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Common, Espangles

Strength 12
Dexterity 13
Constitution 11
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 15
Charisma 11

About PaleDim

Discord: paledim#7555

Posting Style

I like to interleave clear, concise OOCs to explain the mechanics of my character's actions. The narrative is king, but these bits help the GM and other players understand the rounds actions.

Pathfinder 1e examples

[move] 20' (if it's obvious and simple, but in case it's not...)
[move] 20' (2 N, 1W, 1N)
[move] 20' (2 NW, 1N)
[5' step] NW
[standard] Cast Cure Light Wounds on <self or ally>
[full round] full attack

Pathfinder 2e examples


↻ Recognize spell
◇ Drain bonded item: level 1
◆◆ Cast (somatic, verbal) produce flame (2nd) at BLUE (indicates the types of the two actions, that the cantrip is heightened, and the target)
◆ Stride 25' (2SE, 2E)
◆ Step 5' SE

Boring origin story

I was brought here by Gaming from Afar and discovered a welcoming new world. My wife and oldest kid soon followed onto the boards.


Craft (code): 23 ranks
Craft (emails): 20 ranks
Craft (PbP): 1 rank
Handle Puppy: 1 rank
Handle Cat: 12 ranks
Knowledge (Foodtrucks): 3 ranks
Knowledge (Local Public Transit): 3 ranks
Knowledge (Seinfeld): 23 ranks (+4 racial bonus)
Knowledge (RPGs): 10 ranks (AD&D 2e, D&D 3, Pathfinder, Starfinder)
Perform (voices): 27 ranks; Kermit, Ms. Piggy
Survival: 0 ranks. Smartphone grants +20 circumstance bonus.


Screeching Sneeze: When you get anywhere near dust make a fortitude save at -10. If you fail, sneeze really loud. This can be heard from 100 ft. away. Those within 10 ft. take 1d8 sonic damage, with a DC30 reflex save for half.

Hop on one foot for really long time: Still haven't found a use for this feat.

Deliver child outside of hospital: The side of the highway was not a choice.

Craft wondrous program: It will be properly indented. You'll see.

Craft wondrous egg sandwich: when you're out of everything else and the kids are hungry

Zone Defense: because after two kids you can no longer play a man-to-man defense

Recall Lost Seinfeld Episode: You can spend one resolve point to re-roll a Knowledge (Seinfeld) check

Consume Coffee: Your first cup of coffee before 9am replenishes your resolve points. For the rest of the morning it replenishes half. In the afternoon it's ineffective. At 2am it becomes effective again, but at 8am your resolve points drop to zero and cannot be replenished for 24 hours.

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