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Google Sheets Deck Handler (make yourself a copy)
This Google Spreadsheets document was created to try to make it easier for you, as a player, to organize your character deck without having to carry around your physical cards.
You’ll enter the name of each card in your deck on the “DON’T LOOK” sheet (Important note: Every card listed on this sheet must have a unique name in order for the sheet to function correctly, so if you have two Blessings of the Gods in your deck, name them something like “Blessing of the Gods 1” and “Blessing of the Gods 2”).
All of the card-manipulation during a scenario will be done on the “LOOK” sheet. To draw a new card from your deck, type “TRUE” or the number 1 in the yellow box next to the word Draw on the right-hand side, and below that the sheet will generate a random card name from your deck which is not currently listed in any of the other columns on the sheet. Then you simply type that card’s name into a cell in the “Hand” section, and the sheet will generate a new random card for you under Draw.
To Recharge, Discard, or Bury a card, simply type the name of that card into the corresponding color-coded column of the sheet, and delete it from your Hand column. (Note: You can copy-paste things in the sheet, but make sure you ALWAYS use Ctrl-Shift-V, which is the keyboard shortcut for paste values only).
To shuffle cards into your deck, simply delete that card from your Discard (or wherever it came from) and then delete all the cards in your Recharged column.
A more detailed listing of all these suggestions are available HERE, Instructions To Players for Cards Against Gnomanity.
If you have any questions about how to use this sheet, feel free to email cartmanbeck@orgplayonline.com.

All players will be required to own a copy of the class/character deck that their character comes from. This Google Spreadsheet will be useful for GMs/BRs to check whether a player has verified that they own a given class deck or other item. To verify that you own an item, simply take a quick snapshot of that item along with a note showing the date, and email that picture to Mark Koopman at morkxii@orgplayonline.com. Make sure to include your Paizo forum handle and your PFS #, please! A copy of a receipt is also an acceptable way of verifying ownership.

So, you want to run a scenario, eh? Great! There are a couple of important points you’ll need to consider first.
First of all, let’s get naming conventions out of the way: you can call yourself a GM (game master) or BR (box-runner). I like the term box-runner personally, because as a BR, you also have the option to participate as a player in your own game (see below), which a roleplaying game GM generally can’t do.

At this time, in order to run a sanctioned PFSACGuild game using any online medium, you MUST first contact one of the venture officers below to discuss some important items, such as the method you’ll use to track cards in the box:
Tyler Beck (cartmanbeck): cartmanbeck@orgplayonline.com
Andrew Warner (Hawkmoon269): hawkmoon269@orgplayonline.com
In the next few months, we will be working to open more avenues of play, so stay tuned.

Once you’ve gotten permission to run a game from a venture officer, you can make a new campaign thread in the Online Campaigns forum. Please make sure to clearly state the words “Card Game” in the title of your thread, in order to discourage roleplaying game players from trying to join in with their level 7 Arcanist/Oracles who put foes to sleep with their pinky fingers. Also make sure to include the Tier that the game will be played at (so, for Adventure 1 of the Season of the Righteous, list “Tier 1” plainly within the campaign title). I recommend the following thread-title format: “[ACG #1-01A] Cloven Trail (Tier 1) [Adventure Card Game Play-by-post]”

Next, you’ll want to post a link to your recruitment thread in the Flaxseed On Deck Recruitment Thread. You should once again mention the scenario/scenarios being run, the tier, and how many slots you have open. If you would like to participate as a player yourself, feel free to recruit one fewer player. You may recruit a total of between 4 and 6 players for a scenario, including yourself. We are not currently sanctioning games with 3 or fewer players, as we want to encourage BRs to open up recruitment to those in the community, and not just play with the same people every time!