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Unhallowed is my least favorite wildcard :(
Strategy? Do we want to split up to start, or stay together at the Trail?

With 4/5 of the scenario and all the henchman being Mental-immune, I'm going to swap out my Binder's Tome for a loot item. (And hope that forgoing the +d4 Divine won't matter when I'm trying to acquire blessings.)

6-5A reward: 1d20 ⇒ 8

Note that Enora banished the Fireball Beads during the scenario so the Item 4 is ineligible for an upgrade.

Enora is interested in Spell 5 (Death's Touch) or Spell 4 (Channel the Gift). Technically I would take Item 5 too, but it'd be for Item 4 (Codex of Conversations) so I'll defer. And I'm more interested in spell upgrades anyway.

I think my Hero Point will be for skill feat INT+2.
No interest in either loot.

For reference:

Here are the total boon counts this scenario:
5 Weapons
4 Spells
4 Armors
7 Items
10 Allies
4 Blessings

Of note:
There are 3 items already in Junk Beach.
There are 3 allies already in Rusty Dragon
There are 3 allies already in Wooden Bridge.
There are 3 blessings already in Shrine of Lamashtu.
We can't accumulate 4 weapons or 4 spells without using the Warrens.

Celeste could use any of Spell 2 (Aqueous Orb), Item 2 (Wand of Flame), Spell 1 (Augury). I'll take whatever's left over.

Hero point will be for a spell Card Feat.

2-2A reward: 1d20 ⇒ 17

No choices for starting location or ship for this scenario. Note that your ship starts off wrecked, in case you want to adjust turn order.

5-5D reward: 1d20 ⇒ 19

I'll try for blessing, getting Random Blessing 1: of Pharasma (Blessing C). Which I actually still will take (as a Blessing of Pharasma even), replacing a Blessing of the Gods.
Saving Hero Point.

4-3C reward: 1d20 ⇒ 19

The only upgrade Enora's interested in is the Blessing 6 (of the All-Seeing Eye). But I imagine there's lots of demand for it, and Blessing of the All-Seeing Eye's unique powers only work for Enora herself, so I'll defer to anyone else who has a more party-friendly blessing upgrade.

Saving the hero point. I'll replace the banished loot ally back to Chronicler.

5-6D reward: 1d20 ⇒ 16

I think Enora is able to serve as sole healer in a 4-person party at this point. I currently have 2 heal spells (though might swap out 1 for Channel the Gift), and I can self-heal about 1/2 my own cards. And if we do find that we could use more healing, I can take the "cleric" power feat (discard a spell instead of 1st exploration to heal 1d4+1 local).

I'll defer to Kyra and forfeit the 2nd upgrade, since I'm a tier ahead. So just Spell 1 (Good Omen) for me.

I'll fish for an Ally 1 for the reward. Also interested in a Spell 1 upgrade.
Seoni is tiering up for the end of the adventure to Tier 3.

Bloodthorne Manor 1D reward: 1d20 ⇒ 6

During Outpost III, we get to roll a d20 after every completed scenario (instead of after every 2). But only a 20 wins.

5-5C reward: 1d20 ⇒ 18

If the character you choose for the adventure reward is currently mid-scenario, they won't be able to use the power until after their current scenario ends.

Again, let me know your choices of ally/item ASAP, so I can post the extra boons.

Bloodthorne Manor 1D reward: 1d20 ⇒ 13

I think I'm hoping for a Blessing 1 (The Theater, or maybe The Big Sky?) and a Spell 1 (Invisibility).
Since we have enough blessings to go around, I guess I'll add a spell, so that in case Kyra wants 2 Spell 1s there are enough?

Power Feat will be handsize 7.

Bloodthorne Manor 1C reward: 1d20 ⇒ 11

Ah, okay. In that case, Celeste is just interested in a Spell 1 for her normal upgrade.
(I can never keep track of how these sorts of reward work.)

Let me know your choices of blessing/spell ASAP, and I'll post the extra boons.

Bloodthorne Manor 1C reward: 1d20 ⇒ 19

I'll take Blessing of Starsong for my Blessing 1. For my other upgrade, 1st choice would be Spell 1 (Life Drain), but I could also take another Blessing 1 (of Abadar), since at least Ezren's will be available for someone else to take.

Decide on upgrades, choose your feat (if applicable), and roll your d20.
When you're ready, choose your starting location for the next scenario, and draw your opening hand and harrow.

Bloodthorne Manor 1B reward: 1d20 ⇒ 2

Thank you all for an incredible campaign! And doublethanks to Yewstance, for balancing the dual player/BR role during the second half.

I had started this game concurrently with playing Amaryllis in a Season of the Righteous game, way back in Outpost I (my first PACS/PbP experiences). And for a little bit I was wondering if I should have reversed it: whether it was a mistake to play Qualzar in a MM-based campaign, where it felt so many monsters were Mental-immune. But especially after I took the Impeller role, I had no regrets. (And for her part, Amaryllis and her rerolls were a great fit for WotR's high-stakes encounters. Plus Qualzar's Knowledge was great in MM, whereas Amaryllis's Fortitude was nice for WotR.)

And Qualzar was such a hoot to play, even when we were dealing with crashing sky-pyramids or city-destroying monsters. Thank you all for putting up with my irreverence!

For upgrades, I think I'm only interested in a Blessing 1 (The Peacock).
I'll replace back in the Acadamae Student I banished.
Hero Point will be for skill feat CHA+2.

Bloodthorne Manor 1B reward: 1d20 ⇒ 2

I think I'm only interested in the Spell 3 (Coordinated Blast, or maybe Create Mindscape) for upgrades.
Supporter feat will be Boors, to hopefully get Magic weapons.
I'll bump my Card feats, taking a 4th ally to get back the Chronicler I banished 2 scenarios ago.

Enora is interested in Ally 6 (Autumn Witch) or Spell 6 (Icicle Swarm).
Card Feat I want to think a little more on, but it's probably going to be a blessing.
No interest in either loot.

Bloodthorne Manor 1A reward: 1d20 ⇒ 4

As part of the Outpost III event, everyone gets a d20 roll after every completed scenario, with a roll of 20 winning a reward.

Bloodthorne Manor 1A reward: 1d20 ⇒ 20
...It's just that easy!

Let's try Locate Object. With that reward for an extra d4, I have a better shot at picking up some random boons.

No conflict with Seoni. I’ll take a Spell 1, and a Spell card feat along with it. I’ll take a look later tonight to figure out exactly which spell.

Okay, I think I've finalized my rebuild.

Seoni Core Tier 2:
Weapon 0 Sling

Spell 0 Sleep
Spell 0 Soothing Word
Spell 0 Infernal Healing
Spell 0 Fiery Glare
Spell 0 Detect Magic
Spell 1 Mirror Image

Item 0 Luckstone
Item 1 Gem of Mental Acuity

Ally 0 Acadamae Student
Ally 0 Cat
Ally 0 Troubadour
Ally 1 Leech

Blessing 0 Incantation
Blessing 0 Sands of the Hour
Blessing 1 The Paladin

No preference for turn order.

Forgot I still can take a skill feat, so I'll take CHA+4.

Sorry to hear. Please take whatever time you need for family.

Hi, I'm playing a Tier 2 Core Seoni. Sorry for the late arrival- was hoping for a Tier 2 Normal, but Legendary Tier 1 seems the next best thing! I am still finalizing my rebuild. (Which is right now looking like Arcane + Support + Occult?) But I'll be ready to start when the event launches.

I'm in Central-US, but I'll post throughout the day, often by mobile.
For my own enjoyment, I typically like to include in-character flavor in my gameplay posts, but please don't feel pressure to do likewise, though- use as much or as little flavor as you like.

Enora's first choice is Ally 4 (Ice Chemist), 2nd choice is Item 4 (Codex of Conversations).

Reiko can have the Sun Falcon Pectoral. I think I’ll take the Game of Afterlife if Ezren is done with it.

Welcome! This is a discussion thread for my Outpost III A Night at Bloodthorne Manor table. We're 1 week away from the Monday, March 30 start date.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions at any time.
Hoping for a fun game for everyone!

Some pregame instructions:

Character Selection
Please finalize your character choice as soon as possible. If you haven’t already, include a link to your deck handler in your profile.
Have you used this character before?
Yes, online: Provide a link to your current table. (Note that you’ll have to pause that other game once the Gameday VIII event starts next week.)
Yes, offline: Provide a copy of your chronicle sheet. (I'll provide an email address via private message you can send to if necessary.)
No: If you haven't already, verify your deck ownership. Take a photo of something that indicates ownership (the box, the character card, a receipt, etc) which includes with your Paizo username. Send the photo to morkXII@orgplayonline.com and he'll add you to the verified users, so you'll be set for any future PbP games!

Party Communication
Some parties like to strategize via google hangouts or discord; some parties just use it to alert when someone’s turn is up. Others parties prefer to communicate entirely via the discussion tab. It’s up to you!
Using offsite chat is completely optional. If that is something you would be interested in, send me a Private Message with your e-mail address. This is entirely voluntary, and the decision is anonymous. If anyone, for any reason, would rather not communicate offsite, it will not be set up.

Posting Expectations
What time zone are you in?
Please try to take your turn within 24 hours. Obviously, let real-life take priority, but out of courtesy to the other players, try to let us know if something does come up.
Use a posting style that works best for you, with as much or as little flavor as you feel comfortable with. It’s your game! The one thing that I would request is that you label your dice rolls with at least the difficulty and type of check.

I'm going to put off figuring out what I want for my last card feat, and just take a DEX skill feat for now.

I think I do want the Ally card feat, but I'll take Ally B Apprentice with it. And then a Spell 2 (Holy Javelin) for my upgrade.

Hmhmhm. Not certain what I'm doing here.
I think my first choice is probably Ally 4 (Ice Chemist) + card feat. But if not that, I need to think more about which I'd want instead:
Armor 4 (Lifecollar Coat) + card feat?
Blessing 1 (of Sivanah) + card feat?
Forfeit upgrade + skill feat?

More than enough Spell 3s to go around! Seoni will take one (Coordinated Blast) for her upgrade. And an Item Card Feat (Spellbook).
I have weak interest in the Sun Falcon Pectoral- I'll defer to anyone else who wants it. (Higher interest though when we're in siege scenarios.)

Enora would like that loot Staff. Is that okay with Maznar? It's probably easier for Enora to recharge spells.

For upgrades, Enora could take either Spell 6 (Repulsion) or Ally 6 (Autumn Witch).
Still thinking about feats.

Enora is already maxed on spells, so I’ll instead take a Power Feat (recharge Magic boons on my acquire/recharge checks).

Enora would be happy with any of Spell 4 (Cloudburst), Spell 3 (Create Mindscape or Coordinated Blast), Ally 4 (Ice Chemist), Item 4 (Codex of Conversations). So I’ll see what’s leftover after everyone else picks.
I’ll probably be taking a Card feat, depending on which upgrade I get.

Celeste is only interested in a Spell 1 (Life Drain). I expect Ezren or Oloch want it, so unless somehow neither do, I’ll forfeit my upgrades.

(Celeste can’t ever take Weapons or Armors. And the Item 1s and Ally 1s available to me are underwhelming. And I’ve taken all the B upgrades I want. So I’m expecting to be passing on upgrades quite a bit.)

Good point.
Enora will bump her skill feats then, taking CHA+3.

Enora will take a Spell 6 (Arcane Cannonade) for her upgrade.
If somehow the other Spell 6 goes unclaimed, I'll take that too as my bonus upgrade (Repulsion); otherwise, I'll forfeit it.
Power Feat will be +1d4+1 when revealing a Book.

Enora is only interested in a Spell 3 (Restorative Touch).
Supporter feat will be Jayna Lemore.
Enora is Tier 4.
No interest in either loot blessing.
Still thinking about my feat. Right now I’m leaning towards Power (recharge a Magic card instead of discarding for bonus to acquire/recharge).

Seoni will go to Falsin Deek, unless anyone else wants to go to Hadden Hoppert, in which case she’ll go there instead.

My plan is to start at the Great Library of Tephu, and move to the Vault of Hidden Wisdom as soon as I get Neferekhu online.

Looks like
Aric Ally 3
Ezren Spell 3
Reiko Blessing 3
Seoni Spell 2
Zelhara Blessing 3

Seoni's Power Feat will be to use Knowledge to acquire boons.

Enora is only interested in the Blessing 2 (of Nethys), but I’ll defer if anyone else wants it. Not really interested in the loot blessings.
Skill feat is CHA+2.

No upgrades for Qualzar. I'll go to Hadden Hoppert. Qualzar will trade for Key to the Second Vault at Sunburst Market, for those Conflagrations.

For loot: I won't be taking Remove Curse or Scarab of Mummy Defense.
With the necessity of acquiring allies, I could swap in Crown of Charisma, which autosucceeds a Diplomacy check, with the idea of handing it off to Darago or Skizza. Would that be of interest?

Assuming no surprises in the rewards, Seoni would like a blessing or spell upgrade, but I'm flexible on what exactly I take. Does anyone has any thoughts on what would be most helpful for the party? (Although all things being equal, I'd want the highest value for trading purposes.

Blessing 3 (of Gozreh), Blessing 2 (of the Master of Masters), Blessing 1 (of Sivanah)
Spell 3 (Coordinated Blast), Spell 2 (Safe Harbor), Spell 1 (Locate Object)

Enora is interested in Item 3 (Wand of Flying), Blessing 3 (of Qi Zhong), Blessing 2 (of Nethys), Blessing 0 (of Pharasma).

Hero Point will be a Spell Card Feat, taking basic Spell B Cure.

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