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The examplar brawler archetype has already been mentioned, but to expand upon it further, multiclass into cavalier so that you can qualify to be a [/url=]battle herald[/url].

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Deadmanwalking wrote:

This is the first PF2 Iconic art I legitimately just like less than the PF1 version.

I think it's mostly some of the color choices (I'm not a huge fan of the shape of his shield, but it's not the end of the world). The really bright yellow/gold of his armor (too bright, IMO) just goes really badly with the red and white shield, for me.

Having listened to Wayne's reasoning for why he designed Valeros the way he did (specifically, that Valeros picks up and uses equipment from all over the world on his travels), I'm actually kind of digging the fact that his armor and shield clash a bit. It certainly feels like he picked them up from two entirely different locations.

If you’re having trouble with high-AC enemies, I’d recommend looking at the mobile blast infusion. You deal less damage, but it’s basically an auto-hit ability for any kineticist who takes it.

avr wrote:
Unfortunately spell cartridges has a prereq of being able to cast arcane spells, and the dragonheir doesn't qualify.

Aah. And I suppose spell-like abilities no longer count as well.

Maybe the Dragonheir Scion Fighter archetype would be a good user of this fest? This is, of course, assuming that the Arcane Strike fear that the archetype grants is supposed to scale with fighter level.

A Cavalier who is a member of the Order of the Staff makes enemies more vulnerable to spells when he challenges them. Pair this with a character like a Sorcerer whose bloodline arcana makes them good at casting curses or compulsions, and you’ve got a team that specializes in shutting down particularly strong enemies.

So, just throwing this out there, but a giant tortoise companion that is as old as your venerable ranger/druid/whatever might be pretty cool. Perhaps not the most optimal choice, though. If you want an AC that eats faces, tiger or velociraptor are pretty much your best options.

blahpers wrote:

How about cursed cursed items? Picture a flubbed bag of devouring that just noisily tastes whoever reaches into it (making it a standard action to retrieve an item from it), briefly glomping their arm with a toothless "mouth", making "mmm-MMM!" sounds and leaving the arm covered in extradimensional slobber. Or a robe of vermin that is supposed to cause concentration-affecting bites but instead causes the wearer to attract any nearby mindless vermin to simply hang about as if fascinated, with the expected social ramifications.

doomman47 wrote:
Elaborating a bit more for our campaigns something like a vicious weapon would be a cursed item getting a boon at the cost of a drawback.
Indeed, the very best cursed items are the ones that have a unique benefit.

Just be careful when putting on the Helm of Opposite-Opposite-Opposite-Opposite Alignment.

I'd say that a vine leshy kineticist with the leshykineticist[/b] archetype is about as close to Groot as you can get it Pathfinder.

So, blood hexes are special feats that give you special hex-like abilities printed in the Magic Tactics Toolbox. Said feats are especially effective when used by witches or shamans, as one might expect. The general idea is that they require you to have damaged the enemy before using them.

Now, most blood hex feats are not really worth using. There are two, however, which have some effects which I think are pretty strong. They are the following:

Abeyance wrote:

You can disrupt your opponent’s connection to its own magical power.

Prerequisites: Int 13, Spellcraft 5 ranks, Use Magic Device 1 rank.

Benefit: As a standard action, you can drain the innate magical ability of a creature you’ve dealt damage to with a metal weapon since the beginning of your last turn. That creature must succeed at a Will save or be unable to access any spell-like abilities it can use more than once per day, until it is healed of all hit point damage, or up to a maximum duration of 1 minute.

Special: If a shaman or witch uses this blood hex, the target is unable to use any of its spell-like abilities for the hex’s duration.

Hinder wrote:

You curse a bleeding opponent with uncertainty.

Prerequisites: Int 13, Use Magic Device 5 ranks.

Benefit: As a standard action, you can curse an enemy you’ve damaged with a melee attack in the last minute to become hesitant. The target must succeed at a Reflex save or take a –10 penalty on any initiative check it makes in the next minute.

Special: If a shaman or witch uses this blood hex, the target is unable to take a full-attack action for 1 round. This effect can be extended with the cackle hex.

Preventing enemies from using any of their spell-like abilities and making it impossible for them to full attack seems pretty strong to me. Am I wrong?

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Bardarok wrote:

Fast Track experience is 800 xp per level up.

Other than that I didn't catch any new mechanics in this weeks episode. Confirmation of the 10 min focus regen for champions and the 1 hour bolstered for treat wounds.

One other thing that was confirmed is that Champions can regen their focus multiple times between rests.

112.) Those Crazy Pact-Worlders! The most popular TV show on Vesk a Prime!

FamiliarMask wrote:
Chyrone wrote:

I've to build a supportive PC. Race is kitsune, who shall remain in fox form as much as possible.

Lvl: 6.

The only casters compatible with fox form, that i am aware of, are the psychic casters and a sorcerer with psychic bloodline.

Are there ways to make other casters switch to psychic casting?

Thanks in advance.

An Arcanist with the Blood Arcanist archetype and the Psychic bloodline is a 9-level Int-based Psychic prepared caster...

Unfortunately, the 9th-Level bloodline power is useless to Arcanists because they can’t learn bloodline spells. But otherwise, it works out well for a “prepared” Psychic caster.

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Legowarrior wrote:


Wait, would that mean the fallen heroes are just figments of the Fractured Mind's mind?

As it turns out, the Hero was in you all along!

The Ecclesitheurge archetype lets you swap out domain spell lists whenever you prepare spells for the day, so that might kinda work?

I mean, it’s not really original in any way, but you could populate your Taurus tower with Minotaurs.

Well, I’d recommend starting out by looking at Erastil as a deity, since his favored weapon is the longbow.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:

I'm curious; if the character has the artifact and the lords of Hell need them to hand it over freely, why are they offering bogus bribes instead of real ones? I don't think devils are incapable of giving gifts that don't have strings attached, should they have a reason to (like acquisition of a powerful artifact).

They’re not incapable, certainly. However, if you have the opportunity to double-dip on acquiring souls for your circle of Hell, why not?

Devils are, if nothing else, ambitious.

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Well, Mephistopheles is the demon most associating with making deals and contracts, right? Perhaps his curse is all about the ability to read people? Insight into how they act and think would allow the PC with his curse to not only outmaneuver foes in negotiations, but also on the battlefield by allowing them to read the enemy's body language to anticipate how they move.

Mechanics-wise, the curse would provide a bonus to social skills like Sense Motive, Diplomacy, Bluff, and Intimidate, as well as bonuses to AC and Attack rolls. But of course, Mephistopheles' gift never comes without strings. Whenever a PC completes a negotiation or kills an enemy while relying on Mephistopheles' insights, the poor fool on the other end is consigned to the Archdevil's realm of Cania.

So by actively using these abilities that make them better at what they do, the PC is strengthening Mephistopheles' position in the Infernal Civil War. A reveal suited for the middle or end of the campaign, I'd say.

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Here's another good one: the Animist Shaman has a really unique and flavorful way of helping their allies out of tough spots.

Is there any other class or archetype in the game that lets you go up to a nauseous ally, tell that ally "Hey. Nausea. I know you're in there. Stop it!", and then make the ally better?

That's what I thought.

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I know that the Shaman Druid archetypes were mentioned above, but can I emphasize that the Dragon Shaman is the worst at fulfilling the fantasy it's trying to go for?

The flavor text indicates that your totem is the dragon, but it really should be called the lizard shaman, because that's what most of the archetype is really about; you turn into lizards, you can speak to lizards, etc. The only dragon-related benefit you get from it is that at 8th level you get to deal a bit of extra energy damage with your bite attacks. That's it. No breath weapon, no fearsome presence, no flight, nothing like that. Just a bit of extra damage on one of your natural attacks.

The Draconic Druid archetype might be one of the maligned drake archetypes mentioned above, but at least it lets you wildshape into a dragon! I mean, come on!

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If we're going with archetypes that change things up for a class, I'd say both the Gloomblade and Venomblade fighter archetypes fit the bill. The Gloomblade because holy crap, you can just make a weapon out of nothing and it's actually good. The Venomblade because it actually works with the other Nagaji venom feats to make it feel like you can actually play a character whose poison spit actually feels kinda useful.

And of course, you can stack both.

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If we're continuing to list archetypes where the mechanics don't really make the concept viable, I'd say that another good (read: bad) contender would be the Eldritch Scrapper.

The description of the archetype indicates that an eldritch scrapper "has a thick skin and a fighting style that blends weapons with spells."

And yet, all you get from it is trading a bunch of possibly useful bloodline powers for Martial Flexibility. As a sorcerer, you possess neither the HP nor the BAB to be mixing it up on the front lines. You also don't get anything like Spell Combat, an actual ability that lets you blend weapons with spells, nor do you get any bonus weapon proficiencies, which makes the whole description feel kinda untrue.

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I’m hoping we’ll get an Akitonian human as one of the new iconic characters.

Every time there is an overview of Akiton, one thing that is mentioned about it is that one of the native species there are humans and that these humans have red skin. But do we ever see these red-skinned Akitonian humans in any artwork? No!

Also technically, there aren’t any Korasha lashunta iconics either.

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I'm going to go ahead and submit Monk of the Healing Hand on the worst archetype ever list.

Because if you make it to Level 20, you get to use your capstone feature once and then your character retcons themself out of existence. Seriously.

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Not sure about any of the other stuff, but there is totally a Rage-less Barbarian Archetype.

Behold, the Geminate Invoker!!!

I remember seeing a thread on this board a while back that advocated giving a Ranger to a player learning the game, since rangers can show a new team player a lot of different parts of the game, including combat, skills, and spellcasting.

Zero the Nothing wrote:
TristanTheViking wrote:

Just looking for a bit of clarification about the Spell Cartridges feat.

Do the force bullets overwrite the base damage of the gun (so your pistol and rifle both do 1d4/five levels, plus usual mods like deadly aim) or is this damage added on top of the base damage (so you do eg 1d6 + usual mods + 1d4/five levels)? I'm guessing it's probably additional damage, since the feat says they bypass DR/magic but force damage isn't subject to DR in the first place.

I believe that the D4 replaces the base damage of the firearm, it says you fire "force bullets" instead of regular ammunition. So your base damage at 5th level would be 1D4(Force bullet) + 2(Arcane Strike) + relevant bonuses. 10th level, 2D4 + 3 + bonuses.

One other thing the feat is unclear about is if these force bullets need to be loaded into the gun or not.

So, am I reading things incorrectly, or does the spell cartridges feat basically give you free unlimited ammo for your gun?

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Whats with all the spoony bards?

Sometimes, that's the kind of character that a person wants to play.


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Arcaian wrote:

Rovagug is the most powerful of the Qlippoth. These are the original chaotic evil outsiders, and the original inhabitants of the Abyss. When the Proteans of the Maelstrom dug too deep, they breached into the Abyss, and where the two planes met creation occurred that was not instantaneously destroyed. This formed the material plane, and other Gods created mortals. The Qlippoth were for the most part content to fend off attackers into the Abyss and rule their realms there until the Daemons established a foothold and the Horsemen began experimenting on mortal souls in the Abyss. The Abyss is a semi-sentient plane, almost like a creature, and responded to the souls of mortals by transforming them into demons - should they be of the appropriate mindframe.

Demons quickly overran much of the Abyss, sticking to the upper levels. The defeated Qlippoth were forced to retreat further down the Abyss, though there are areas even further into the Abyss that even the Qlippoth dare not tread in. As demons are made from the souls of mortals, and the demons took what the Qlippoth view as rightfully theirs, Qlippoth wish to destroy all mortals so as to stop any further creation of demons. If successful, they would be able to retake the Abyss and return existence to the primordial state in which the Qlippoth lived for uncounted aeons before the Maelstrom's incursion.

As Rovagug is the most powerful of the Qlippoth, he is in the best position to destroy the Material plane, and thus mortals - which is exactly what he attempted to do. This is different the the daemons of Abbadon, who wish to see all life in the multiverse extinguished because they are, essentially, hardcore nihlists who do not see value in it.

Pathfinder has for the most part tried to come up with interesting lore for all of the Evil outsiders, even the ones that seem generic and boring.

Basically, Rovagug is an old man who wants those darn kids to get off of his lawn.

Incidentally, he considers the entire multiverse his lawn.

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
How about for a technomancer?

Sniper Rifles are not a bad investment for Technomancers because one of their magic hacks allows them to shoot AOE spells at the bad guys from an extreme distance.

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A curse that forces enemy clerics to scream insults against their patron deity as a somatic component of every spell that said cleric casts might be fun.

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AbadarCorp Debt Collection Services.

They all died.

Unless they didn't.

To be fair, Operatives are the class that can get the most use out of it since they can get up to 4 attacks, which is something not even soldiers can do.

meepothegreat wrote:
HammerJack wrote:

Twinned Threat (Ex)

While wielding at least two one-handed melee weapons, when you successfully attack and deal damage with one of those weapons, you gain a +2 insight bonus to damage with all other one-handed melee weapons you wield until the end of your turn. This bonus increases by 1 for every 4 soldier levels you have. Additionally, if you are wielding two identical one-handed melee weapons and make a full attack using both, increase the DC of those weapons’ critical hit effects by 1 until the end of your turn.

It does not.

Bummer, it wouldn't be optimal but it would be a neat non-ring of fangs "punching' build

There are plenty of advanced one-handed punching weapons. Painclaws, Heat-Amp Gauntlets, Electrovore Gloves, Resonant Gauntlets...

The high-tech two-fisted punching build can exist in many flavors.

Helpful Vineyards: On the colony planet Vesk-21, there is a winery run by a small crew of vesk brewers with a significant skittermander support staff. Because many of the skittermanders want to help their employers make the best brews in the galaxy, they often add various ingredients to the various wines before, during, and after the fermentation process.

For one reason or another, any time you take a drink of a Helpful Vineyards vintage, you'll always remember it.

Speaking of Heritor Knight, its Mighty Strikes feature combos pretty well with Iomedae's Divine Fighting Technique. Specifically, the latter one - your vital strikes can be used to buff all of your allies for essentially every fight that they're in.

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Blue if wielded by good characters, red if wielded by evil characters.

Witchwarper: Fun fact - In reality #24,707, you're actually an ice elemental!

Bad Guy: *Vaporized by a plasma cannon*

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Maybe there should be a Vanguard class feature that lets you choose to some degree whether you want a strength vs. a dexterity vanguard? Like the dexterity feature would make the Entropic Strike count as a Operative Weapon while the strength feature lets you move better in heavy armor. Something like that.

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I'm pretty sure that there's going to be a shield-focused soldier fighting style in the book somewhere.

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Or you could always stick a laser on your shoulder instead of holding it.

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For what it’s worth, I think booster is probably the best name for this particular mechanic.

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I’m just saying that scenarios like this one sound very entertaining.

Bad Guy: What? How was was that fool able to survive my doom laser barrage!?

Witchwarper: I superimposed on top of him the version of him from the reality where Sarenrae is secretly his mom, which makes him immune to fire. No big deal.

One thing you didn't note about Shift Resistance and Shift Immunity is that you don't have to use them against enemies. If one of your allies finds a way to become immune to something, then you can effectively negate one successful attack per day against said ally.

Which makes it kind of versatile, in a way.

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Curses don't necessarily need to be "curses" if you come up with certain character backstories. Here are a few ideas:

- A character swears a vow to Iomedae for the power to protect their loved ones and promises to never lie as a part of this vow. (Curse - Legalistic)

- A sailor dedicated to Besmara had their leg bitten off by a shark years before any divine powers showed up. (Curse - Lame)

- Deafness would normally be a rather severe handicap on the battlefield. But Gorum saw the dedication of a warrior, deaf since birth, and granted her divine strength as a reward for her constant convictions and struggles. (Curse - Deaf)

If you're not averse to Swashbuckler, I'd recommend looking at the Noble Fencer archetype, which will help immensely with the "talking a lot" aspect of your character. It also combines with the Inspired Blade archetype which boosts your damage when wielding a rapier, which is pretty much one of the best swashbuckler weapons.

The Soulblade, Ghostslayer, and Rat Catcher feats are useful to know about since they'll provide your Brawler with ways to deal with enemies and situations that they might normally have no way to handle.

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