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Partylf Sunev still refers to them as Klingons.

MD knows from his lore that they can mostly be found around Uranus

KK likes to sacrifice them at the porcelain altar of St John.

KG sat on the alter and got a St johns wart!

KK is covered with warts...

...on the inside.

GT those with scabs should not throw warts


Pulg is the Commissioner of the WWF, the Wart Wrestling Federation.

Ventnor had a wart once, it got better.

Wart wrestling is like thumb wrestling....V's favorite is every wart for itself.

A wart once had a KenderKin.

GM_Beernorg and KahnyaGnorc are the world's most powerful wart wrestling tag team.

When Ventnor takes his shirt off and puts his mask on, he changes from a mild-mannered dragon into El rey de la lucha libre de la verruga!

Pulg is 94% wart free...

KenderKin knows the percentages of 54.679825% of all existence.

KG does not believe in rounding

KenderKin eats three round meals a day.

Snow White's Mother was FLOORed and hit the CEILING with rage when she found out the mirror made a rounding error.

KG needs to stop blowing that dog whistle

KenderKin needs to stop tremelo picking General Colin Powell.

Scarab Sages

Pulg needs to stop exchanging lewd faxes with Hillary Clinton. You don't wanna go there!

.....IHIYC wants the fax and just the fax

KenderKin regards his Weapon Focus (Rubber Chicken) feat that he took on his Commoner as the best feat he ever took.


Sissyl supposes that a fax is out of the question.

This thread is now false fax-toids!

Pulg sent me a fax for a cruise to GT island at a low low rate.

KK faxed me the secret original recipe.

Scarab Sages

What Does the Fax Say to Snow White's Mother?:
"Whaddya need ME for when you have your fancy-ass magic mirror? B#%&@...*sniff*

Fax received by IHIYC

Quick go and hide under the bed!

They are searching the closets now....

And duck...

-Future IHIYC
your welcome

KK invented the time-traveling FAX machine when his future self sent him the schematics. This turned into an infinite loop, and we are all stuck in a Groundhog's Day like event until future KK stops sending the schematic back in time.

KahnyaGnorc's preferred method of communication is via candygrams.

Scarab Sages

Ventnor's favorite Candygrams are the extra-spicy ones.

Little Known Fact: IHIYC started out as a clown-dressed Candygram, but on one delivery <Several Pages of REDACTED> and he's been hiding in them ever since.

KahnyaGnorc got redacted once, in Tijuana.

I sent MD a land shark, candy gram

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KK thinks singing telegrams are nice, but the attrition rate is frightful.

Scarab Sages

One of Sissyl's favorite recipes is monkey's brains - though popular in Cantonese cuisine, it is not often found in Washington, D.C.! *stares accusatory daggers*

I'm Hiding In Your Closet prefers his monkey brain roasted, rather than chilled.

Ventnor knows that chilled monkey brains are in the freezer and IHIYC is not going to fall for that trick again...

KK freed the monkey brains and attached them to robotics to create Cybermonkeys.

KahnyaGnorc is the world's first Non-Simian Cybermonkey.

Silver Crusade

Ventnor is the stage name of one Mark Damon, savviest camp counselor on the Internet.

Lucky7 is the guy who always whistles camp songs

KK once went back in time and WROTE all the campfire songs.

KG encoded sekrit Satanic messages in the old campfire favourite 'Ging Gang Goolie', which has led many a weak-willed young man to the Dark Side.

Pulg's twitchy eyebrows have inspired many a love ballad.

Ventnor is not really a dragon he is a red horny toad with magnification

KenderKin is actually a kobold who is pretending to be a gnome who is pretending to be a kender.

The layers of deception baffle even him sometimes.

Ventnor is baffled by mufflers.

MD is trying to get someone to insert joke about what and cant hear due to an ear infection.

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