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Ironfang Invasion
Strange Aeons
Hell's Vengeance
Hell's Rebels
Iron Gods
Mummy's Mask
Wrath of the Righteous
Reign of Winter
Shattered Star
Skull & Shackles
Jade Regent
Carrion Crown
Serpent's Skull
Council of Thieves
Legacy of Fire
Second Darkness
Curse of the Crimson Throne
Rise of the Runelords

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Community Created Stuff (may contain spoilers)


How to get to "Open Sesame" Street?

Shattered Star Maps for PbP (DMs only)

[Spoilers?] The Trinia Sabor Affair

Length of This Adventure Path

[Spoilers] Funny Rise of the Runelords Moments

First game after a long hiatus

A Song of Silver (GM Reference)

Spires of Xin-Shalast (GM Reference)

Post Your Ironfang Invasion Characters Here

The Price of Infamy (GM Reference)

Magnimar NPC List

PC wasting time, during the "siege" of Thisteltop

Redwing (mention of a possible spoilers)

Multiple Charges of Cylex

Mythic RotRL (Spoilers)

A major alteration ot the RotRL Plot

Whitechin the Goblin King - Tried and Tested Versions?

Black Stars Beckon (GM Reference)

GM Help Requested for Final Scene of Book #1: Edge of Anarcjy

Inspectre's Curse of the Crimson Throne Alterations (Spoilers!)

Into the Nightmare Rift (GM Reference)

Pirate Lingo, Sayings and Curses

Magnimar Libraries (Ultimate Intrigue Research Rules Stats)

Rebellion Rules: When do New Supporters get Added?

Empty Graves (GM Reference)

Wrath of the Righteous Campaign Journal Summary

Sins of the Saviors (GM Reference)

The first adventure path to be run twice!

Spoilers Modifications or possible redesign for the Queen of thousand breaths Spoilers

Simple NPC Template

Giantslayer Obituary Thread (THERE WILL BE SPOILERS)

Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Errata

If they can sell it, they'll cart it: An itemized & valued list of Rise of the Runelords loot.

Making Queen Elvanna less bland (spoilers)

Korvosa settlement stats

How relevant is the Molthune-Nirmathas war to this AP? (AP description spoilers)

In Search of Sanity (GM Reference)

I Miss Web Supplements

Who are your Kingmakers?

Legacy of Fire Audio Files

Things you've changed, and things you should have. [Spoilers]

What Grows Within (GM Reference)

Player Secrets

Haunt Cheat Sheet

Seven Days to the Grave (GM Reference)

NobodysHome's Silly Serpent's Skull Moments [***Spoilers***]

Reign of Winter Obituaries Thread (Spoilers)

The Snows of Summer (GM Reference)

Most fun to GM / Play: CotCT, Iron Gods or Strange Aeons

In Search of Sanity Adjustment - Adding a 5th player

players guide?

Questions about haunts in book 2 (obviously spoilers inside)

The Inferno Gate (GM Reference)

Hell's Vengeance Obituaries

Paizo Blog: As Aeons End

Help Me Kill This PC (or at least give him a challenge).

Cthulu adventure path?

Burnt Offerings in 5E (Spoilers)

Anniversary editions

Book 5: Discussion on Iomedae [SPOILERS AHOY!]

New GM Advice Request: Evil Drow in my first RotRL Campaign?

Paizo Blog: Heart of Stone

Hell's Rebels Obituary Thread *SPOILERS INBOUND*

The Thrushmoor Terror (GM Reference)

Character Generation Plans

Freeing Spirit Anchors

The Legality of Printing Adventure Path Maps

Danse Macabre Graphic


What Are Pathfinder Adventure Path Player's Guides Anyway?

Vigilantes of Korvosa?

Palace of Fallen Stars (GM Reference)

Need help with modifying an encounter at Hook Mountain (Book 3 spoilers)

Argus Wall: How've you been dealing with it?

Serpent Skull Obituaries

Fish's Serpent's Skull's Campaign Journals(')

The Witch Queen's Revenge (GM Reference)

The Asylum Stone (GM Reference)

Battle of Senara

Dance of the Damned experiences? (Spoilers)

Store Blog: I Cannot Forget Carcosa Where Black Stars Hang in the Heavens!

Searchlight hitpoints & hardness (Rasputin Must Die Spoilers)

The Shackled Hut (GM Reference)

RotRL Obituaries

Evil PC's in Carrion Crown

Kingmaker In Space

Strange Aeons Obituaries Page (Obvious Spoilers)

RotRL *SPOILERS* Help with source plenty of ogre minis... Hook Mountain *SPOILERS*

Community Created Stuff

Printable Battlemaps and VT Maps for Reign of Winter - Maiden, Mother, Crone (WIP)

New Game- need character help

In Hell's Bright Shadow (GM Reference)

URGENT: Ovinrbaane questions [spoilers]

Should I play this class? (No spoilers, please)

Post your Strange Aeons character here

The Skinsaw Murders (GM Reference)

The nature of creepiness

Doppelganger detection

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