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General Discussion
Ironfang Invasion
Strange Aeons
Hell's Vengeance
Hell's Rebels
Iron Gods
Mummy's Mask
Wrath of the Righteous
Reign of Winter
Shattered Star
Skull & Shackles
Jade Regent
Carrion Crown
Serpent's Skull
Council of Thieves
Legacy of Fire
Second Darkness
Curse of the Crimson Throne
Rise of the Runelords

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Topic Posts Last Post
The Kintargo Contract (GM Reference)

Paizo Blog: As Aeons End

Alchemist build advice for this adventure

Stat' block error in Fangs of War (spoilers)

Vigilantes of Korvosa?

Stolen Land (GM Reference)

Paizo Blog: So You've Survived the End of the World

HELP.......Our GM went MIA, anyone out here who GM's in Roll20?

Cold Weather Survival (Minor Spoilers)

So now my character is a wereshark!

List of CMD for enemies between levels 10-18 in ROTRL

Grappling hero

Having difficulty imagining this as a PbP..

Jade Regent Book 4 Feasts, any rewrite ideas?

The Arkonas (Spoilers)

In Search of Sanity (GM Reference)

Hi-Resolution Maps

Want to integrate another AP with Kingmaker to run for my group

Black Stars Beckon (GM Reference)

Dudemeister's KM3 VV - Additions and Changes

The end...

What Grows Within (GM Reference)

What about just living?

Problems with listed prepared spells (spoilers)

Second time around

Inspectre's Curse of the Crimson Throne Alterations (Spoilers!)

The Thrushmoor Terror (GM Reference)

Strange Aeons Obituaries Page (Obvious Spoilers)

Paizo Blog: Come to the Phaendar Market Festival!

APs on historic / pulp Earth?

Spires of Xin-Shalast (GM Reference)

Turtleback Ferry Alternative Events (spoilers)

Swords of Sin, 1 Per Chapter (Seven Spoilers alert!)

Character Background ideas (Input needed)

Wrath of the Righteous Campaign Journal Summary

A Song of Silver (GM Reference)

Maiden, Mother, Crone (GM Reference)

Who are your Kingmakers?

physical copies of the AP

NobodysHome's Silly Serpent's Skull Moments [***Spoilers***]

My own Thrushmoor Terror

Party Wealth and Automatic Bonus Progression

A long time passes... (GM Burnt Offerings question, spoilers)

Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth (GM Reference)

Adding Star Wars Flavor to Iron Gods

Giantslayer Obituary Thread (THERE WILL BE SPOILERS)

Falgrim Sneeg

Where do hobgoblins spend their money?

Trail of the Hunted (GM Reference)

Wrath of Thrune (GM Reference)

The Inferno Gate (GM Reference)

Length of This Adventure Path

RotRL spoilers in CotCT?

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die--The Strange Aeons Experiment, Part 4

Gestalt advice for this AP

Awakened Octopus

The Price of Infamy (GM Reference)

The Strange Aeons Experiment

Fantasy Grounds

Updated Mass Combat Rules for Wrath of the Righteous

Paizo Blog: Into the Wild!

APs and Interactive Maps

players guide?

Character Concepts

help with background for chaotic evil tiefling PC

Seven Days to the Grave (GM Reference)

RotRL Obituaries

Probable stats for the torch of Torch and 'nuclear bomb'?

Post Your Ironfang Invasion Characters Here

Alternate to Clockwork Librarian

Skulls and Shackles Obituary Thread

[Spoilers] Funny Rise of the Runelords Moments

The Thousand Fangs Below (GM Reference)

DM_aka_Dudemeister's Ironfang Invasion Notepad *SPOILERS*

How did your group defeat Nyrissa?

[DM Advice / SPOILERS] Some questions concerning Eryliums behaviour and future plans.

Dreams of the Yellow King (GM Reference)

Quaminiah's Campaign Journal

Shingles question

S. Petersen's Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors

Ship actions and fatigue

So, what if I decide to play as a Hobgoblin?

Paladin Dragon Knight as a player character?

Giantslayer and Occult Classes

About to run the Misgivings - Would rather avoid a TPK

How effective are combat maneuvers in this campaign

Mass Combat

Breaking the Bones of Hell (GM Reference)

Tartuk the Summoner

Wood recorder in Armageddon Echo

Devacorian's Kingmaker Changes and Campaign Journal (In Progress)

Fortress of the Stone Giants (GM Reference)

Future of the Wardstones

Should I tell the players this? (MAYBE SPOILERY?)

Kingmaker's new clothes

Into the Past: Meeting Xoud pre-death

Trying To Find Access Card Handouts

The Frozen Stars (GM Reference)

Trex Animal Companion

The Asylum Stone (GM Reference)

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