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Just an old Dude originally from southern Cal.. now transplanted up here in Oregon. Been playing RPG's since my teen years in the 80's and still enjoy it.
My most recent home campaign is, Giant Slayer

About my play style:
My emphasis will always be on "role-play" over "roll-play". However, I do not reject or criticize, players who like to build optimized characters. I generally find, there are enough poorly built characters out there, to balance things out, as it were. Besides, if the PCs die, the story is over! So I welcome players of all types of builds.

As far as atmosphere: I prefer but, am not a slave to, the High Fantasy background or style of play. I grew up with Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms, so these are thy types of backgrounds I enjoy most. However, I also loved StarFrontiers, Traveler,Top Secrete, and even the James Bond roll-playing game; so I guess, I enjoy a lot of different flavors (just got in to Starfinder and it rocks!)

With regards to the rules of Pathfinder; I don't have any issue with them, in my home game. Right inside the Core rule book it states, "should a GM not find these rules conducive to his own game, he should change them to fit the personality of his game." Where I have problems (more frequently than I should), is in Pathfinder Society Environment. In order to put everyone on a level playing field, organized play leaves itself open to persons who bend the rules to their advantage, at every possible turn. These same players, frequently ignore rules that, would put them at a disadvantage when it serves.

To say the least...I've had a few issues with players such as these. So, if you are the type of player that tends to embrace the rules of the game, in order to gain advantage...Or even just like pointing the rules out to the GM frequently, when you believe he is in error. I respectfully request, you do not ask to enter my games. Because, there will be a problem.

Rules I dislike (but am saddled with in PFS):

1. Taking '20' to find traps (just a broken rule)
2. Taking '10' on untrained Knowledge skills (It may be legal, but I don't like it! I just don't see every PFS agent being, a highly trained, Super Spy!..An abbreviated list of things all PFS agents with a '10' or better intelligence can do is: Identify the following; every foreign accent in Golarion , poor construction, any stone or mineral in it's raw form.. the list goes on..)
3. Most sub-set rules..(especially the chase rules!) (This one doesn't need explaining. Most GMs know there are real problems with many of these sub-sets. My biggest problem arises again in PFS, when I am, essentially stuck with these sub-par designed systems. If you want to get on my good side, while I'm running with these systems in PFS..just roll with what I give you, and if you need to clarify, bring it to the discussion thread..Remember, these rules are frustrating for both player and GM)
4. Cold Weather rules and cold Weather gear. ( I have an entire Thread on this and, how Cold weather rules in Pathfinder, are generally broken.

If you read beneath the spoilers, you'll probably get the idea that, I'm an old school gamer. While that may be true, it doesn't mean you won't have fun in my games. My motivation for any game is and always will be, does it make a good story?(whether heroic or tragic) If that's the type of play that interest you, I invite you to join one of my games!

Let's make an interesting story together!