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Enora's 1st choice is Spell 5 (Eagle Aerie), but could also take Blessing 3 (for Blessing 2 of Nethys)

I think I'll take CON+1 as my skill feat? Feels weird, but I've got no side skills, and it might be nice to pick up the odd armor.

No interest in the loot.

5-5C reward: 1d20 ⇒ 8

I actually think I am going to take an upgrade this adventure, after all: Ally 2 (Toad). Seoni’s 2nd upgrade is available for someone else.

10-00E reward: 1d20 ⇒ 12

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Thanks for looking into this!

Off the top of my head, there are Attack spells that can provide another explore (Fiery Glare, Bewilder) or can auto-acquire boons (Swipe, Dominate). Those 4 examples do each require an encounter, but I don't know whether or not that condition is enough of a limitation to prevent some kind of abuse? (Also I'm not familiar enough with the class/ultimate decks to know whether there's something worse out there.)

10-00D replay reward: 1d20 ⇒ 20

For the unfinished replay scenario, you earn 1 upgrade and a d20 roll. Since we didn't acquire at least 4, the upgrade pool becomes:
Extra upgrades: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 3) = 10

  • Ally 1
  • Armor B
  • Blessing B
  • Weapon B

If anyone is interested, please say so know ASAP.
Otherwise, choose starting location, draw your opening hand, and decide on what you want for your starting plunder.

10-00D replay: 1d20 ⇒ 18

To keep things moving, I've started Estra with everyone else at Theater of Corruption.
Talitha can begin!

I'm not completely certain about the Tempest Cay closing sequence. Although in retrospect I probably could have moved to the new Astral Rift taking everyone, and then could have just Seoni move randomly back to Tempest Cay.

Looks like upgrades are:
Talitha: Spell 2, Blessing B
Estra: Weapon 1, Ally 1
Sajan: Ally 2 (using for Ally 1), Item B
Angban: Armor 2, none*

*There's still Weapon 2, Armor 1, Spell 1, Ally B, Blessing B available if Angban would like a 2nd upgrade.

Intro is posted. Note that you should ignore Astral Rifts when attempting to close the Theater of Corruption.

Choose starting locations and draw opening hands!

Looks like there are enough Spell 1s for Enora to take 2 of them: Locate Object and Sphere of Fire.
Power feat will increase her discard-a-card attack to 2d6.

6-1C reward: 1d20 ⇒ 4

You're good :)

Rewards are up. Let me know ASAP which of Weapon/Armor you'd like, so I can add the extra cards into the acquired cards list.
Also, decide know whether you'd like culture or goods for the replay.

10-00D reward: 1d20 ⇒ 12

You could take the role+3rd power feat now, but you're correct: it wouldn't be usable until you play an eligible adventure. (Which is what Seoni's done.)

10-00D reward: 1d20 ⇒ 13

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Here’s another thread where the code got broken: Example 3
Seems like each example happens after a database-generated update post. I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

No preference for plunder.
Going by flavor, Seoni's first choice would be culture, second choice would probably be fortifications.

Seoni will be wanting a spell for the Patchwork Allies reward.

Let me know whether you’d like a random weapon or spell for the Patchwork Allies reward.

For the record, the Muckmouth were the lizardfolk in scenario A. There was an additional bonus if you were playing that scenario at the time.

You've completed all the scenarios in Part 2, but Part 3 isn't yet ready to begin. We can optionally replay any of scenarios A-C, or we can take a break for a few days until Part 3 is ready to begin. Let me know which you prefer?

10-00C reward: 1d20 ⇒ 7

Either Yoon gets Blessing 2, Koren gets Blessing B. Or else Yoon needs to roll for the Blessing 2.
Either way, Celeste gets the Ally 4.

For reference, here are the initial 39 boons (of which we need 5x5 = 25)
8 Weapons
5 Spells
10 Armors
5 Items
7 Allies
4 Blessings

I'm thinking about at the start of the first turn Flying Enora over to the House of Stolen Kisses, so her Binder's Tome and Byzantine Tome are available for anyone going after the 4 allies there. If I do so, any requests for which 2 locations I scout? (Maybe Sharkskin Reef and Shark Island?) Alternatively, I could hold on to Fly and use it later on to shuttle Maznar somewhere usefully.

I'll defer to Skizza and Darago for the Armor 6s, if we can go fishing for Allies with any extra picks? I could use Ally 5&6 or Ally 6&6.

Qualzar will go to Hadden Hoppert.

My first choice would be Item 5 (Evocation Staff), but could also take Spell 5 (Eagle Aerie).
Feat will be Power (Hand Size 8).
No interest in the loot.

5-5B reward: 1d20 ⇒ 8

Actually going to take Skill (INT+1) for the feat.

6-1B reward: 1d20 ⇒ 14

Qualzar will choose Ally for the reward, as I could use either an Ally 5 or 6. Also could use an Armor 6 for the other upgrade.
Probably just going to take a skill feat, but not 100% certain yet.

3-6B reward: 1d20 ⇒ 20

Enora's turn to take Spell 1 Life Drain.
Still thinking over which feat to take, but leaning towards the power to boost my attack to 2d6.

10-00B reward: 1d20 ⇒ 15

I'm okay waiting until the next part, unless word comes down that extra successes are needed.

10-00B reward: 1d20 ⇒ 8
10-00C reward: 1d20 ⇒ 6
Nope x2

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This is one of the issues which brought me to this thread, so I'm glad to have developer attention drawn to it!

WotR Seoni wrote:
Before your combat check, you may discard a card to draw a card that has the Arcane ([ ] or Magic) (or mastered/[ ] or Corrupted) trait from your discard pile.

Previously, WotR Seoni could use a single Attack spell multiple times to handle multiple combat checks each turn. Now separate Attack spells are needed for sequential checks, multiple explores, summons, etc. So while it is repetitive, it seems to be intended repetition, in the same way that, for example, Core Seoni can repeatedly cast an Arcane + level + 2d4 Force spell. (The ability is a direct parallel with WotR Seoni, a variation on the prototypical sorcerer "discard a card as an Attack spell" ability.)

I do not think that Jenceslav's concern about difficult recharge checks is relevant to the issue here. (For a couple reasons, but most of all WotR Seoni can automatically recharge Attack spells!)

S&S Feiya has a similar issue: she could substitute allies to recast spells. And similar powers are also on roles of S&S Seltyiel and MM Amhotep. (I didn’t see anything in character decks with a quick search, although I’m not as familiar with those as with base set characters.)

S&S Feiya wrote:
You may discard ([ ] or recharge/) an ally that has the Animal trait (/[ ] or any ally) to return a spell from your discard pile to your hand.
MM Amhotep Eldritch Scion wrote:
[ ] You may discard ([ ] or recharge) a spell to draw a spell from your discard pile.
S&S Seltyiel Spellblade wrote:
[ ] You may discard a spell to draw a weapon from your discard pile ([ ] or discard a weapon to draw a spell from your discard pile).

Brainstorming a fix:
I came up with this idea while trying to brainstorm an alternative to drawing out of the recovery pile. It's not intended as a final consensus alternative- just something I was playing around with myself.

I considered how the WotR Seoni Corruptor power essentially simulates playing a blessing out of the blessings discard pile, and tried to adapt that into playing a spell out of the recovery pile.

Possible alternative WotR Seoni? wrote:
During your combat check, you may display a card to play it as if it instead has the powers and card type of an Arcane ([ ] or Magic) (or mastered/[ ] or Corrupted) card in your recovery pile or discards; the card you choose cannot be one that could be banished or buried during recovery. During recovery, discard the displayed card.

This would be a mechanical change, since the chosen card has to be used immediately, rather than redrawn into the hand. (The flavor justification being that this is an alternate way of casting a spell, rather than a healing ability.) Setting aside a card until end of turn by displaying it provides a resource cost, although admittedly that may not be enough of a cost to limit degeneracy. And I'm not sure whether the other affected characters (eg S&S Feiya) are too open to abuse without the something like WotR Seoni's in-combat limitation. (I’m not certain that the timing of “During your combat check” works as I intend, but that’s a wording issue.)

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Resurrecting this thread again because the new Core rules have introduced an additional awkwardness for Tier 3 characters in specials.

PACS Guide wrote:

If you gain your third power feat, first, you are rewarded with a role. (see Roles on page 20 of the Core Set rulebook).

Use your role only when playing scenarios that have a # of 3 or higher.

Previously, roles could only be used when playing scenarios of 4 or higher. Characters couldn't gain a role until the start of Tier 4.

Now, characters gain a role during Tier 3, potentially as soon as after their first scenario. Yet during a special, a Tier 3 character must play at a Tier 2 table, which disallows roles.

Enora will take a spell card feat, filling it with whichever of the spell upgrades Seoni doesn't take. (Spell 1 Life Drain or Spell B Acid Splash)

6-1A reward: 1d20 ⇒ 15

Talitha, Angban, and Sajan earn 1 hero point and may spend this hero point on 1 Skill, Card, or Power feat.

Rewards are up! Everyone gets a d20 roll for completing a scenario, winning a bonus on a 20.
Decide on what upgrade from the available cards each of you will get, either via discussion or random roll. Also decide whether you'd like to do the B or C mission next.

10-00A reward: 1d20 ⇒ 12

It looks like during Adventure 5 Maznar will be able to gain in any order: 2 skill feats, 1 power feat, 1 card feat.
(It seems like he skipped a skill feat at some point? Everyone else has 4, he only has 3.)

While I would also like an Item 5, Yewstance has been champing at the bit enough for one that I'll defer to him. :)
Instead I'll take an Ally 4, taking an ally card feat so as to have room for it.

5-5A reward: 1d20 ⇒ 11

Seoni will go to Falsin Deek, unless there are people going to Hadden Hoppert she can accompany.

Sorry for the delay. Giving the edge to WIS, since it could help pick up Divine spells/Animal allies, which does have some synergy with one of Seoni's powers.

As mentioned in the hangout, Seoni is playing for tier advancement, and will not be needing any upgrades from B/1/2.

I keep wavering between which skill feat to take among INT+1/WIS+1/CHA+3. At the moment I'm leaning towards WIS+1, but I think I'd like to sleep on it.
INT/Knowledge is the obvious choice for a side skill to develop, being my next largest die, but WIS/Perception is likely more immediately useful in a S&S adventure. Although since this is my specials character, the next adventure could be anything. (Although I'd personally wager CotCT, which I haven't played into far enough to know which skills might be more useful.) I could defer the decision a tier by taking CHA now, but since Seoni will be gaining +4 to all checks at Tier 5, I'd rather take my side skills before then.

10-00A reward: 1d20 ⇒ 8

Shoutout to Redeux for fixing the turn counter. Thanks!

Eh, let's give the hellhounds a try. I'm likely to replace either with Fire Barrage at some point this adventure, so let's maybe have some fun in the meantime.

Enora would like the other Spell 4, probably for Acid Rain. (Although tempted by the potential of Summon Hellhounds if the party is sailing all together.)
Saving hero point.

Once again, I’ll keep this game running, but the expected posting frequency will be relaxed. Please deprioritize this game as necessary if Gameday VIII tables need your attention. (I certainly will be!)

Could we have the location card counts for determining starting location?

Qualzar's 1st choice is Vision, 2nd choice is Canopic Conversion. What's Darago interested in?

I think Qualzar's top choice for upgrade is Spell 6 (Dominate). But would also be happy with Armor 6 (Robe of Vision), or maybe Item 6 (Pearl of Magic). If there aren't enough of those to go around, I'll choose Spell for my reward; if there are, I'll choose Blessing.

Not sure yet about my feat. I might want the extra armor slot (especially if I get the armor upgrade), might instead take the power feat for the flat -2 to Combat damage, might stall with INT +3.

I won't finalize trader until I decide my feat, but probably Hadden Hoppert. (Might be tempted if others are going to Ghoul Market or maybe Falsin Deek.)
Qualzar is interested in taking Pharaoh's Key this scenario. Will decide on Remove Curse/Elemental Treaty after trades.

Perhaps have Aric go immediately after Seoni? Since Abraham goes after me in another game we're both in.

Prior to Darago's turn, this is a quick summary of what I think's left in the siege deck. Card numbers are from this post.

5 monsters:
2) Shaitan Ghul: Combat 20 (immune to Mental/Poison, resistant to Fire, discard weapon/armor before acting) (Undead)
4) Hollow Serpent: Combat 16 or Stealth 12 (immune to Mental/Poison, vulnerable to Cold, discard 1 random before acting, only 1 card can be played) (Undead)
8) Mummy: Combat 21 (immune to Mental/Poison/Cold, vulnerable to Fire) (Undead)
25) Ghawwa: Combat 18 and STR/CON/Fortitude/Divine 5 [trigger: summon random Pairaka] (immune to Fire/Poison, resistant to Acid/Electricity, before acting summon random Pairaka, after acting damage if Melee) (Henchman)
[bottom card] 1) Akvan: Combat 35 (immune to Fire/Poison, resistant to Acid/Divine/Electricity, before acting WIS 9 or +4 difficulty, must be last) (Henchman)

5 barriers:
7) Corridor Dart Trap: DEX/Disable/Stealth/Perception 18
20) Word of Ra: DEX/Disable/Stealth 17 (Lock)
22) Eternal Captives: WIS/Divine 10 or CHA/Diplomacy 8 (all local must defeat) (Undead)
23) Baited Jewel Box: Disable 12 or Craft 14 [trigger: shuffle away weapon/armor/item] (Lock)
24) Killing Box: INT/Knowledge/Perception 13 or Disable 15 (Obstacle)

Only interested in Blessing 4 (of the Seventh Veil) or Blessing 1 (of Sivanah).
No interest in loot.
Saving hero point.

Looks like there's consensus on A. However...

Recorrection: Gameday VIII has been postponed, and will begin Monday, September 9. Sorry again for all the confusion.

After finalizing your characters, the party has a choice to make before we start the first scenario.

And looks like the preference is for Discord, which I'll get set up later in the week.

I've no mechanical reason to favor one over the other. Flavorwise, our old friend Grazzle might incline us to starting with A? (And LN Seoni clearly prefers going in alphabetic order, all things being equal.)

Uncorrection: the starting date is indeed Monday, August 26. Sorry for the back-and-forth.

Correction: the starting date is still TBD.

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