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Ancient Dragon Master wrote:
That Sean fellow wrote:

Speaking of AP's, is Mummy's mask any good? Osirion looks like such a rich place to have adventures in but there doesn't seem like much happening there. After seeing the new Assassin's Creed game it just got me thinking how much I'd enjoy adventuring in Osirion.
It’s interesting. We’ve only just started the first installation. It isn’t as open-ended (at least at first) as some of the others seem to be, forcing you to explore a tomb.

So mostly dungeon crawl at first.

Hopefully we get some more modules set there if not another AP.

Id be interested in anything Pathfinder

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Dotting in to show interest and to keep an eye on the thread.

I'm interested in most APs and love making new characters, especially if the group has a theme.

I am first time player looking to make a level 1 character and join any AP adventure. I'd be very excited to play and would be a consistent poster! Please send me a message if interested.

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Who here has yet to find a game and what were you interested in playing? I figure as many games as I am about to apply for, it would be a refreshing palate-cleanser to run a game myself. Phenomenal cosmic power as a GM is always fun after going through the hardships of being an adventurer!

I'm down to run either APs or some sort of homebrew game. My one, true limitation is that the game must take place in Golarion's multiverse or one of the pre-4e D&D universes, such as Greyhawk, Ravenloft, or Eberron.

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Ooh! Ooh! I want Hell's Rebels! Pick that one!

I would dearly love to play in and hopefully complete Rise of the Runelords, especially with Return of the Runelords being one of the APs for next year.

Would really love to play Jade Regent.

I'm looking for one to three more people to help play just two battles.
It is 5th edition, 27 point buy and any sources that would be AL legal, and you are level 20. 7 Magic items of your choice, 2 of which can be legendary. Unlimited gold. You have 7 of the best potions in your inventory, I think they are called heroic potions of healing, or something like that, and it is on another forum.

It is not a campaign, just boss fights. The heckatonheir is a cr 31 monster not in the monster manual but on the DMs guild, that will be fight 1. The second fight will every (un)named boss in Baravoia, every named boss in storm kings thunder, and a few names from the ToA expansions and HoD book except for Tiamat, though not necessarily all at once, as they come in and replace the ones that die or come in at certain rounds, etc.

Um, this thread is for APs only.

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Meliandri Chastain-Aulamaxa wrote:
Ooh! Ooh! I want Hell's Rebels! Pick that one!

I'm already in an AP (RotRL), so per the OP criteria my vote probably doesn't count, but boy have I wanted to play Hell's Rebels :)

Sent out some inquiries to early responders. (^u^)

Well, you could tell us what AP you chose so as we'd know if we were interested in joining up. :)

I sent inquiries about what people would be playing if I picked their choice campaign. I won't actually decide until tomorrow. ^_^

I haven't been able to play any APs yet, though I have character ideas for several. Any of the ones mentioned would be great if you're still taking names.

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Ivory Songbird wrote:
Sent out some inquiries to early responders. (^u^)

These are not so epic as Meliandri’s (yet?), but here are two of my Hell’s Rebels specific character concepts that I can build out in more detail over the weekend, if one of them is chosen.

Nephmir Gracchus, male tiefling inquisitor (infiltrator) of Iomedae, NG:

- An orphan from Westcrown.
- His foster parents were members of the church of asmodeus, his father was in particular an inquisitor.
- They had older natural children and treated him more or less like a servant
- As an act of rebellion he takes interest in the church of Iomedea.
- Soon after he leaves his foster home and the church becomes his new family.
- He quickly becomes a capable agent of the church, moving against her enemies.
- Being in a Chelaxian city of demonic influence, he learns to use his own abyssal blood to gain the trust of members of those faiths
- He collects information for Iomedea and attempts to weaken them from within
- By now he’s using a different name (this one) and sticking to churches and shrines that his foster father wouldn’t frequent.
- After a close call at losing his cover within the church of asmodeus, the leaders of his church decide to send him off to Kintargo where they’ve received word that the situation is heating up.
- There he is to meet up with a contact and get oriented about the infernal organizations in the city that he can attempt to infiltrate.
- Although he’s in a new city he does have to watch out for any Asmodean agents from Westcrown who know his foster father and might recognize him and blow his cover.

Reason(s) to protest Meeting a Contact

He would appear as a Thrune sympathizer but remain passively observing the crowd, looking for the contact with the Silver Ravens specified by his Iomdean church leaders.

Others TBD

- When out in the city he becomes somewhat stoic and humorless as he maintains the air of an infernal church agent.
- He does not quickly trust people.
- He is sympathetic to the oppressed
- He can grow warmth with specific trusted people on an individual basis, within his framework of maintaining cover out in the open.

- “The agents of Asmodeus are always around us. Even one misstep undoes all of our work towards liberating Cheliax.”
- “Yes, your terrible jokes will throw the enemy off our trail in a city of well-read, articulate Chelaxians.”

Hana Moldovaciu, Female human investigator (sleuth), NG:

- Grew up without a mother, and a father who was a judge in Korvosa, Varisia.
- He was a virtuous judge, teaching her that justice for the under-represented was important but he held a dark secret.
- Early on he noticed how curious and smart she was and would let her hang out around the counsels and tribunals he oversaw.
- She became fascinated with the detail that went into determining criminals and protecting the wrongfully accused and other victims of local corruption.
- Without him knowing she sometimes goes investigating for those she believes cannot defend themselves.
- When she discovers her father’s dark secret she leaves home to start over, ends up in Kintargo.

Reason(s) to protest
- Tagging along (with Meliandri?)
- Staying up on Current Events

- Fed-Up Citizen
- Pattern Seeker

- Driven to do the right thing for under-represented folk
- Fairly trusting of people (wants to see the good in them, what is worth defending from corruption or oppression)
- Very perceptive of details
- Can often judge character very quickly
- Fidgets with a top, and likes to spin it while thinking out loud about a problem or studying something. Sometimes it’s spin acts as a time-limit for her current thinking, as a means to let something lie and reconsider it later.

Let me know if there's something here that you like.

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I'm an old-school Greyhawk fan.

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Zachary Fellows 174 wrote:
I am first time player looking to make a level 1 character and join any AP adventure. I'd be very excited to play and would be a consistent poster! Please send me a message if interested.

Zachary Fellows:
Hiya Zachary. I'm running a Legacy of Fire campaign right now. We need a roguish-type character. I'd advise taking a look at the Legacy of Fire players guide, but it's not free, so why don't you mock up a character and we can see where to go from there? We're not too far into the first adventure and everyone's still 1st level. Check out the 'old monastery' link and the game HERE. If you're not interested, no sweat, but directly message me to let me know either way. Thanks for considerations.

Hey there, I'm Ralphrius!

Although I've been playing RPGs for about 2 years now, sadly very little of that time has been spent playing Pathfinder. I wanna change this, so if any of you will have me, I would love to play a PbP AP! I'm not very familiar with the format, but I'll put in an effort to match the writing style and frequency of other players.

I'm down to playing pretty much every AP, but I have read pretty deeply into Hell's Rebels as I dream to run it one day, and I listen to the Glass Cannon so I'm pretty familiar with the first half of Giantslayer as well. Other APs I'm planning to GM are Ironfang Invasion and Ruins of Azlant, but I haven't especially read into those: mainly just the first chapters of the first adventure of both of those.

I have no characters statted out and ready to go, but will gladly build one to fill a hole in your party makeup. A character concept I have ready to stat is a Human Ranger (Dandy), which would probably fit well in an urban campaign.

My timezone is GMT+2 right now, which will become GMT+1 in February.

Greetings Adventurers! We have an opening for a wizard or cleric (or other full caster) to join our intrepid Sandpoint Heroes as they battle the forces of evil. You will start at 2nd level and must have a good background story to fit in with the others. Otherwise, make yourself familiar with our variant rules and we will welcome you via a player vote...

see Recruitment thread Here

Greetings friends!

I am looking to start a Skull and Shackles game on Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm EST to 9:30 pm EST.

Send me a private message or look me up on Discord: Lyman#7747

So I've got a curiosity going on here now. I've looked at this, and have put up a few different characters as well, but over time I've started to notice something. The list doesn't change with flow. It builds, but I don't really see a lot of change... Should there be a new addition in the listing format to make things easier to spot, including when the character is posted? Reason I ask is because I see all these responses, but we don't know if the character is in a game, if the character still has interest in being played, if the player even wants to play the character... I mean some listing options to help filter would be nice, but what about a date range so that way we can know how long some of these characters have been around?

Sovereign Court

Seeking fun and game

Especially as some of us can't edit google stuff to remove ourselves if picked.

Anyway, I'd suggest adding a date submitted spot, and then clearing out the list every month.

Just a suggestion.

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This character is saving herself for Hell's rebels. Created for a recent recruitment, didn't quite make the cut, but is pretty much built for that AP (I think, I've never played it :D)

I would like to play anything basically preferably to like level 15 or higher. i've got a cleric build i'm dying to try.

Pathfinder Adventure, Lost Omens, Rulebook, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

It would suck if the list were cleared out every month. I put my name in for Ironfang Invasion months ago. But I'm still here waiting for a game.

caps wrote:
It would suck if the list were cleared out every month. I put my name in for Ironfang Invasion months ago. But I'm still here waiting for a game.

Well rather than just do a purge, just make sure you keep an update to the character every other week or something. Just something to say "Hey, I'm still wanting to use this character!"

Actually, for those interested in Iron Gods I'm doing a recruitment drive right now. The recruitment thread can be found here: Iron Gods:Deus Ex Machina

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Hoping someone may pity me enough here; I'm GM'ing several games here on the site, but can't seem to get a game to play in. I think that it's because I'm way too slow in character concept and are often full by the time I have a good idea and sheet made up. If anyone has an AP up and coming - any save for Jade Regent, Skull and Shackles, Carrion Crown, and Strange Aeons (I'm running all of those), or has any openings in ongoing ones, please let me know. I'm very active

Not so much of an AP, but I'm putting together d20-like Fallout Equestria thing this weekend, with plans to run it afterwards if I've got any players. It is on discord though.

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Thanks, Interesting Character, but not sure I'm up for that. I have discord, but haven't used it yet, so I'd be a complete rookie

I haven't used it much either. I started with this project on discord because other FoE guys had shifted to it from the Overmare Studios forums. Aside from development, I wouldn't mind running actual game here, but you can come take a look at the discord server in the meantime to see where the rules are headed.

Though I must say, from my 5 minutes of rummaging around, it isn't really any different than a forum save needing an invite to a join a particular group.

And you don't often need an invite, just the address. Like for the PFS/SFS online org play.

Poor, lost dwarf looking for a Curse of the Crimson Throne any stage in its progression, will adapt.

Looking for a Rise game with this character. I've tried to complete it many times, and have gotten as far as just past the beginning of book 2 with him.

Super interested in playing in Hell's Rebels, Skull and Shackles, Jade Regent, and Rise of the Runelords. Been playing Pathfinder for a few years, various other RPGs for at least a decade. Willing to play most types of characters.

GM here, looking for another 2 players for Mummy's Mask. As a bonus, they are Cleric and Warpriest so we are good on Healing/Divine. PM me for more info.

Here is the beginning of a wizard. He's got the basics of abilities and feats and the like. He is ready for any kind of game, and I'm prepared to finish him when he gets selected for something.

This is a rather unorthodox 'reach cleric' build that I'd be interested in running for just about any game (that isn't PFS). He's not optimized, by any means, but he willingly fills a niche that often gets neglected in character builds and team metagaming -- he heals.

Some General Info
Just completed part of the "Hollow's Last Hope" adventure arc -- offed Merlokrep
I would like to start off at 3rd or 4th level
Interested in retooling the character a bit: that 9 Int score is a bummer
Would like to run with a group that enjoys both the rolls *and* the roles in gaming
Having the opportunity to convert this character to the Spheres of Power/Might system would be the "Holy Grail", as far as I'm concerned

I hope to get some PMs!!

I'm new to PBP games, but would like to try joining one.

Currently, I have Firenze - a Gathlain Alchemist (bombadier), but I can create other characters relatively quickly. I usually play arcane caster classes (usually Arcanist) or Hunters.

The Exchange

Greetings, The answer to all of your problems is here. I am Subject 42.

I have been playing PFS since the early days and am looking for a sanctioned game to get 42 to the next level so he can join a reign of winter game that's already planned.

Due to living in Japan, I am a play by post player and typically check my computer 2-3 times a day for updates during the week. Weekends are typically slower.

Liberty's Edge

Hi. I have put my name on the spreadsheet but posting here also. I am keen for an AP and am not really fussy on which. I love PFS, but would like something a bit more substantial and cohesive. I will build a character using the appropriate player guide. If anyone wants to recruit me please PM me. Thanks.

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LFG. I've played most of Rise of the Runelords, am playing Hell's Rebels and Kingmaker IRL, and Skulls and Shackles and Ruins of Azlant on the boards. Pretty open to anything else. Really want some more game time in. I check daily for updates, and I'm comfortable playing in any role needed for existing groups.

I am recruiting for a game of Crypt of the Everflame. I am hoping to complete the game in 2-3 months.

The game can be found here Link

People who are new to PbP are encouraged to submit a character.

LF PBP game. I'm developing a custom class/archetype called the Studied Summoner. It changes the summoner class by dumping the Eidolon in favor of focusing on the SLA Summons. It switches to using Intelligence and using a spell book, and puts new restrictions on Summons (to reduce abuse) while adding new flavor.

My goal is to play test this Class for inclusion in a possible published adventure later down the road, but I need to stretch it out and run it through some paces. So I'd like to get it in a PBP campaign where I'd be very open to feedback from both the players and GM on how the class performs and what tweaks it might need.

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I've been playing Pathfinder regularly for four or so years now, but aside from a shortlived r20 campaign, it's exclusively been PFS play, and a couple of the modules. As I can no longer make it to my local group frequently, and I've been losing interest in organized play, I'm looking at other options. I'd love to get a chance to paly a longer campaign, with a bit more emphasis on the role than on the roll.

I'll play basically anything, and I don't really have any specific character in mind.

On the basis that you do not get what you do not ask for I would love to play in Age of Worms, Savagetide, or Giantslayer. Just in case any prospective GMs are contemplating what to run :)

I have a few spare aliases sitting around:
a Elf Inquisitor of Gorum (written for Kingmaker, but willing to play in anything)
a Dwarf Hunter (at lvl 2 but can easily level down, rework story, etc.]
and a Catfolk Magus (Beastblade/Eldritch Archer) (fluff is empty so really can go anywhere)


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Ok so I poured over the Reign of Winter tab of the spread sheet, and found a few applicants that I liked but, not enough. So not knowing exactly how this thread works...I'll just post an open recruitment call:

Looking for players for Snows of Summer. (Reign of Winter Campaign book 1)(pls. note this is for a PbP campaign)

Characters looking to apply, should be willing to meet the following qualifications:

1. Only use books that I allow, to build your character..(don't worry it's a lot of books! I'll make a list of them when I make a campaign thread..)

2. Post frequently! Other than pre-arranged time off..or family emergencies..I expect no less than 1 post a day on weekdays and 1 post at least on the weekends..(wanna keep a steady pace..keeps me and the players more engaged)

Please note: I am only guaranteeing we will finish book 1..If I'm still enjoying the group dynamic and play; I may go beyond to, book two. If we continue past that, I may ask another player to pick-up the game using his character as a GMPC and do book three while I take a break and just play.

Lastly this is more of a preference than a set requirement... I prefer you own and use Herolab...if you don't it's no prob..but just letting people know.

If you're interested... PM me (I won't set up a campaign thread for at least two weeks; looking for players who really want to play the entire book, so taking the extra second, to PM me with a character concept and a link to your home profile, shouldn't be an issue if you really interested)

PS. I will be handing out chronicle sheets for Campaign mode upon the completion of book 1...if the PFS incentive interest you.


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