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KenderKin's superhero name is Indiscriminate Rump-Slapper Man. His superpowers are self explanatory.

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Molten Dragon is Indiscriminate Rump-Slapper Man's nemesis, the Spankenateror.

Pulg is still trying to determine whose minion he is going to be, it is a close race....

The Indiscriminate Rump-Slapper Man was killed off in the latest crossover event. He'll probably be brought back to life in two weeks, tops.

Sovereign Court

What Ventnor didn't realise however, is that both Indiscriminate Rump-Slapper Man and the Spankenateror will be in the employ of GoatToucher. Which was going to happen anyway.

AZK's lesser known alias is Good game encourager...

KK went to the UK with an AK after experiencing PK, meeting an enraged boxer and experiencing a TK.

KG loves both pig and goose latin, in fact he has a PHD in both, or actually an octorateday inay ilosophyfay

KenderKin's life would be a hollow mockery were it not for his PHD straighteners.

Pulg is actually an aging child actor, before his baldness began he played cousin it.

KenderKin is a malevolent demon of premature baldness incarnated.

Ventnor used to work the pig roast circuit in his youth, using his fiery breath weapon to sear the hair right off those porkers. Plus, nothing gives a finer flavor to pork than dragon fire, except mesquite wood.

GM_Beernorg is the subject of an ancient prophecy that states that he will one day start wearing pants.

Ventnor is wearing pants RIGHT NOW!!!

GoatToucher is trying to charm the pants off of Ventnor, RIGH NOW!

GM_Beernorg is trying to charm pants back onto GoatToucher.

Pulg knows the secret to charming the pants back onto GoatToucher, but refuses to share this knowledge with me, or anyone else, such is considered a major crime on most civilized worlds.

GM_Beernorg is the inventor of the 9th-level Enchantment spell Greater Charm Pants.

Ventor has a vacation time share on the 9th level of Hell.

MD is rudely interrupting my dinner

KenderKin's soup slurping is interrupting my TV show.

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Molten Dragon watching his TV with the volume turned up is interrupting my training montage.

Archmage Ventnor gave up several spell slots in order to be able to cast Pants Suggestion approximately 60 times a day.

Archdruid Pulg communes with the spirits of pants around him to gain his power over nature.

High Priest Ventnor reveres the pantheon of pants, but crusades against capris, as they are heathen and must know the purification of flame!

GMB believes that he is too sexy or his shirt...so sexy it hurts.

Silver Crusade

Kenderkin once went fishing with the Boys from Brazil.

lucky7 is one of the "Boys" from "The Boys Are Back in Town."

KG is still looking for the lost boys

KK runs a Found & Lost, and the order is not a typo.

KahnyaGnorc is a minor deity of typos and misspelled words.

Ventnor is the major diety of butt-dialing.

MD is the avatar of butter-face

KK is confused as to where the butter should be applied.

GoatToucher knows that the butter should be applied to every orifice, as often as possible, and with as much vigor as you can possibly exert.

GoatToucher is afraid of sheep.

B saw to that via electrocution

KenderKin used his invisibility cloak to hide me from Belphegor.

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Ventnor used his Hat of Disguise to learn what life is like amongst the chickens.

Pulg likes a ham sandwich with a little mayo and mustard, maybe some cheese also.

MD likes his ham sandwiches with narcissistic actors in them.

KahnyaGnorc guards his butter tree with an unbelievable ferocity.

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And Ventnor has the wounds to prove it.

Partylf Sunev fights . . . for his rights . . . to PAAAAAAAARTY!

KG is president of the Beastie Boys fan club

KK LOOKS like he's the president of the Milli Vanilli fan club, but he's just lip synching to Ventnor

KahnyaGnorc is still rockin' the 80's hair.

Molten Dragon's afro is so huge that you can see it from space.

Ventnor only eats goats untouched by the infamous GoatToucher.....

Mullet-over has 'party in the front and business in the back'. Heresy!

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