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Silver Crusade

Quiche Lisp recently discovered the perfect Quiche recipe, and he is now secreted away in the basement of a ball-bearing factory in northern Russia, constantly eating Quiche.

lucky7 is triskadecaphobic.

Silver Crusade

Spanky was the psychologist who discovered the anatidaephobia.

lucky7 is really Vladmir Putin and he poisons folk.

Silver Crusade

SPanky is Vlad the Impaler and he impales folk.

Lucky7 is Brad the Inhaler and he inhales folk.

When he was born, Pulg scared his mother to death, since he was so ugly.

When Pulg turned 5, Pulg's father fled the family house, driven utterly mad by the unearthly ugliness of his son.

The day of his 8th birthday, Pulg himself ran screaming from the clan's abode after having glimpsed the ghastly face of his monstrous younger sister.

All these are facts.

It is now rumored Pulg's sister later married Nyarlathotep, the latter describing her as "my kind of girl".

Quiche Lisp is really the end product of two hundred years of design of a super soldier. It has been done in a super secret underground bunker, so secret the scientists have been unknown to everyone. Quiche, as the end result of this process, is able to cause the breakdown of steam boilers just by looking at them.

Dark Archive

Sissyl knows of this because she lead the project, and such did not have much time for things outside the lab.

Silver Crusade

Lazoth was the first test subject: He can knock down anything with those brows.

Lucky 7 is deathly afraid of kittens. That's a fact.

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Quiche Lisp's mom suffered a complicated pregnancy which led his dad to seek a wizard who helped him travel to 1965 America for the assitance of a Dr. Blonsky who arranged for the use of this device to aid the birth of Quiche Lisp. His father became fascinated by the device and due to the quirkiness of interdimensional time travel. Quiche lisp was actually later also conceived on the same device.

DR Konijn is, at this very moment, running through the green grass, scooping up the field mice and bonking them on the head.

Silver Crusade

Pulg has DR/Konijn

Scarab Sages

lucky7 famously defeated Ken Clean-Air-System in a 1987 championship battle, but his eyes have been kind of halibut-shaped ever since.

Silver Crusade

I'm Hiding in your Closet is hiding in the closet cuz he's gonna pop some tags, only got 20$ in his pocket..

lucky7 only has seven dollars, because he believes it will bring him great luck. sadly, his great luck leads him to a pile of 100 dollar bills, but he must spend them, or otherwise risk loosing the luck he is foolishly chasing.

Sovereign Court

Hobbsdadolfin was the one to lose the $100 dollar bills and needed them to buy meds for his poor sick grandmother, and a chocolate covered fish for his mamma's birthday. Poor Hobbsdadolfin

IceniQueen is actually a princess.

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Sotiria Spiros is Spyro the Dragon's wife.

Charles Scholz is a certified accountant.

Sissyl can disguise himself as paint.

Charles Scholz is pissed at me for playing his namesake's theme song (Linus and Lucy) at the school concert.

Sovereign Court

Hobbsdadolfin cannot see the posts of Pulg thus causing great confusion among the masses. Maybe it is Pulg time warping to throw Hobbsdadolfin off as Pulg is the 13th Time lord

Silver Crusade

IceniQueen is the 13th regeneration of the doctor, who lives 900 years because she's afraid of permadeath.

Lucky can freeze people so that they can later be defrosted and earns insane amounts of money doing this.

Silver Crusade

Krystel Kallit doesn't have a napoleon complex! Napoleon has a KK complex.

Lucky7 has lost every game of chance he has ever played.

Scarab Sages

Vod Canockers is a Soviet spy who thinks the Cold War is still on - AND, it turns out she's a double-agent for the Bosnians!

Silver Crusade

IHIYC is a closet designed who has added a series of portals to make it easier for him to get around. Santa uses it.

Lucky7 has Luckys 1 to 6 hidden in IHIYC's interdimensional closet

pulg is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly that I can't look at his comments in fear of seeing his avatar.

Sovereign Court

hobbsdadolfin is NOT just another face in the crowd. But he may be one in the ocean

Silver Crusade

IceniQueen once took on a bear and won.

Sovereign Court

Lucky7 once ate a bear named teddy and was stuffed afterwards

Silver Crusade

IceniQueen collided with the past.

Sovereign Court

Lucky7... Where the past comes alive!

Scarab Sages

IceniQueen is directly descended from Encino Man.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet is coming out of the closet.

Scarab Sages

Vod Canockers murdered a most honored samurai for those spaulders....

I'm Hiding In Your Closet recorded a followup to 'Too Fat For Love' entitled 'Too Thin For Sin'

Pulg uses hair plugs.

Vod Canockers uses... hair... thingies. Chakram. Shuriken. Weights. Something. They are really to avoid Vod's hair growing inward.

Scarab Sages

Sissyl doesn't use hair at all, she uses...some kind of chitin-obsidian conglomerate....

While IHIYC has done the only reasonable thing and gone all out: Full body hair! With the proper accessories, this is a fashion that will last the entire season!

Starfinder Superscriber

Sissyl is secretly Bicycle Repairperson. It's a fact!

Scarab Sages

DJEternalDarkness may forget who Beethoven is, jam his ovipositor down your throat, and lay his eggs in your stomach, buuut he's NOT an alien!

IHIYC is secretly a gay alien

hobbsdadolfin's hero is Charley Tuna.

Birds suddenly appear whenever Vod Canockers is near. And when I say 'birds', I mean 'flour'

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