Thanks so much! I really look forward to the rest of this blog series.

One of my favorite aspects of the game is the emergent narrative that arises out of the combinations of cards that randomly occur throughout playing. Some of the obvious are encountering a collapsing ceiling in the woods or defeating the shop keeper's daughter with a crowbar. I think that with even more story added into the upcoming products, there is even more potential for narrative depth. I've seen and experienced this with the PACG Play-by-forum that has taken off recently. It has allowed for much more roleplaying involved in the game.

I also think, that while co-op is important, it makes sense for some characters to be more co-op friendly than others. People like Merisiel and Ezren don't get along well with others, but Valeros and Lem are super friendly! I do like the idea of better encouraging characters to stick together though, as it seems the default strategy for most scenarios is for (almost) everybody to split up to cover the most ground.

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Mike Selinker wrote:
eddiephlash wrote:
I think I see modular sized locations! And status effects? Bleeding? Possibly something similar to curses in MM? Also, gotta love that 0 for Deck number. Gah this is so exciting. I wish life allowed me to visit the pac-nor-west to come to the con. I expect full reports!
There will be more details forthcoming when the details are ready to forthcome.

Of course. I just love the tease! I really enjoy behind-the-scenes in-development stuff like this. Take your time, make it great, and we will be eager to see when you are ready to come forth!

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I think I see modular sized locations! And status effects? Bleeding? Possibly something similar to curses in MM? Also, gotta love that 0 for Deck number. Gah this is so exciting. I wish life allowed me to visit the pac-nor-west to come to the con. I expect full reports!

boon!: 1d20 ⇒ 17

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Seems like there is a fair amount of divine stuff in here as well. I would love to play a divine character who is a spell powerhouse.


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I had this same issue. It looks like there are two promos that come with the bundle, and for some reason, shipping was being listed 3 times coming out to ~$60. Once I checked out, I am only actually being charged ~$20 for the shipping.

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I'll echo the other comments that the OutPost play by post has been a blast! I'll also be picking up some goodies with this sale. Thanks to all the box runners for managing the online play, and everybody at the Paizo/loneshark teams for creating such an amazing game!

Prizes! : 1d20 ⇒ 4
Prizes! : 1d20 ⇒ 14

Swapped out Turtle for the Chanty Singer, and a botg for the Cayden Cailean Blessing. I'll bury a blessing and put trapsmith gloves in the box to trade for the Key of the Second Vault at Falsin Deek. Drawing opening hand.

Athnul wrote:

Hand: Blessing of the Gods 1, Amulet of Mighty Fists, Chanty Singer, Blessing of Cayden Cailean, Blessing of the Gods 4,

Deck: 9 Discard: 0 Buried: 1
Notes: 2 Available Blessings (Leave me 1 please!)
Blessing of Cayden Cailean:

Discard to add 1 die to any check.
Discard to add 2 dice to any Strength or Constitution non-combat check.
Discard this card to explore your location.
After you play this card, if it matches the top card of the blessings disard pile, recharge this card instead of discarding it.

Sideboard cards:

Skills and Powers:

Strength d6 [ ]+1 [ ]+2 [ ]+3
Melee: Strength +2
Dexterity d6 [ ] +1 [ ]+2
Constitution d10 [ ] +1 [ ] +2
Fortitude: Constitution +2
Intelligence d4 [ ]+1 [ ]+2
Wisdom d10 [x]+1 [ ]+2 [ ]+3 [ ]+4
Perception: Wisdom +2
Charisma d6 [ ]+1 [ ]+2

Favored Card: Blessing
Hand Size 5
Proficient with: None
For your Melee combat check, you may recharge a card to add your Wisdom skill and the Bludgeoning trait ([ ] and you may add the Magic trait); you may not play a weapon on this check.
You may reveal a blessing to evade your encounter. ([x] Then you may recharge that blessing to explore your location.)

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