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This year has been a bloody misery. My mother died in august, and things have since been rather hectic, with work demanding more of my time. When the redesign of this site hit, it took just that bit of more energy that I didn't have to come here. So, I found out now that I just haven't.

It is better to say goodbye than to just vanish. I have left already, but it may of course be that I come back at some point. I would like to thank all the lovely people here for making this board my online home for about a decade of my life.

Party on. Be excellent to each other.

I use my Midas touch on AM GOLD.


I hate it when that happens.

Pulg's ready to believe you! Call 555-GHOST!

Not coconuts. It's a horse.

Goth Guru was promoted to assistant pigkeeper.

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Did IHIYC have something to do with the Spanish Armada? The answer will surprise you!

GURPS? Which edition of it?

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Freehold DM wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
I dunno. I trust Paizo to say "2nd ed is awesome, check it out!" instead of "Only morons would still play 1st ed!". That's going to work wonders for avoiding drawn battle lines.
very, very well said.

Thank you.

Ummmmm... may be time for me to leave now...

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I dunno. I trust Paizo to say "2nd ed is awesome, check it out!" instead of "Only morons would still play 1st ed!". That's going to work wonders for avoiding drawn battle lines.

We have a divine Pulg now? Izzat a good thing?

To quote a great thinker: "He'll be back."

Vidmaster7 wrote:

* Mourns his 2 day winning spree coming to an end*

Also I don't get payed enough to mop.. or be a mop...

I dunno. You get nothing for being a mop. Which is what mops typically get paid.

*releases Vidmaster7 from the broom handle the Count tied him to*

There, now. A VidPulg would have been an awesome mop, but dino guts? Nah.

No. Just no. It's not Cosmo's fault! You can't blame him! Someone should start the Reformed cult of Cosmo, which sees everyone as responsible people, well able to answer for what they have done!


I am no expert...

...but if you don't know about Illustrator, maybe all your hard work on writing this thing would be best served by paying someone to finish your book? I understand that writing is free, but with the decision to publish comes costs. Certainly, I dabbled in editing and layouting, but even the meager results I got took some pretty intense learning curves.

Look at it this way: You love your book, and you want others to love it too, right? You want good reviews, word of mouth leading to more sales, and so on. Sure, you CAN do the job yourself, but it WILL NOT be as good as if you paid someone to do it. That will mean fewer sales.

Sure, it's possible you won't sell much either way. Getting things out there is still difficult. Still, consider the time you put into it, the money you have available and the results you want before deciding.

And Illustrator is abyss-deep.

Please don't take this as an insult.

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lisamarlene wrote:

Want a fun game to play with your brain?

1. Go to the Google Images search page and type a two word search phrase, first word "kawaii", second word some random and evil creature, like "dementor" or "gollum"

2. Repeat until you develop a facial tick.

Oh! Fun! Let's see...

"kawaii tarrasque"



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Could have been comic sans...

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I suppose it's just a matter of timing. And they can do whatever they want with their website... but...

...I don't want this too. I can't find stuff. They look wonky. And nobody has yet said that Gamer Life is coming back to the main page.

*whines pitifully*

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Gorbacz wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Why would you feel that would be an improvement?

Apart from PFS (which likely should retain its forum for obvious reasons) and PbP, the boards are pretty much down to jaded, hyperinvested nerds like myself. Which means Paizo is spending disproportionately lot of time and energy policing the boards while getting mostly grar and entitlement in return.

The way I see it, most casual non-invested gamers have shifted towards discussing their gaming on Facebook and other social media. I've used to have to spend an hour catching up with a day's worth of posts at Paizo boards, nowadays it's 10 minutes or so. At the same time, Paizo's business seems going strong, so I guess it's more a change in how people chose to interact with the company and less a reduction in overall scope of the business.

That's likely why WotC and BioWare axed their boards, and I believe Paizo should follow them.

If the view of Paizo employees is that the people who remain on the boards are "jaded, hyperinvested nerds" and that we give them "grar and entitlement", then a problem certainly exists.

Yeah. Benefit of the doubt and all that. However, there is to my knowledge nowhere stated that any of these are bugs and not changes. I would be happy to be proven wrong. Other companies have axed their forums.

I'll reserve judgement and give them time.

Maybe so. But if I can't easily navigate to Gamer Life, can't see if there are new posts, can't see links, have to see too small text that formats poorly off a mobile phone, the net change is a pretty huge minus. To me.

Why would you feel that would be an improvement?

This will not do!!! Comrades! We must take the bridge!

The next poster would join in the revolution if only he could find it...

I must be doing something wrong... I can't find the Off-topic forums except by going through one of my posts there. Is this intentional? Also, the (x new) markers are gone?

*wields sarcasm in her right hand and irony in her left*

The next poster was there too.

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85. Captain Killjoy had something to do with it.

Kirth Gersen wrote:
Re-read Zelazny's To Die in Italbar. The first half was way better than I remembered; almost literary -- I love the carrying of the theme from literal to spiritual to metaphorical. (Also, as a widely-traveled geologist with a lot of recent hospital time, it's absurdly easy for me to sympathize with the main character.) The weak ending sort of marred it, though. Still, a worthy (and easily overlooked) successor to Isle of the Dead.

Zelazny was a wonderful writer... but his main flaw was that he never managed to make good endings. They are all weak. It is a mark of greatness that even so, he remains a great writer.

Nah. I never applied. I don't think I am awesome enough to get in.

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I wanna read that...

Phew. I hear they are really bad hombres. Almost as bad as Team Skull...

Team Rocket is here? O.o

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Hurr hurr...

Well, you know, you're safe from that. I will block the ball. Don't be a thief. Y'know?


*Feels the headpiece repair itself instantly*


Krlln, just the way to greet friends in a consonant ensemble.

The next poster believes I misunderstood something there and will explain. In detail.

Sure. Nuclear war always does. It's really surprising how small the list of problems it won't solve is.

The next poster doesn't think nuclear war is a good idea, despite the obvious advantages.

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Witch is an atrocious class. I have no idea why the designers thought it was a good idea. It truly is as bad as all that. The other hexes, in particular misfortune, are almost as bad (and misfortune works on everything). Add cackles and second chance to hex feats and it's awful. To which the witch playing crowd says: Use elves, undead, constructs and whatever. Which would be a solution, but I'd like some variety AND not be accused of nerfing the witch by what critters I use.

Witch: Just say no.

Vomiting... and eating it
Peeing wherever
Carrying around a half rotted corpse. HIS half rotted corpse!!!
Rolling in a huge refuse/manure pile
Rubbing up against the important nobleman for scritches
Eating ALL available food because hungries
Licking crotch vigorously and noisily - MUST be clean
Fun fighting with a massive warhorse
Taking a sword etc and running away to be chased
Snuggling down with his fave human in the camp, giving the gift of warmth
Eating half a couch at the inn

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There was a gategate incident some time back, no?

Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
My stats suck, any way I can get a reroll?

No good way, no.

Konosuba rocks! Darkness forever!!!

Oh yes.

The next poster is foolish.

Not done as you describe it, to my knowledge. If you want to do this, you need to think much farther in 3D than most dungeon maps go. As a suggestion, make the map rather small and compact.

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Tactical kitty litter is something I am all too familiar with...

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Tactical apple decorer
Tactical banana slicer
Tactical mop

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Pokemon TCG? Lemme get back to you on it. Suffice it to say it is a very old game, and a rather random one. It is rather simple, and though there are synergies, randomness is still mostly the order of the day.

Bloody theatre-goers...

The next poster points out the obvious!

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