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I would also be happy to jump in with a level 1 something.


This looks amazing. Will the PACG games at Paizocon Online be run through one of these two options, and if so, which?

Ok, pretty sure I'm in and I'd like to play Mogmurch if no one else has claimed him yet.

3/5 Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta


Ok, I'll likely play but let me take a look and see if I have a character idea first. Also, does this mean that the character would be prevented from building using the Goblin deck after this was over?

Thanks for posting that.

Does that mean no cards from the Goblin decks?

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Some minor corrections/observations:

* You call out Arcane Sense as an excellent feat for a wizard in at least a couple of places, but also say in one spot that this is only a good feat for non-wizards taking the wizard dedication.

* In your Magaambyan sample build, you never take the Cascade Bearers Spellcasting feat, which you earlier seemed to indicate was the linchpin of the whole concept.

* Not really a correction, but just pointing out that the text is identical in the section on Arcane School Specialists and the section on Focus Spells.

* Given how much you emphasize on the power of familiars, your discussion of "how to make them do stuff" seems pretty thin. Yes, you use the minion rule. But, beyond that, what can a familiar actually do (besides deliver touch spells)? What are some examples of things that you see a familiar using its two actions for?

* Metamagic - seems very thin at the moment, presumably because 2e is still very thin on metamagic, but that will only grow over time. Might be worth a section.

* Action economy - If most wizards will use a 2 action spell most rounds, the big questions are: a) what to use the 3rd action for (shield, ok, but what else? what kinds of options are there?) and b) what are useful reactions for wizards and how do they get them?

These are quibbles though. Overall, this is such great work and I'm already contemplating my first wizard build.

Tarondor wrote:
Abraham Z. wrote:

Your guide is really interesting and well done. Kudos!

There is one portion that I haven't been able to understand: your discussion of the two Halcyon archetypes. You seem to be implying that taking both of these archetypes together will get you... I'm not quite sure what? Probably I'm just being dense but personally I would love it if you could expand the explanation of that part.

Abraham - the Magaambyan Attendant archetype is a prerequisite for the Halcyon Speaker archetype. I wouldn't give the former much attention (except for Tempest-Sun Shielding) if it weren't required for the latter, which is awesome.

Yep, I understood that. But I couldn't make out what was so awesome about the Halcyon Speaker archetype. You seemed to be indicating that it was doing something very special and unique (which is why I'm intrigued by it) but I couldn't figure out what that was.

Your guide is really interesting and well done. Kudos!

There is one portion that I haven't been able to understand: your discussion of the two Halcyon archetypes. You seem to be implying that taking both of these archetypes together will get you... I'm not quite sure what? Probably I'm just being dense but personally I would love it if you could expand the explanation of that part.

3/5 Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta

I think PF 2e Quest 1 is missing the repeatable tag.

3/5 Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta

The handout you've quoted seems pretty clear. Specific trumps general, so I'd say you can do as you suggest in the original spoiler (which also seems to open the door to some hilarious RP potential)

3/5 Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta

Seems legit to me.





Would someone please point me towards the template for PbP for 2nd edition PCs? I know it's been posted before but I can't seem to find it at the moment. Many thanks in advance!

3/5 Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta

These are great!

3/5 Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta

Nope, turns out the tiefling boon that I have is not tradeable. Sorry and good luck finding a trade.

3/5 Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta

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I may have traded the tiefling I had but if not we could do a three way trade. I’ll check tomorrow.

3/5 Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta

If Ferious Thune decides not to trade I’m also interested but will have to look at my boon folder tomorrow to see what I have available.

Will there be other options for higher tier play? I’ve got three characters that I’d like to get back into action, who are all tier 3 or 4.

Not only no price, but when I tried to add it to my cart I get "Your request produced an error."

Pirate Rob wrote:
As an interesting note check out the skill feat Thorough Reports from Pathfinder Agent in LOWG for a way to learn more about creatures you've previously encountered.

Whew, this seems like it could be really cumbersome to administer at the table, especially in non-pbp format. I'm picturing the player reading off a long list of every creature they've ever identified, just so the GM knows whether to give them the bonus.

Thanks, this is very helpful.

Would you mind giving a sense of what you see as the advantages/disadvantages of Discord compared to the PbP format here at

Yep, I just don't have the bandwidth right now for another game. But definitely looking forward to playing some 2e on PbP after Gameday is over.

Player name: Abraham Z.
Character name: Gronkh Maha
Character PFS number: 100198-10
Faction: The Exchange
Day job roll: none
Slow or normal xp track: normal

Sorry for the delay in posting these details. In the end I stuck with my cavalier - still haven't had time to sort out my alchemist gm-baby.

Yep, I'm still waiting for mine too - a module, not sure if that makes any difference.

Noral, I'm so sorry and I hope that whatever is happening in real life works out for you and your family as well as it possibly can. I've appreciated your presence here, both as a player and as a GM, and I hope we see you back here when the time is right. Stay strong, my friend.

3/5 Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta

PaleDim wrote:

In hopes of getting what I've been looking for before they dry out in the transition to 2e....

I'm willing to trade two for one to get a Tiefling boon. If you can trade that to me, you get:

1. Inheritor of Ghol-Gan (Grippli)
2. Child of Axis (Aphorite) / Roden Heritage (Ratfolk) / Venom-Blooded (Vishkanya) [Choice of; not all three]

PM sent.

Gives me a little more time to see if I can pull my Alchemist together...

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GM Aerondor wrote:
#Hmm, not only a fancy number, but being published as well! This is turning out a good month for you! Congrats.

What's the publication?

Hi GM, will you please remove me from the table when you have a chance. Thanks.

Great - thanks!

I played my first non-PbP game of PACS this weekend - much fun. However, when I go to report it I don't see any entry for Fangwood Thieves. Anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

GM Blake wrote:
GM Iff wrote:
RedWolfe77 wrote:
I would roll up a character for Open Road.
I believe that scenario is played with 5th-level pregenerated characters.

Correct. That is a 5th level scenario that can only be played with the 6 available 5th level pregens.

It grants a 5th level chronicle, although it can be downgraded to apply to a 1st level character (change the value of a treasure bundle from 10 gp to 1.4 gp). Also, you do not gain access to the boons granted on the chronicle until you reach 5th level.

Since, presumably, it will be a minute before people start reaching 5th level, is there any drawback you can see to not just applying it to a level 1?

Thanks - very helpful.

Can someone explain to me how Fangwood Thieves fits into the PACS framework? It says Adventure 1 of the Season of the Kobolds on the cover. Someone told me that it's part of the upcoming Season 6.

Related questions: My PC played all of Fangwood Thieves - can he now play Season 6 (City of Sails and Shrouds) as part of Gameday? Or do they overlap?

And if my PC tiers up to level 2, he can still join it, right? I think the only restriction is that you can never be more than 1 level higher or lower than what you are playing, correct?

3/5 Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta

Thanks, very helpful.

3/5 Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta

So, with the completion of season 10, and presuming that no new Faction Journal Cards will be issued, can PF1 characters still be assigned a season 10 Faction Card? Or does a new PC simply ignore the Faction Journal Card system?

Was going to bring my Cavalier 2, but am reconsidering in light of the GM's suggestion. I've got a Wizard/Rogue 3 and an Alchemist 3.2 (but need to build him - GM baby) available, and also I think I'll have a Psychic 4 available by the time we start. Will give it a bit of thought.

It looks like this table is going to be high tier and it also looks like my witch 16 won't be available until October. There's a couple of seats available at GM Amsheagar's low tier table, so I'll move over there. Thanks for considering me and I look forward to playing at your table another time.

Please go ahead and remove me from the table when you get a chance.

3/5 Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta

Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Aid characters will receive a boon, in the style of other similar scenarios. Their numbers will be recorded on the chronicle and copies should be included with the aid characters.

So does it matter what level the Aid characters are, or having a balance between different character types, or are the particulars of the aid characters irrelevant?

Is there still space in this game? I've got a level 13 PC that I would be interested in playing (Barbarian (chained) 12 / Fighter 1) if there is still space. I would like to play both parts.

It looks like my witch 16 won't be available until October probably so I'm out for the high tier table. My barbarian 13 is available for a low tier table if you decide to do one. I'll update my entry in the spreadsheet.

Upon reflection, I'm most interested in playing this at the top tier with Agata, my (about to be) level 16 witch. The problem is that she's currently in a PbP game of Iron Gods that seems to be bogging down. I think we are in the final fight but posting has become very slow so it's quite possible she won't be available by the time Gameday starts.

3/5 Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta

Following. Sure would like HLO to support not just Additional Resources but chronicle boons.

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