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Pulg is a spokesperson for the Hair for men club.

Captain Spalding was recently promoted to Vice-Admiral Spalding for their service in the Russo-Japanese War.

Mullet-over wrote:
Ventnor only eats goats untouched by the infamous GoatToucher.....

There are Seven. I will find them.

Ventnor is the dreaded Rear-Admiral

Silver Crusade

GoatToucher is the much beloved (by everyone who's not an ungulate) Rear-Commodore

GoatToucher wrote:
Mullet-over wrote:
Ventnor only eats goats untouched by the infamous GoatToucher.....
There are Seven. I will find them.

Even baby goats? You meany! :(

Lucky 7 was the captain and only survivor of his ship.

Schism is the sworn foe of the Dreaded Rear Bombadier of Algiers.

Pulg is a Rear Private. No one is sure what, if any, kind of authority this gives him.

Ventnor set fire and sank the good ship Loli-pop

You sank my battleship!

Schism has been honored and named PLO (permanent Latrine orderly).

Sovereign Court

KenderKin has discovered that I won control of R.L. Stine's special manuscripts in a rigged wager and that I've released all of the monsters.

How long can KenderKin hide before my new friends find him?

Surprise, no one expects the Kender-quistion!

Except for Avatar of Zon-Kuthon, of course.

Ventnor's definition of avatar is a puppet with a wooden stick up it's A$$.

Kenderkin is sitting in avatar lukewarm custard.

Grand Lodge

Pulg's the frontman of a chelaxian metal band, Iomedae's Peril. What most people don't realize is that actually isn't fur, that's just the most metal beard Golarion has ever seen.

BP is blind otherwise he would know the band name is pearl, not peril.

KenderKin's band plays a pleasant mix of polka and new age ambiance music.

MD can barely contain himself over such music, the kenderkins bands biggest fan....

The band name by the way is "A$$hat Jackwagon"

Scarab Sages

KenderKin has spent nearly US$1 million to date lobbying Congress to have an atoll named after him.

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IHIYC has decided that the name "I'm Hiding In Your Tollbooth" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Molten Dragon's Zeppelin is made out of lead.

Ventnor, ever on a quest to gain super powers, injected himself with one of GoatToucher's experimental serums. It did not give him any super powers but he did have a week long black out and awoke naked on his front porch....

MD believes that all trolls live in trollbooths

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Molten Dragon is a Werestapler.

Pulg wrote:
Molten Dragon is a Werestapler.

Pulg likes being ninja'd

KenderKin was bitten by a radioactive ninja. It didn't give him superpowers, but it is a neat story to tell at parties.

Ventnor the other white meat

Kenderkin, the purple pudding.

Served with braised pulg-lings

KenderKin is renowned for his ability to cut down trees with nothing but a herring.

Ventnor can turn into a shrubbery at will.

Molten Dragon's favorite color is blue.

No, wait, it's yell-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Silver Crusade

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Ventnor snuck in a rule into 4th Edition that anyone who quoted Monty Python would be forced to eat their own character sheet.

lucky7 decides not to go to further 4th discussion. It is a silly place.

S was my date for the prom....

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KenderKin was my date for the father/daughter dance, which came as a bit of a surprise to both of us.

Pulg's soulful rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" has reduced everyone who has heard it to sobbing wrecks.

Ventnor is still sobbing....

KenderKin is collecting those tears for some nefarious purpose.

Specifically, so that Belphegor can begin the ritual of 1,000 Teardrops.

Ventnor brokered the deal and told me 10,000

KenderKin intends to take his commission for the deal in sobs.

Pulg invested his life savings into kenderkins souls and sundrys...

Silver Crusade

KenderKin is the Wall of Wolf Street.

lucky7 sells wolves to Wall Street. It's a very lucrative business.

Sovereign Court

Sinister Stan is indeed, the Schemer Supreme. But that's just the problem, he only thinks up brilliant schemes, he never tests them.

AZK sells grit door to door

KK is very grateful that he does.

Sissyl is a door-to-door door salesman.

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