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Lucky7 has trademarked the word 'Skullcap', as it's the brand name of his custom-fitted contraceptive device for female liches.

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Pulg once ran for mayor, faked his own death for votes, and then was caught buying eggs in a grocery store. His response: LAZARUS LOVES HIS OMELETTES!

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lucky7 sucks at roulette.

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IHIYC is an air-hockey man.

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Lucky 7 is the champion titilly winks player in seven countries.

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Gruumash prints fake safety inspection tickets.

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Lucky7 was once busted for dealing... Twinkies and Ding-Dongs to people on Americans Biggest Loser

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IceniQueen is going to be the first person to buy the video game I'm developing.

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lucky7 is developing a video game wherein the primary mechanic is running around leaving burning bags of offal on people's doorsteps.

IHIYC is not actually wearing a jester jap. It's a form of bonsai-shaped head tumors induced by playing too much Diablo 2.

Sissyl's full name is Sissyl Ahaapituun, and she's the Finnish Minister for Optimism.

And nuns.

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Pulg once spent a month living in a convent eating nunthing the whole time.

Pulg's got Norway mixed with Finland, apparently.

I am the Finnish Minister for Pessimism, so I'd know.

I quote one of our swedish-finnish high profile entertainers in Sweden, Mark Levengood, on Finland and optimism:

"The finnish people is not a very optimistic one. But then, there hasn't been much to be optimistic about."

IcyShadow always feels a bit uncertain about what people will think of his swanky new hat before posting.

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Sissyl never worries about what people think of her hat, because she knows it's weird.

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Little Skylark is a rare monkey found only in the Himalayan mountains.

lucky7 is a rare disembodied head found living in by basement, where I supply him with food, wifi, and an adicting dose of lolcat videos.

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Hobbsdadolfin actually stars in a remarkable number of lolcat videos.

It's a FACT!

DJED stars in a different kind of cat video, if you get what I mean.

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hobbsdadolfin once stood in for Hugh Hefner and Stan Lee

IceniQueen once stood in Hugh Hefner and Stan Lee. She's not been able to wear those shoes since.

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Pulg is the new black.

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Lucky7 is the New Pink which is actually the new Blue, which happens to be the new Black, which in reality is the new Pink

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IceniQueen feels like an IceniCream.

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Lucky7 is really Gargamel trying to pass himself off as a smurf. To bad he calls himself Wizzez-onself Smurf. Cause the other smurfs know he is not really a smurf

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IceniQueen once had a date with Smurfette that ended in regulation smurfing.

DJED is fond of Smurf & Turf, which involves getting a smurf and a minotaur and...

Pulg looks more like this avatar than his last one.

Krystel Kallit looks more like her avatar than any other. and so do I.

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Hobbs created the programming on paizo so that their avatar would change into a smurf whenever they said the word smurf.

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Lucky7 now Papa Smurf always had a thing for Smurfette, but hide that little secret cause he knew it would make Jealous Smurf jealous

Papa Smurf came to Dr. IceniQueen because his beard was (in fact) mould, and only she could cure him.

Pulg is not actually a smurf.




i need to edit this program...

Hobbsdadolfin is going to save us all.

actually, I have no way to stop the plauge of smurf.

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Hobbsdadolfin has Invaded the body of Papa Smurf so now Lucky7 and Hobbs inhabit the same body, space, and time.

Lucky7 took over Iceniqueen's old body, so she switched to hobbs old smurfform.

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Kyrstel Kallit's smurf avatar is na-na-na-ing at the tarrasque placed under 6 RODS OF HOLDING.

Lucky7's smurf is jumping up and down on one of the rods of holding.
Lucky7's smurf knows no fear.

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Little Skylark's Smurf is looking at my smurf's joy. He is jealous.

lucky7's smurf is hiding in my smurf's hat, drinking bourbon straight from the bottle and weeping.

Sorry, that was my smurf. It's easy to get confused.
Pulgs smurf is not a girl, he's just fabulous.

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Little Skylark's Smurf's eyebrows are gelled up.

lucky7 used to have 6 siblings...who were not so lucky

stiehl9s is a smurf!

Smurf-Hobbsdadolfin loves blowing his own horn.

Littlehewy looks mad because he wanted to blow hobsdadolfins horn, the one in the picture.

TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. airhorns are awesome.

that was the noise Krystel Kallit made last night.

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