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After this reply, I probably will not be on Paizo for several hours, possibly until around midnight, as I have a few things that I will be doing.

As a candidate asked me to elaborate on what is going on in the beginning of the game, to help give people an idea of what is going on, you all are back at your 'base of operations', the World Serpent Inn. There will be a... situation that pops up in the town of Plague-Mort, a small city in the portion of the Outlands near where the portal to the Abyss lies. I will elaborate no further on that, but there is the small spoiler, since it was requested so that people were not lost trying to figure out where the initial 'mission' would take them.

Rednal, illusions are very good indeed. Most people dismiss them as mechanically weak but, if used correctly, can make them among the most powerful effects in the game (Assuming a foe falls for them, of course,). The one 'unoptimized' group that had no deaths had an illusionist that I played very intelligently. Based on both what I know of you and what others have said about you, I think that you can do the concept justice.

Oyzar, see my above post. Considering that I will probably be accepting a mixed variety of PCs, and I have playtested such things, I don't believe that you are going to be super-broken. A bit more powerful than some, perhaps, but nothing that should invalidate the character concepts of others. Does that make sense? Still want your questions answered?

Okay, so I'm back. Now, in light of some of the posts and, quite likely, some PMs that I have sitting in my mailbox, let me address a few things. What I have to say is probably going to hurt a few feelings, but it has got to be said. It needs to, if we are to finish this recruitment and start this campaign on a good note.

I was sick, as you all know from my last post on here. As in feeling almost like borderline pleurisy. I did not feel like posting at all. I have just recently got to feeling better.

Now, I see a lot of 'you are a fake', 'you are trolling', 'you are a bad GM', and other such things. This is exactly the sort of crap that made me quit my first profile on here, because people don't seem to understand extenuating circumstances.

I NEVER give people crap just because they can't post. I might ask if they are okay or if they are able to post yet, but I don't make people feel bad for having problems.

I don't understand why people get this attitude, because it's just a few days! I could see if I was making people wait a month or something, but barely over a week? And for a recruitment at that? I could understand if the people in my Kingmaker campaign are angry, because that campaign has already started.

It's not cool getting that worked up when you don't even know what the situation is.

While I can understand that I have not had a good track record, this was the sort of thing that made me abandon my FIRST profile after I came back years ago.

My suggestion is that people get facts before they make judgments and that they reserve toxic statements for when they are justified, when all the facts are in order.

I don't post on these messageboards because I HAVE to, I post on the messageboards because I WANT to. I WANT to run good games, I WANT to help people have good campaign experiences.

I may not be able to post consistently if I get sick or something like that, but I almost inevitably come back to post after I feel better.

I have offered several times for players who need reassurances to ask for my phone number so that they can ask what was up if I haven't posted in a few days. Only a few people accepted. If you needed reassurances, the offer stood.

I am just going to flat out say what I feel, just so we're clear on the matter, because I'm not going to abandon this profile and my active games again just to hide from all the negativity this time. If you are the sort of person to hurl vitriol and numerous disparaging statements at someone after just a few days of inactivity when they have CLEARLY posted that they were sick and not feeling well, then my games are not for you. I will not tolerate that behavior to myself or, worse, to other players who may be having problems.

So, that said, if you are still interested in playing, let me know. If not, don't bother adding more negativity than has already been added. I know it sounds mean to put it that way, but I'm tired of people acting like this.

EDIT: I will answer questions from those who post that they are still interested in playing. I am waiting to see who is still interested so I do not waste time replying to posts from those no longer interested in playing.

I don't see any issues with it. To be honest, it's a solid character and the build reflects what personality that you have ascribed to him well (Apart from my ridiculous notion of 'every noble worth his salt uses a sword', which I am aware is quite limiting and nonsensical!).

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Yay! Natural 1!

Who here actually sided with the Institute and still likes them?

I quite like them. While I know that they are morally bankrupt, they do have the greatest chance of finding ways to fix the Commonwealth.

The Minutemen are too idealistic, because the ratio of raiders and selfish people to selfless people in the Commonwealth is, quite obviously, too low to sustain their vision.

The Railroad only care about Synths and, while I like Synths, do not think that exclusively helping Synths is a good idea. Not only that, but they do not really watch out to make sure some of their rescues are not going crazy, which is apparently something of an issue in the lore.

And the Brotherhood of Steel is plagued with problems of it's own. It suffers from the Institute's own problems of xenophobia and amorality, but it goes a bit further. The Brotherhood, quite obviously, only care about hoarding technology. While Elder Maxson, like Elder Lyons before him, has tried to use his position to help the people in certain ways, he is toeing the line of not being brotherhood by putting that goal alongside of acquiring new technology. So, while this chapter of the BOS is decent, the organization as a whole is too much of big government 'you do what we say, when we say, and you better like it' type antics for my taste. Seriously, compare the Brotherhood to the Enclave... they're almost identical the way they operate.

I started playing Fallout with Fallout 3 and I LOVED the BOS in that game. They were heroic, knightly, had a badass at every corner ready to exterminate the wanna-be-Hulks, and were all-around good people. However, as I played the other Fallout games and saw the REAL BOS, I grew to despise the organization as a whole. They're like the NCR: they're shortsighted. They only care about their narrow goals and that is it. The Institute, on the other hand, has a wide variety of goals, all built towards helping humanity survive.

That's my take on things anyway, which may be a little bit skewed.

Ah, interesting. I might just pick up the rules book and give this a look-see. One of my favorite anime characters began as a heroic magical girl but, after snapping from a series of tragic events, went on to serve her own interests by joining the big bad. There was a complimentary redemption arc, of course, but that was pretty much a given, considering how lovable the character was before her fall.

As it stands, I have experience with these sorts of RPGs, having experience with BESM and, before realizing that it was focused on extreme Hentai elements, Black Tokyo, which I picked up on a whim when looking for material to use in a d20 Modern game set in Japan. The latter of the two I 'scrapped for parts' (Removed or rethemed the sex stuff,) and put together a really cool anime-style d20 modern game, which had the following PCs: a hermaphroditic half-vampire sniper, a redeemed female oni monk, 2 magical girls who were twins, a male Gothic Christian paladin, and a mysterious, too-cute cat in a pointy hat who spoke Old English and was adept at Merlinian Sorcery. Needless to say, the game was full of semi-conflicting tropes regarding PCs, but they made the game awesome.

And enough reminiscing! I probably should consider what character that I would like to play.

Is the option there for characters to slide into Dark Magical Girl territory at some point?

This seems awesome! Is it ready yet?

made of fluffy rainbow unicorn fleece that

Goddity finally solved how a raven is like a writer's desk.

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A truly amazing book! The Old One template is just... beyond awesome. I was nearly speechless when I first read it. It really captures the way that I envisioned them working.

I will likely write a review on it at some point in the future, although I believe that Endzeitgeist's review has already trumped mine!

I will probably review the other books in the line as well, once I purchase them. I definitely want to get Four Horsemen Present: Gruesome Constructs at some point, as the idea of the mythic template in that is... something that could be of use in a campaign. :)

Recruitment will be incoming soon.

Not much. I can provide links.

Hehe, true enough. I just want this campaign to be a thing.

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Fine, it will be a lovely squiggle baby then!

I have the same problem on my laptop, oddly enough.

If you bookmark a page other than the homepage, you can just go straight to that. It's just the home page with the issues, whatever they may be.

No one else?

Chipmunks, considering the horrible poledancing cameo by

Well, there goes the pretty baby! That thing is going to come out looking like Cthulhu!

It's nowhere near as dangerous as it could be. I have seen PCs with upwards of 50 AC, so I don't think it's quite as gamebreaking.

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Just so long as there is no, you know, apocalypse god coming to twist that baby into a horrific beast or anything!

I use my little floaty swords to open GM_Beernorg's mail... and find a new membership card for the Jar-Jar Poledancing Competition. My visor cracks in horror.

Video game instruction manuals! It used to bother me when my parents and I would babysit my cousin when I was in elementary school and she would scamper over on all fours and rend my video game instruction manuals. For the kind of person that, to this day, still has a mint-condition, black-disc copy of PS1's Medievil game after having played it for probably 50 or 60 hours back in the old days, that was some sad stuff.

GM_Beernorg, quite contrary to a previous statement, didn't lose a needle in a haystack... he lost a haystack in a needle and is still looking for it.

Molten Dragon is banned for JOINING a man called GoatToucher in the bath.

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Me as a deity? This should be fun to stat up!


Title: The Metal Messaiah

Alignment: Lawful Good

Domains: Law (I am a firm believer in laws and justice), Good (I believe in good and strive for it, even if I'm not even close to being saintly), Artifice (I love crafting things and have always liked the idea of machine angels), Protection (I believe in the protection of the innocent and have no regard for those who would oppress or destroy them)

Typical Worshippers: Inventors, paladins, city guards, those in need of protection

Symbol: A mechanized, electified longsword with its point down, flanked by metal angel wings of purest silver.

Garb: White and gold robes over armor.

Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword (Usually paired with a tower shield for the ultimate sword and board!)

Preferred Outsider Races: Archon, Angel, Inevitable

Herald: A huge angel formed out of silvery metal with large wings made out of unbreakable stained glass. The herald would wield my preferred weapons and would have the power to protect those around it, transferring all wounds onto itself, healing to full health nearly instantaneously, and otherwise being a bulwark against the forces of darkness.

Yes, I am quite familiar with them. Saint is basically Cleric done closer to what one would expect from a holy man, as opposed to a religious scholar, whereas Apothecary is a 'full caster' version of an Alchemist, correct?

And hey, gestalting them could work quite well. It could also provide some interesting flavor, depending on how you worked it!

Given that ability score buy is 30 points 1-1 basis, I believe that any M.A.D.ness could easily be dealt with.

Living Jungle was quite fun, as was one of the spin-off adventures related to it.

Also, since you brought it up, custom races are allowed. Other races get a boost to 20 RP to match the custom race cap.

Nice, drbuzzard! Greyhawk is the classic old-school setting. It will be tristalt, primarily because I have planned it this way, and retooled Red Velvet Tiger and I's Echoes of the Sephira to utilize tristalt.

There are few classes not allowed, but I will list them.

Monster Trainer and all related classes by Northwinter Press (Too broken in mechanics and too much like Pokemon in theme to be taken seriously)

Hellenic Sorceress by Sean K. Reynolds Games (Too weak... almost like an NPC class like the Adept, but with 9 caster levels)

Pugilist by Wordcasting Press (Like a very watered down Monk or Brawler that is too weak to be considered a PC class)

Yep, that's the whole list of banned classes that I have access to with my library and d20pfsrd. I am even allowing things like the Untouchable by Zombie Sky Press and the Maestro by Interjection Games as, even though it took a while to get used to the way that the classes worked, they are balanced quite well.

Since PCs can play as creatures with CR and templates, I'm sure that question will come up at some point. The rule is, if I okay it, a creature is worth a number of levels equal to 1.5 their CR, rounded up. As such, a CR 8 creature would take up 12 levels on part of the tristalt, as that is about how it equates when making encounters, I have found, a rare few exceptions included. To keep people from playing balors and such, the caveat is that the creature's level equivalent MUST fit in one part of the gestalt completely. One cannot break up the levels and split them throughout the 3 sides of the tristalt. I am banning templates with regeneration or other, similarly-broken stuff in them. Creatures with save-or-die powers are also going to probably be banned, so no playing as a Least Umbral Blot.

What were you looking at making, if I may ask? Also, I sent you a PM.

EDIT: Yes, tristalt as in 3 classes gestalted into one.

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I am wondering how many people would be interested in this? The campaign would be level 14, tristalt, with most options open for PC use and would be a planes-hopping adventure that extended into the level of mythic play and epic levels, with the possibility of continuing the campaign later on as full-fledged gods.

The story would begin in Sigil, the (in)famous city in the middle of the Outlands, at the center of the known multiverse. The PCs would all be part of a planar adventuring party and would spend the early game doing adventure-y stuff, albeit from a very high power level. The late game, as in most campaigns, would be some pretty serious stuff.

And yes, the implications of this campaign is that you can play someone from Greyhawk, Eberron, Ravenloft, Kara-Tur, Mystara, Faerun, Athas, the vastness of Spelljammer space, or any other old-school setting!

So, who's up for this sort of campaign? Any takers? The rules have already been figured out, the various class options playtested (Therefore I have a complete list of which classes are allowed, core, 3PP, or otherwise.)... all I need is an idea on whether people are interested in this sort of thing or not.

If you ARE interested, just post as much here and, if you have a concept, feel free to post it. At 5 separate posts, I will create the official recruitment.

Vorpal bunnies! "RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!!!"

What did you expect from the United States Government? Says a US citizen!

James Jacob wrote:
There is indeed a comparative strength. I've said before that Pharasma is the most powerful, and that remains true. Beyond that, I'm not interested in saying much more at this time, mostly because I don't want to even APPROACH validating anything like "stats" for the deities (and when you get right down to it, a list of the top five most powerful are stats that do just that).

BLASPHEMY!!! Nocticula is the most powerful of the Golarion deities! And the sexiest! And... I probably need to stop while I'm ahead. :P


Good thing that you have avoided those tarantula hairs!

I will warn you, however, that it MAY be in your best interests to get a scorpion that has been devenomed. There was once, when its tank was being cleaned out, that it almost connected with that tail.

Monitor lizards are awesome. They don't require much upkeep, not anymore than a cat anyway. You can even train some of them to use a litter box.

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Well, I can't say that I can match some some people in terms of how odd or exotic of pets that I have had, but I had three that most people would never own.

The first was a rose-haired tarantula. I will warn you, those bristles on the spider's can cause a pretty itchy spot if they jab in you, so be warned if you get one of these tarantulas!

The second was a black emperor scorpion, which I initially got as a curiosity because I am a Scorpio. I got one that did not have the venom sac removed, so it still had it's powerful toxin. It was fascinating to see that thing hunt small mice.

The third, which I adored, was a savannah monitor lizard (I believe that is the correct term!) that my parents and I named Mikey. He was my buddy back during middle school and we used to walk him outside on a leash like a dog, feed him table scraps and such. R.I.P., my faithful lizard-hound.

Jessex wrote:

Coughing up a bit of blood is a symptom of TB one of the most communicable diseases known to man. Someone coughing hard and producing blood when they do so should be isolated immediately. That shouldn't be open for discussion. Anyone showing those symptoms needs to be seen by a medical professional immediately.

As to bills, if I am at a con and some one is obviously ill and I ask that he be moved and he isn't do you think the con wants to find out what the combined legal and medical bills will be if I get sick? Last time I got the flu it turned into pneumonia and I was hospitalized for almost 2 weeks.

^ That. ^

Seriously, why is it so hard for people to NOT be selfish when it comes to someone's health? IT'S A CON, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! It's not your child's graduation or something, so calm down and stay home if you are sick.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Kicking out everyone with the sniffles is just going to drop the fort save from 14 to 12, not eliminate the need for a save altogether.

But such a solution would eliminate the largest risk because, after all, the best vector for spreading most communicable diseases is, you guessed it, coughing and sneezing.

An MIT article on the matter... and MIT is generally good on fact-checking their work.



I legitimately wanted to punch him with a power fist in Fallout 3... not much has changed since then. Too bad he is marked as essential.

I actually believe that the Institute is the Commonwealth's best chance. I believe that they have made some really bad choices, such as hiring the tool that you end up capping about halfway through the game, but their research could actually help fix the world, seeing as how, apart from my character, they are the smartest people in the Commonwealth.

GM_Beernorg is responsible for Ron Perlman not voicing the ending of Fallout 4. Grab your pitchforks!

True enough!

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Let's agree to disagree.

thejeff wrote:


Has there been such a thing in any version of D&D?

Well, I have almost finished my shapeshifting base class. It is not just limited to normal wildshape forms, but encompass many other things as well, such as a PC deciding to shapechange into a chair or other inanimate object.

I hope to have the book released sometime around Christmas as a free PDF.

Not fair! I have an annoying, I mean... very nice player who may need one, as a great Crystalhue present! :)


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