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Also Known as the Mercenary GM, I run games Professionally. You can find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheMercenaryGM/
for all kinds of information on running games and coming soon, links to videos that I will be making to help other GMs out.

I currently run three Freebie games, one IRL and 2 PbP here. I will keep those free, as they began long before I started this career move. If you would like me to add your game to my resume, message me and we'll talk terms. I can do PbP, I have some experience with VTT and I can do F2F if you're in my part of the woods.

A few games I have run:
Star Wars (Every edition)
Dungeons and Dragons (Every Edition but 4th)
Spycraft (2nd Edition)
Savage Rifts (SWEX and SWADE)
GURPS Martial Arts(3rd Edition)
GURPS Supers (3rd Edition)
Palladium Fantasy
Shadowrun (2nd, 3rd and 4th Edition)
Unofficial Elder Scrolls

and more..

I have also played some wargaming and ship simulation games as well to round out my gaming experience, mostly:
Warhammer Fantasy and 40K
Avalon Hill Battlefield Europe
B5 Fleet Wars
A Call to Arms B5
A Call to Arms Star Trek
FASA Star Trek
and more...