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Freedom Bird is as Free as a hairy '70s Southern Rock band now

And this hairy '70s Southern Rock band you cannot change.

Although Studies have shown that the use of cattle-prods and radishes have given promising results.

Scarab Sages

Pulg has a recurring nightmare in which a giant radish with the face of pre-Riker Beard Jonathan Frakes sprinkles salt on Pulg's head and then bites it off.

IHIYC is the tutor of the boogeyman.

FF grew a goatee to emulate his idol Evil Captain Kirk.

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Molten Dragon has a fireworks breath weapon.

Freedom Bird didn't make it to the cut of appearing on an american flag.

Liberty's Edge

Wylliam Harrison has an enchanted red-white-and-blue striped suit that gives him a +4 bonus on Charisma-based skill checks to sell cars and mattresses.

The Amazing Vanzetti claims to read the Constitution for the articles, but we know better.

KG is a staunch defender of matresses...., and the constitution

KenderKin is on the FBI watchlist because he tried to eat the constitution that one time.

FB is the one that told me it was the consumption....and gave me edible under garments.....let freedom ring!

Sovereign Court

KenderKin has disturbed the dirt.

And trapped the AZK in a crude binding spell...

KK made his fortune in the oil business, using a binding crude spell.

KG's stripper name is "Downstairs Mixer"

Shadow Lodge

Kender uses the "Downstairs Mixer" every night.

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EquinoxMaster's 'Downstairs Mixer' has three all-purpose settings: 'Churn', 'Emulsify' and 'Pow, Zoom, Straight To The Moon, Ralphie'.

Pulg is afraid of mixers, power tools and fireworks.

KenderKin is a door to door salesman of mixers, power tools and fireworks.

Shadow Lodge

SWM is a backdoor power tool dealer.

Hidden inside equinoxmaster's beard is a recipe for the deadliest gumbo known to man.

Shadow Lodge

4S bathes in deadly gumbo

Equinoxmaster is the feared leader of a savage pack of Deadly Gumbo Bears

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Pulg is the feared leader of a savage pack of Rabid Gummy Bears.

Uncle Teddy's bear-friend is 1/16 Gummy Bear on his mother's side

KG was the arch enemy of Doc Savage, the man with the tan

Kenderkin is a man with a van, a plan, two pans, three cans, a catamaran and C-SPAN.

Pulg is responsible for the hole in the bottom of the sea.

Molten Dragon once tried to drink the whole sea.

Scarab Sages

Cluny the Scourge once pranked FOX News by leaving several crates of pungent French and Middle Eastern cheeses in the lobby of their building.

IHIYC was once network controller for Forks News, a short-lived Conservative tableware themed cable channel.

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Pulg is the administrator of the ForksNews.com website, which is a repository for news, rumor, and fan fiction regarding the Twilight series.

Pulg used to be the spokesman for 'Facial Hair Fashion', but it ran aground, as he's not taken a decent hair cut since.

The Fiend Fantastic's goatee is barred according to the Geneva Conventions, and using it in combat is a war crime.

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The Doc CC was originally the Dock CC, until he became unmoored.

One could say KahnyaGnorc became un-moored when they left southern Spain.

Molten Dragon used to be the man with the plan. Said plan was to turn into a dragon who is eternally on fire.

Good job!

Ventnor runs a Medieval removals services he calls 'Dragon with a Wagon'

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Pulg is actually three Ewoks standing on each other's shoulders while wearing a trench coat. Strangely, Pulg's dates seem surprisingly cool with this.

The Doc CC is called back, mama CC is preparing supper.

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Poog is... Well, how do I put this? He is a... Squirrel who was bitten by a radioactive cucumber.

Sissyl is actually oblivious to the fact that she is wearing a hat. That hat is, in fact, an octopus camouflaging as an elaborate head dress for an evil sorceress.

GoatToucher received his super-powers after being 'Hentai-ed' by a radioactive octopus.

(What??? I am a sorceress??? And here I thought I was merely an insufferably smart layabout.)

Pulg was hentaied by an Ewok. Which, you know, explains things about Ewok sexuality.

Pulg was the result of a steamy love affair between Cousin It and Oread.

KahynaGnorc is the psychic mind-child of Brain Empress Sissyl and a Ninja vacuum cleaner.

Pulg is a five star chef, but he always gets hair in the ratatouille

KenderKin isn't actually a kleptomaniac. It is his secret shame.

Like all dragons, Ventnor hoards things. His preference is for vintage tea sets.

KahnyaGnorc was the best-selling G.I. Joe doll action figure of all time.

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