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IHIYC has been caught visiting the ladies' underwear section, at the local discount store.

TFF just had to get it. I mean, a heart plug, so sodding cheap! And hey, everyone gets one!

Sissyl and Nyarlathotep get together for a biscuit and a spot of tea on the third Tuesday of every month.

Ventnor finds a modest amount of yard work to be relaxing.

Sovereign Court

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Molten Dragon doesn't relax, he finds it quite tiring and stressful.

Avatar of Zon-Kuthon isn't allowed to relax. Avataring is a 24/7 job.

Sinister Stan: Schemer Supreme is responsible for Pokémon Go. He won't admit it though.

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Molten Dragon leads every gym in a five mile radius from his lair.

GoatToucher likes hot chocolate.

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Molten Dragon would love to try some Cold Chocolate, but it's physically impossible for chocolate to be near him without melting.

Ventnor is trouble from the word "go".

Molten Dragon is formed from the raw stuff of the Fondue And Sriracha Sauce demiplane.

Due to the Great Spinach War of 1872, Pulg and Pop-Eye the Sailor are mortal enemies.

Ventnor is my b&~%+.

Scarab Sages

KenderKin is Bleached Otyugh's b@$@+.

IHIYC is a rare pokemon, only found in the closets of complete strangers.

When KahnyaGnorc looks up at the moon he sees a banana.

Scarab Sages

When the moon looks down on Quiche Lisp, it sees the regular waxing and waning of his scalp.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet is the grand-son of Old Man Lurking In Your Coffer.

Quiche Lisp hatched from a magical souffle at the Dawn of Time

Pulg's 5-Year-Plan took only 3 years to complete.

S4 sold him the 3 year plan for a GED.

KenderKin thinks that GED stands for "Great Eastern Dingo." He's been camping out in Eastern New Zealand for seven months all in the hope of spotting one.

Ventnor thinks it stands for Green Erection Dragon, and is presently making worried telephone calls to his physician.

Pulg is descended from the Midwestern Dango.

KenderKin was once known as KookyKenderKin, but changed it for acronym-related reasons.

KahnyaGnorc is recently active as a sales representative for earwax dissolvent.

The Fiend Fantastic wishes that his son, The Fiend Mediocre, would get off his butt and find a job.

That is, if i had any kids.

Ventnor is starring as the next season's dragon, in Game of Thrones.

Fiend Fantastic foolishly flails falling for fathoms forevermore.

KG's last name is Bhoorish, aka KGB.

KenderKin keeps killing cranky koalas crazily.

Ventnor tells the truth....

Kenderkin once worked as a stool in a Chelaxian sex club before being fired for crying all the time.

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GT covers himself with a towel in the gym and poses as an exercise machine......

Even after all this time, KenderKin still can't believe it's not butter!

After getting a curse on his Will Saves, Jokey can't NOT believe.

KG sold JUFC a poster of Fabio and told him it was a mirror.

KenderKin and JUFC are twins who were separated at birth.

Molten Dragon taught KenderKin that Un Funny is two different words.

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Jokey is Ur-Funny.

Which means his routine only works in ancient Sumerian.

Pulg begat the entire royal line in ancient Sumeria.

Dark Archive Owner - Sugar & Dice

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Molten Dragon is, in fact, the true Lord of the Dance and keeper of ancient lineages.

Scarab Sages

George Washington's famous teeth were all actually stolen from Magnificent Bastard.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet then stole the teeth from Washington to complete his Omni-Closet Teleportation System.

Ventnor is a dis information agent of the illuminati and a scientologist

KenderKin founded the Church of Scienconomy, then got sued out of existence.

Ventnor founded the Church of Socioeconomics, in a devious plot to attract followers, bore those followers to sleep, then steal all their stuff as "Donations."

"All KahnyaGnorc is Theft." is one of the six guiding tenets of Neo-Trans-Anarcho-Masticationism

The Church of Latter Day GoatTouchers has some very... interesting... rituals that they perform on Easter.

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