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*Sings it so badly, Siam reforms simply to declare war over the insult, starts WWIII, ends humanity*

As The Pitch Meeting guys would say . . .



The next poster has a plan to save humanity from the effects of my bad singing.

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Rahadoum is misotheist, not atheist (hatred of deities, not belief in no deities)

The leaders of Rahadoum are your typical authoritarians. They have no problem with authoritarianism, as long as they are the authority.

That is mostly correct, but I need to make a few corrections:

It was a squirrel named Leonard, not Roman Polanski.
There was no trampoline involved.
And, it is now a no-go zone for 50 years, not 100.

The next poster wasn't there, but got the info from a VERY reliable source...

Cayden is basically the god of having a good time. I'd put him as having a LOT of followers.

An action length of 1 round and a full round action are two separate things. A full round action is an action that takes both your move and standard actions (A charge is a full round action, but the attack at the end is not performed on your next turn). A 1 round action takes 1 complete round to finish, so an effect at the end of it would only happen on your next turn.

Maybe why they are cartographers would shed light on which deity to worship.

A Military Cartographer might go with Gorum, Iomedae, or Asmodeus
Love of travel and adventure? Desna or Cayden
The art of the map? Shelyn
Bringing civilization to wild places? Erastil, Abadar, or Asmodeus
Establish trade route? Abadar
Document for history? Irori

Agent Carter is still safe, as Endgame only went as far back as the 70's, when SHIELD was already established, and Peggy was director.

Cloak and Dagger made some side comments, like a bad guy in the first season saying he had to keep up with the Rands and the Starks, as well as the main cop on the show knowing Misty.

I would ask them about their planned character and character background. Use that to fill them in about areas pertinent to said background.

Pulg was Head Coach, but was fired for clogging up the shower drains in the locker rooms, causing major flooding.

Dr G House MD, DDS, DVM wrote:

KahnyaGnorc was the Head Librarian.


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Count Reiner Heydrich was the hematology professor.

Old Doc Flumph's degree is in Illithid Dance Therapy.

I'd say it is like a fog-type spell, but only exists to the people caught in the casting who fail their saving throws. If they are affected and leave the area, it STILL EXISTS for them, but they are outside the fog (so, no penalties). So, if they move back in, they resume taking the penalties.

The save DC doesn't go up with augments. If it did, the description would say so. However, if you are a Telepath Psion with the standard level 2 Discipline Ability, you do increase the save DC for every 2 extra power points you spend.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
I still want more Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider. :P Him and Blade should team up to hunt vampires.

Robbie Reyes will have his only Hulu series: https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/ghost-rider-gabriel-luna-hulu-series-12032 02305/

Ridge wrote:
One would think with its strong number of wizards, Nex would rank among rule by High Intelligence scores but it is described as something of a bureaucratic nightmare IIRC :)

Smart people tend to overcomplicate and overthink things, leading to bureaucratic nightmares.

I think humans being able to mate with a whole host of fantasy/sci-fi creatures is an old and well-worn trope (and, if you think about it, part of the whole human "flexibility" and "adaptability" thing)

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It was based on GoatToucher, but I got a response letter that simply stated: "Dude, that's sick. Seek help."

The next poster tried to pitch a GoatToucher-based RPG...

I already have. In fact, Robeasts are simply Easterners named "Rob." I've also statted a Veritech, an SDF, a Gundam, and Kim from Accounting.

The next poster had an unfortunate encounter with Kim from Accounting, which led to a TPK.

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I like the randomness of rolling. It is just the issue of one player rolling great and another rolling poorly that I dislike.

For me, role-playing versus "roll-playing" doesn't enter into it.

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I would modify it a bit.

1. Everyone would roll an array
2. Choose one of the arrays (through whatever method, including throwing out god-like arrays)
3. Randomize which Ability Score goes with which roll result within that array.

Combines the random score allocation with a more-consistent power level within the party.

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Dedrick, The Professor, will soon conquer all with his army of sentient Tupperware monstrosities!

As a Gnorc, it was my first raid with my gnomish illusionist father (it was a long time ago, in an Edition far, far away) and my orcish barbarian mother. We killed many a grue (the ability to see in the dark helps in hunting grues)

The next poster is still living in a very old Edition...

Irontruth wrote:

Yes, because no conservative person has gotten power and killed people.

I think the theme of Dany having absolute power, and her abuse of it, has nothing to do with left/right politics, but just the theme of absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Right-wing murderous tyrants behave differently when they get power and kill people (not so much on the never-ending revolution thing).

Dany did what practically every leftist revolutionary has done when/if they get power going at least as far back as the French Revolution.

Mako Senako wrote:
blahpers wrote:
Reminds me of The Death Gate Cycle's answer to why everybody of moderate means doesn't just use resurrection or reincarnation magic all over the place.
I dont suppose you'd be willing to share what it says, you can send it as a private message if you don't want to spoil it for anyone else.


For every life you bring back, you kill someone else, somewhere else.

This shotgun is very uncomfortable to sit upon.

The next poster's riding someone, underneath the hot shotgun, feeling like a sun.

GoatToucher wrote:

This is notable because the smaller specimens are over eight feet long.

That's what she* said.

*"She" being GoatToucher's Rule 63 alternate universe female variant.

Third party, but a Dervish Defender Warder from Path of War gets light armor, plus Int to AC, plus Aegis bonus to Shield AC (Class ability that goes up to +5).

You can switch that to Wis to AC with another archetype.

Cavall wrote:
Could be we think of sneak attack as back stabbing... a distinctly piercing type of action. But it isn't. Back crushing and back gashing are apparently just as viable.

Sneak Attack is more Cheap Shot, as it is attacking when they are not able to fully defend themselves.

Toolbag wrote:

An argument could be made that you might have trouble sneak attacking with weapons that are attached by a chain. Spiked chain, Flail, Heavy Flail, etc.


Because it might jingle and make enough noise to affect your stealth roll.

Wouldn't that be difficulty with a Stealth roll, not the actual sneak attack? Since you don't have to stealth to Sneak Attack... You aren't any less flanking, feinting, quick (before their first turn), etc. with a chained weapon.

It is a singing sword that only sings Slipknot songs in Pig Latin.

The next poster will heal Pulg up in an unconventional method...

Captain Spalding is a Pyrite Pirate.

Nor do I bear, nor do I stare.

The next poster's lair has a tear, and it's just not fair.

Inside Pulg's beard there is eight more beards, each with eight beards therein, in an infinite recursion of beards.

I never understood the Hawkeye hate. Then, again, I remember playing an Avengers video game as a kid, with Hawkeye as my favorite to play, so I may be biased.

Looked it up, it was Captain America and the Avengers

*sings badly* A whole new world!

The next poster read "great hoary Nodens" so very wrong, but so very awesome...

Pulg got a rock

The Russos said (in a SiriusXM interview) that Cap going back in time (to the 70's, when the Tesseract was returned not the 40's) actually created an alternate timeline, but skipped BACK to the main timeline to give Sam his shield.

How? Likely, through tech developed in his new timeline.

However, that does mean that Cap WOULD have been able to save Bucky, stop Hydra from infiltrating SHIELD, and all that, without altering the main timeline.

For the Min/Level spells, he should wait a couple more levels before expecting the multiple combats per casting thing. Even so, that sort of "chain-pulling," which is common in MMOs can be very dangerous in a tabletop, for the entire party. Probably should be discouraged...

Spider-Man: Car From Home - Peter Parker finds out that the buggy Aunt May got him for his birthday is the reincarnation of Uncle Ben in this wacky re-imagining of "My Mother the Car."

Spider-Man: Far From Tome - Peter accidentally left his textbook on Titan and has to embark on an adventure to retrieve it

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pad300 wrote:
Non-standard PC races could expand the possibilities: Unifying the lizardmen of the Mushfens could be a kingmaker type campaign, or forming a great Kobold empire in the Candlestone Caverns...

The Darklands would be an interesting settings for a kingdom-building campaign... "A Kingdom Below"

So far, they've been judging them on the merits of the individual movies, for the most part. The Ant-Man movies were successes, despite much lower numbers than other successful MCU franchises, for example.

While physically a man, Adam would still be a bit of a child mentally. If he had been snapped, that's 5 less years of mental development.

Also, he's not in Avengers 3 or 4 for a similar reason Hope didn't show up until 4 (after her debut as Wasp) or the TV characters (outside of Jarvis). No room for introductions.

Hama wrote:
KahnyaGnorc wrote:

There's a plethora of theories and speculation about time travel, in the real world and in the MCU. No one, not even Bruce or Tony, knows which is/are (as not all are mutually exclusive) correct, if any even are. It could also be complex enough that multiple seemingly-incompatible theories could appear to be correct in different circumstances.

The presence/absence of the Time Stone, the interference of other realities, or meddling of god-like beings could also change things completely.

You know that Mysterio is a consummate liar, and that nothing he says can ever be taken at face value? I am pretty sure he is BSing Fury and the rest.

Well, yeah, never trust Mysterio is always solid advice.

There's a plethora of theories and speculation about time travel, in the real world and in the MCU. No one, not even Bruce or Tony, knows which is/are (as not all are mutually exclusive) correct, if any even are. It could also be complex enough that multiple seemingly-incompatible theories could appear to be correct in different circumstances.

The presence/absence of the Time Stone, the interference of other realities, or meddling of god-like beings could also change things completely.

Only three reasons to not wear armor that I can think of:
1. Class Abilities (aka Monk)
2. Arcane Spell Failure (aka Sorcerer/Wizard)
3. Insanely High Dex (with Bracers of Armor instead)

Sasithorn Loom rarely looms as Sasithorn Loom's smaller than the 'shrooms.

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Dazzling Swordplay?

GM Rednal wrote:
Although speaking of things that are standing alone, it looks like Endgame is probably going to hold the box office opening record for a movie for quite some time - the current report is $1.2 billion globally, which shattered the previous record.

Nearly double the previous record . . . set by Infinity War.

Pulg's Fairy Accordian Band has vowed vengeance upon their greatest rival . . . "Weird Al" Yankovic!

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Malvel, The Dark Wizard, did reject a number of Easter Eggs I proposed for the game, said they were too-brightly dyed.

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