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The next poster is the bartender.

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The Naked Gut - Police Squad has to infiltrate a belly dancing ring...

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Old Doc Flumph has a PhD in GoatToucher Studies, with a Masters in Insanology, specializing in PGTSD (Post GoatTocuher Stress Disorder)

*Shows a "I tried to sneak up on Goth Guru, and all I got was this amazingly verbose set of knife wounds." scar*

The next poster tried to sneak up on GoatToucher, and, well, things ended up poorly...

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PossibleCabbage wrote:

"Rasputin Must Die" came out in 2013 and has the PCs visiting earth- in 1918 by earth reckoning.

So Currently it should be 1924 on Earth in the universe that contains Golarion.

So we're 15 years away from Batman.

In the Year 15 BB (Before Batman)...

Here you go.

The next poster just returned from the most amazing trip.

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Sliska Zafir was once a cactus. It was during his(?) "Zorganborgenfjord" (or "Time of Finding Oneself in Gelatin" in his(?) native tongue)

thejeff wrote:
KahnyaGnorc wrote:
GM PDK wrote:
DerNils wrote:
To be brutally honest, if Sony and Disney don't come back together, the next Spiderman will probably be animated and/or a complete reboot again, and crossover with Venom on top.

I really hope they crossover with Venom, as I really like that movie.

On an unrelated matter, I also love the X-Men First Class movies, and I don't think the MCU would be able to do a better job than that. I'm hoping X-Men don't end up in the MCU...

Rumor is that they are working on a Hulk vs Wolverine movie (or, likely, a movie where Hulk and Wolverine fight)
Seems like that would have worked better before we had the smart Banner/Hulk.

Speculation is there will be a split between Hulk and Banner; might happen in She-Hulk.

The Tim Bandits - Kidnappers who only target people named Tim . . .

GM PDK wrote:
DerNils wrote:
To be brutally honest, if Sony and Disney don't come back together, the next Spiderman will probably be animated and/or a complete reboot again, and crossover with Venom on top.

I really hope they crossover with Venom, as I really like that movie.

On an unrelated matter, I also love the X-Men First Class movies, and I don't think the MCU would be able to do a better job than that. I'm hoping X-Men don't end up in the MCU...

Rumor is that they are working on a Hulk vs Wolverine movie (or, likely, a movie where Hulk and Wolverine fight)

A or 2, GM's discretion. I can't see three or IV having much support. = does give a good argument, though...

The D.A.R.E. Crystal - an anti-drug movie from a collaboration between Jim Henson's company and law enforcement

Snow White's Mother once sat on an egg-shaped rock for 7 months before realizing she was pranked.

Small Solders - Inside the arts and crafts of living action figures.

Knives Oot - Knives Out, but Canadian.

Your Closet is full of clothes you'll never wear.

Ivan Ho - the story of a male prostitute in medieval English society

Ivan's Hoe - the perils of lending your tools to neighbors in medieval times

Pretty Women - Julia Roberts and Richard Gere take their efforts up to an industrial scale

Thor: The Dank World - Thor must brave the sinister realm of Memehiem, where the insidious Dank Elves produce some of the most potent memes of the Nine Realms.

Downtown Abbey - a hip, urban re-imagining of the British series/movie.

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The Wizzard of Oz - Rincewind travels from Discworld to Oz, and hilarity ensues.

Brokebach Mountain - gay cowboy classic composers

After AoS concludes, Marvel TV may just be dead, with what shows they have left (if any by that time) going over to Marvel Studios.

Thomas Seitz wrote:


Oh well. Glad I didn't offer my other Star Wars crossing over with Indiania Jones then...

Obviously, Indiana Jones was just the result of Han's dreaming while in Carbonite.

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I want DEATHLOK "promoted" to the moves, if we're promoting folks...

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Dave Barry (Not Really) wrote:

Murderous Death Hobbits is a great name for a rock band

If you look at the Paladin Archetye "Knight Disciple," it has the spell replacement, too, but has:

D20PFSRD wrote:

Spell Familiarity (Ex)
Starting at 1st level, a knight disciple can use spell completion and spell triggers items (such as scrolls and wands) as if she possessed the ability to cast paladin spells, using her initiator level as her effective caster level.

So, that backs up MrCharisma's assessment, since Ambush Hunter doesn't get that same ability.

Aberzombie wrote:

Ghosted: Hulu Has Pulled The Plug On The Planned ‘Ghost Rider’ Series

In the words of prequel Darth Vader....


Hopefully, that version of Ghost Rider will be back in some other form...

Marc Radle wrote:

There is an excellent collected annotated volume - all three of the original trilogy in one volume, annotated by Weis and Hickman, among others.

Not sure if it’s still in print, but it’s great!

Once of my favorite parts of this, is Jeff Grubb apologizing (sorta) for tinker gnomes.

Set wrote:

(I wanted the same from the Dr. Strange movie, and was disappointed. No Crimson Bands of Cytorrak or Winds of Watoomb, lots of glowy shields and light-whip nonsense.)

To be fair, he DID use the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak on Thanos in Infinity War (He just didn't verbalize what they were, but director commentary called them that)

For more traditional races being non-Tolkienesque, a cynical, tricky halfling street rat would be a far cry from the innocent, agrarian hobbits. Or the group's "muscle" being a goodly half-orc. In established D&D settings (other than Dark Sun), elves and dwarves are fairly Tolkienesque in general, but with exceptions (Pikel Bouldershoulder, for example).

I think if they kept the party small and iconic (warrior-type, caster-type, priest-type, rogue-type party of four), they might be able to pull of a true ensemble cast, while also introducing the setting, plots, and villains, without it being too bogged down in exposition or too rushed. It'll still be a balancing act.

Eat, Prey, Love - a New Age take on the time-worn tale of a female serial killer's journey of self-discovery

The English Patent - A romance between a young English inventor and the patent clerk who worked on his case.

Fast & Furious Nein - Can Dom and his crew race to stop an evil terrorist from resurrecting Hitler and the 3rd Reich?

The Hoarse Whisperer - Can a cowboy with chronic throat pains find true love?

IHIYC is an alternate universe's version of Gene Simmons, if his tongue became sentient and struck out on its own (which is Sliska Zafir, btw)

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I just want a good, fun adventure movie set in a D&D setting, that's accessible to the wider audience. Easter Eggs, references, and other nods to the wider setting would be great, as long as they don't bog down the movie (like, say, the Mummy movie or Iron Man 2).

Leave any explicit expansion of the story/setting for a post-credits sequence (like Iron Man 1)

All other details (main character vs ensemble, race/class combos, etc) should come secondary to the first point. It doesn't matter if it provides the perfect distillation of (part of) a D&D campaign, if it is too arcane and confusing for the general audience. It would be just as dead as a franchise as if it was a crappy movie.

thorin001 wrote:

Lots of math is off here. A speed of 125 is 125 feet in 6 seconds, or just over 20 feet per second. And 20 feet per second is just under 14 miles per hour. (mph to fps conversion is 1.5)

You need to move a lot faster than 14 miles per hour for the surface tension of water to hold up under the weight to surface area ratio of a human foot.

My conversion is based off of the overland speed from the Core Rulebook. Base speed is used for in-combat movement, where you will rarely be just "walking," while overland speed constitutes long enough travel where you'd be rarely jogging, hustling, or running.

Dave Justus wrote:

I would imagine that if I were someone who 'insisted' on realism, I wouldn't allow 125' land speed.

125' Speed is the equivalent of a 12.5 mph walking speed, so, yeah.

Thomas Seitz wrote:


I meant apparently because some would be wrassler trolled D&D and Joe went to the mat for us.

As for Kahnya's remembrance... I don't recall that one.

Still like to see a kind of mixture old school 90s wrassling with Demon Lords in a four sided ring...

Here's the Wikipedia on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_%26_Blood:_Warriors_of_Ravenloft

I remember the Ravenloft fighting game where you fought either on Soth's side ("regular adventurer" types) or Strahd's side (monsters). I usually played the hammer-wielding one-armed dwarf.

Trillion the Three-Headed Lion was the contributor's daughter's pet's toy's mount.

Derklord wrote:
avr wrote:
and an entrance blocked by a large stone.

Doesn't a few ranks in Knowledge(Engineering) and some basic adventuring gear also trivialize that?

Or a barbarian + Enlarge Person?

Kat's Eye was there as a political spy, working undercover as the contributor's daughter's pet cat.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
So I guess Sigil is out of the question then, Kahnya?

For the first movie, most likely.

If the movie does well and the character move to higher level play? Hopefully, with planar adventures

Or, as an expansion of the D&D-CU down the road (if successful) . . .

With Riverwind and Goldmoon being American Indian-type ethnicity (albeit one of them having unusual hair colorings) added on to that.

However, a D&D movie would most likely be set in the Realms, considering how Realms-centric a lot of products are, and how popular it is.

Pulg is know in some circles as the Randy Nacho Man.

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I think GotG did a good job with an ensemble cast, Rocket/Groot, Gamora, Drax, and Quill all got good screen time and fleshing out. The plot and villain were simple and fairly generic, though, so I think SOMETHING usually has to give.

I think that's the reason most ensemble casts concentrate on one or two characters (usually the "New Guy" and the leader) in order to not overly bloat the movie (with others getting more in later stories and tie-ins, especially if one of the others becomes a break-out character)

I would love something like Record of Lodoss War, but that was a series which would become way too bloated for a movie.

With GM's permission, you may want to research a spell that performs this particular function, maybe behaving similar to Spiritual Weapon (or similar spells).

Half-elf, it would be easy to Math:
(orc age)/(human age) ≈ (orc-elf age) / (human-elf age)

For dwarf, it would be tougher, since comparing to human-dwarf age ratio would be off (since half-races seem to exhibit closer to the short-lived parent)

Most in Space - Will Robinson is realizing space is getting kinda crowded.

The Forbidden Plant - A group of space-farers take an illegal fern to a remote planet...

Plan Nein From Outer Space - Space National Socialists.

The Nicht Before Christmas - Santa vs National Socialists

The Sight Mare Before Christmas - a blind horse regains her sight in a Christmas Eve miracle.

Bird Tan - The Vulture is released from prison and takes his family to the Bahamas.

The Longest May - Documentary on the fall of the Theresa May government

Nora! Nora! Nora! - The tale of three women named Nora, who's stories intertwine at the start of the U.S.'s engagement in WWII.

Ghost Rusters - Ghost in the Shell, the later years.

The Two Towners - The antics of two dim-witted residents of Bree-Town, who accidentally save the Fellowship.

An Ettin that was once a married couple.

A wizened old wizard in the body of a toddler.

A kid in the body of a massive, grizzled barbarian.

A race of beings that swap bodies with each other like it's nothing.

A person that can swap out body parts like a Mr. PotatoHead.

An intelligent/awakened Roc that thinks it is a sparrow (or the other way around)

Monty Python, Live at the Hollywood Bowel - Shouldn't have eaten at that food truck....

Lass of the Mohicans - A fiery Highland girl meets a band of Plains Indians, and an epic plot is had.

The Lass Samurai - This fiery Highland girl really gets around...

BernGully - Animated Political Hijinks ensue when a fairy shrinks Bernie Sanders down.

Craveheart - William Wallace tours the world's most appetizing restaurants.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
Who knows what all they will do? I mean right now it's clear that we'll not get Into the Spiderverse meeting up with Star Wars...

Spider-Ham knocking out some Gamorreans with a giant mallet?

"Use the Force, Miles"?

Peter fanboying over all of it?

Yes, please!

Set wrote:

Just so long as those standalone movies aren't The Batman, Batman Lives, Batman Undying, Batman Inc., Revenge of the Bat, a Superman movie, six more Batman movies, Crisis on Infinite Batmen, and another Superman movie.

Into the Bataverse

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